Rodrigo Terpins’ Love and Passion for Rally Sport

Sport is one of the leading things that bring people together around the globe. Different sportsmen and women have inspired many people, brought joy and harmony. Brazil is one of the countries that have a strong sports culture. A significant number of her citizens have had excellent performance with their names hailed all over the world. One of such names is the Terpins.

Rodrigo Terpins was born in a family that treasure sports so much though also took part in businesses. His father, Jack Terpins is a strong proponent of sports. He believes it is not only an opportunity to shine but also the hub for producing future leaders. Jack was a famous basketball player before he resigned to follow up on his investments. Besides that, he is active in the sports community, using his skills to give back to the younger sportsmen. On the other hand, Rodrigo’s brother Michael has a successful career with the rally sport. This family achievement provided an ideal incubator for Rodrigo Terpins to develop his skills. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Though Rodrigo has support from his family, he developed the interest in rallying from his childhood. As a young boy, he used to work in a car garage. His interaction with cars instilled the passion for rally sport, which later became an iconic part of his life. You can visit mundodomarketing

Though Rodrigo Terpins has been in the sport for some years, the Sertoes Rally will remain to be a landmark in his career. This event was one of the biggest of road races that attracted a good number of sponsors. With the help of his partner Fabricio Manchiana, he managed to finish 8th, beating 30 other competitors. The race was long as it covered two states in the distance totaling to 2,600 kilometers.

Despite the success of the sport, Rodrigo Terpins makes a crucial contribution to the corporate world. His education at the University of Sail Hilaire and the 16-year work experience with Loja Marisa gave him the skill to start his own company. Check out Terra to see more.

Ricardo started T5 Participacoes to take care of the interest of those who took part in the racing games. The business has also managed to host several events. Although he is the CEO of the company, Rodrigo still manages to create time and compete in races. For him, all he does in his life is for the love of the sport.

Insight on the Mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis

Mighty Fortress Church fosters a community centered around bringing the people to Christ, honoring and loving all people and being respectful of the diversity of others, just to name a few of their core values. At Mighty Fortress, you can expect to find a congregation full of generous givers and faithful servants. They accept everybody through their doors, whether you are currently a believer or are wanting to learn more about the faith. They deliver modern and relevant messages that everybody can understand and relate to in our ever-changing world. Watch this video on Youtube.

The Senior Pastor, Bishop Thomas Williams, has been active in ministry for over thirty years. His educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree, a Master’s Degree and two Honorary Doctorates at various colleges from Minnesota to Florida. He bases his teachings off of the fact that once we learn what we need hear from God, our world will be changed for the better – guided away from the evil and sin that is plentiful in the world. Once we unite our beliefs with what God asks of us, we can slowly begin to change.


Mighty Fortress Church encourages you to come as you are. They feel that if they create an environment where you are welcome to contribute to the body of Christ openly, you will not feel discouraged to attend every week. Their band, choir and worship team help to bring the presence of God into their congregation for all to take part in. What you can expect to encounter each week at Mighty Fortress Church is to be greeted with open arms, given practical biblical principles to live by, honest answers to life’s toughest challenges, inspiration, and spiritual refreshment. They meet every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. and offer online streaming of their services as well. There are many services they offer to their community such as bible study groups for children, women, men, singles, music ministry and worship arts. Hear the weekly messages on Riverview Baptist.

The Year Anthony Petrello Almost Became the Highest Paid Boss

Bright youngsters can take encouragement from the story of Mr. Anthony Petrello, 62-year-old CEO of Nabors Industries. From his days as a freshman at Yale University Anthony Petrello is remembered as a gregarious and brilliant young man. While at Yale he studied mathematics. He completed both a B.S. and an M.S. degree. During his years at Yale, he became a protégé of renowned mathematician Professor Serge Lang, and many thought that he might go on to become a brilliant academic. However, Mr. Petrello had other plans. The next stop after Yale was Harvard Law, where Anthony Petrello completed his JD. Shortly after that, he went to work for the highly reputed law firm Baker & McKenzie in 1979. Six years later Mr. Petrello was promoted to Managing Partner of the New York Office of the firm.

Anthony Petrello served in that capacity until he left Baker & McKenzie to become the COO at Nabors Industries in Houston, Texas. The year was 1991. That was when his career took off as did his compensation.Nabors Industries is the most prominent land-based oil and gas drilling contractor on Earth. The NYSE traded company has over 15,000 employees and does 2.2 billion Dollars worth of business every year. In 2011 Mr. Anthony Petrello became the CEO of Nabors Industries, and a year later he was named the chairman of the board. As chairman, it has been his responsibility to provide strategic planning initiatives that would ensure the companies continued success. Mr. Petrello has done so brilliantly. His performance has yielded monetary rewards.In 2015 Anthony Petrello would have been the highest paid boss in America. His compensation package came to $27,522,939. It consisted of the following:

  • Salary $1,580,077
  • Bonus $7,772,700
  • Stocks $16,342,206
  • Other $1,827,956

During that year specific changes were made to the executive compensation program with the intention of returning some of the money to the company’s shareholders. So, he would have made even more money and been at the top of the list. As chairman, the decision was his to cut his compensation. It was a generous gesture on Mr. Petrello’s part and an acknowledgment that the shareholders are the real boss. Learn More.

Finding the Right Church in Mighty Fortress Church

When people go to church, they often think about what the church offers them. They think about how people treat them. They also think about how the worship sounds and the equipment is. When it comes to the message, they want to hear something uplifting. Many people seem to approach church as if it is some kind of tool for pleasure. When people are not totally satisfied with the church, then they are going to go somewhere else. This is all too common, and even the best church is going to be faced with that kind of mentality. Read more on

There is one good church that is going to help people grow in ways that may change the way they think about church. This church is known as Mighty Fortress Church. For one thing, they tell the truth. They don’t avoid topics of the bible out of fear of offending people that just come to get their ears tickled. The pastor of the church recognizes sin, and makes sure that he does not avoid topics that the Bible speaks on. One thing that he strives to do is make sure that people have a bit of an understanding on the scriptural passages that are used in the church. Hear the weekly messages on Riverview Baptist.

The pastor, Bishop Thomas Williams, is someone who is very passionate about God and following the teachings in the Bible. He has excelled at making the word of God real in his life. One of the ways that he has done this is by reading, meditating on the scriptures, and even following them in his actions. He has grown closer to God in ways that make it easier for him to talk about spiritual matters in ways that people will be able to understand. He does not try to bog everyone down with jargon. He makes the walk with Christ accessible.



Shiraz Boghani, Splendid Hospitality Group

Shiraz Boghani is a living legend of sorts in the hotel industry. In 2016 he was awarded the “Hotelier of the Year” at the Asian Business Awards. The panel of judges included top experts of the industry including journalist Amit Roy, investment banker Jitesh Gadhia, and Richmond MP Rishi Sunak.

Boghani is a hoteling pioneer who was one of the first hoteliers to develop limited service branded hotels in London. He currently sits as chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group. He has helped lead it to become one of the leading hotel lines in the UK.

Shiraz Boghani says the team he is working with at Splendid is among the best he has ever worked with and that all of the members involved have made considerable contributions to its current success. While he is in a top executive position, he is not the very top leader of Splendid. That honor goes to its CEO Stuart Bailey. But this is only the most recent example of his success in the hotel industry. His career of almost continual top success in the hotel industry has spanned more than 30 years. He first moved to the UK in 1969 where he started his professional career as an accountant.

Throughout these years he has been the recipient of many prestigious industry awards of which the aforementioned “Hotelier of the Year” award is only the most recent example. Another huge recent accomplishment of Boghani was helping develop and complete the £121 million Hilton London Bankside and the Conrad London St. James. He is also currently a founding partner of Sussex Health Care Limited, an organization that provides housing and healthcare services. As busy a person as he is nearly all of the time, Boghani gives of both time and resources to a number of different charities.

He is also a very strong supporter of all things associated with the Aga Khan. Throughout his many years in the UK, he has played a strong role in the Ismaili community which has included holding several associated community leadership positions. One of his top roles has been as the Chairman of the National Conciliation and Arbitration Board and Resource Development Convener for the Aga Khan University.

For more information about Shiraz Boghani, just click here.

Bob Reina: How to Become Successful

Bob Reina is an entrepreneur who is changing the video marketing department with his great services. The businessman has been in this department for more than ten years, and he is equipped with the right skills in direct selling and technology. Getting this expertise in the complicated market is not a walk in the park. The businessman has worked hard to earn his position in the international market. Reina has written several publications concerning crucial topics. His publications are doing so well in the market. As the founder of the leading direct selling and video market in the entire world, Bob Reina has earned the respect of the young and old in the society.


When growing up, people are always excited to enjoy their first bicycle ride. Most people will get ready by wearing their elbow pads, helmets and training wheels so that they can make the training process easier. This part of learning is marked by persistence. When a person falls for the first time, they are ready to get up and continue with the learning process. When the young person learning how to ride the bicycle is stable, then the mentor lets go so that the learner can do it on their own. Using their tiny hands, the young child grips the handle bars with a lot of strength so that they can perform well. Once the learner has perfected the skill of riding the bike, things that were used in the training are dismantled and the mentor authorizes the use of other advanced cycling skills. This is the nature of life. When pursuing important and worthy causes in life, people are determined to do well, and they do not care about the discomfort they have to ensure. The discouragement and many roadblocks on the way should never hinder the goals we have. Learn more:


When a person is young, according to Bob Reina, is full of eagerness and optimism. The ambition and motivation gives young people the courage they are looking for. After giving young people a talk, they are ready to work hard and make things work, regardless of the challenges and hurdles that are on the way. The injuries and other problems faced in the past are forgotten once an individual has become successful. At the end of the day, bruised egos, proneness, altered schedules and procrastination will make it difficult for the goals to be achieved. Bob Reina has watched many people in the market become successful because of the character they have chosen to embrace.


Boraie Development: The Rise of New Jersey Real Estate

According to an article published in Philly Purge, the real estate industry in New Jersey has been starting to change gears. At present, the area of New Jersey has been experiencing good rates of housing mortgages. There are many consequences to this phenomenon, and this include masses being able to afford homes and better employment opportunities. Hopefully, these trends would continue to develop in a positive manner. A lot of real estate professionals are hoping that the industry would continue to change its focus in filling in the shortages and allowing prices to improve within the growing market.


According to NY Times, Lawrence Yun, a Realtor Chief Economist, these lack of housing supply might be transformed into a crisis if there is a big difference between the supply and demand of real estate properties all over New Jersey. Since there is a lack of homes for auction and sales, there will be a fast-paced selling of newly built housing. There must be a new system to improve the turnover of property from the contractors, builders and the owners, or else the demand will continue to balloon and might be more difficult to manage.


On the other hand, some economists are thinking negatively about the inequality between the supply and demand. Some would remark that the problem would increase in the coming months when building permits are given to contractors. Despite all these worries, New Jersey continues to grow as a city developing in the aspect of real estate. Since prices of housing are starting to increase, the selling conditions are expected to improve as well. There are still quite a number of vacant houses being kept away from the market. This is to allow the prices to appreciate and give profits to its sellers for a perfect time.


Boraie Development is a real estate company offering a variety of services within the urban development realm. These include Real Estate Development, Property Management, as well as Sales and Marketing. Their company is comprised of highly dedicated individuals whose goal is to build high-quality properties while providing exceptional service to their clients. For more details visit Central Jersey Working Moms.


Boraie’s specialization includes partnerships with the most prominent financial institutions, notable architects and visionary contactors who are dedicated to their work to ensure a successful completion of all their projects. Their company only hires the best of the best in their respective fields, while at the same time positioning their clients to succeed in their real estate endeavors.




Organo Gold Will Better Your Health And Your Wealth

People who are looking to better their lives should look in the direction of Organo Gold. This is a company that claims to improve the lives of their members both in their personal health and their personal wealth.


Organo Gold or simply Organo or OG, is a network marketing company that has units that reaches across the globe. Their mission is to change people’s lives by helping them reach new heights of financial freedom, well-being and balance. They help their members to achieve their own successes by offering them an attractive business opportunity in marketing premium products that can improve their health and well-being. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.


Organo’s proprietary products are only available through the company’s Organo Independent Distributors in more than 50 countries around the world. The company is offering many products that are categorized into three: beverages, nutraceuticals and personal care products.


Under beverages, OG offers nine types of products namely Black Ice, Red Tea, Green Tea, Hot Cocoa, Café Supreme, Café Mocha, Café Latte, King of Coffee and Gourmet Black Coffee. These are excellent tasting beverages which are attested to by one of its executives who claimed that he was hooked on OG’s products and became a true believer when he had a sip of its great-tasting coffee.

The Nutraceutical products of Organo Gold are primarily used for detoxification of the body. They are designed to improve the health of its users by getting rid of all the toxins that have accumulated inside. The personal care products are items that consumers can use for their personal care such as toothpaste and soaps.


On the business side of things, Organo Gold offers an innovative business opportunity to those who wish to join their ranks. The company will provide generous compensation to those who will help the company build a world-class business. For those who would like to do it only on a part-time basis, OG can help them earn extra income.


There’s one special thing that is exclusive to Organo Gold that makes its products very special and beneficial to its users. This is Ganoderma, an herb staple that has its roots in Asia, and which the Western world is not aware of, in terms of its worth and benefits. All the products of OG are infused with this beneficial herb. This miraculous ingredient is sourced from a mushroom known as Ganoderma lucidum. At OG, only the finest quality Ganoderma is used on its products. They are taken from logs in the Wuyi Mountains of China, which is located in the region of Fuzhou.



It is not a recipe ingredient for cooking but is used in skin care, vitamin supplements, and a host of every day products used by people around the world. And this is what makes the products of Organo Gold unique and beneficial. Read more at about Organo Gold.

Over A Year Ago, James Dondero Announced A Grant Challenge

Over a year ago, James Dondero announced a million dollar grant challenge. The gran was awarded to help an organization called The Family Palace, which focuses on helping victims of family violence. Dondero said the grant was an answer to the issue in Dallas, Texas. He added that he and his company was impressed by the way the organization approached the challenge and how generous the organization has been. Visit his website at

More About James Dondero

James Dondero is a businessman, as well as a philanthropist who is based in Dallas, Texas. He is one of the founders of Highland Capital Management. His experience with the credit and equity markets is one of the reasons he has done so well with leading Highland Capital Management. In fact, he has over three decades of experience.

Prior to launching Highland Capital Management, James Dondero worked at Protective Life. While there, he created the company’s subsidiary called GIC. He helped grow GIC from inception to over $1 billion in a matter of a few years. He has also worked at American Express, as well as Morgan Guaranty. It was there where the started his career. Read more about James Dondero on


Dondero is well-educated. He studied at the University of Virginia and he majored in accounting and finance. He also earned his CPA certification. James Dondero also received certification as certified management accountant, as well as CFA, which is short for chartered financial analyst.

Social Media

James Dondero has a social media presence. He is active on both Facebook and Twitter. The posts he share tend to be related to industry news. He also posts content that is related to his work and what his company is doing.

He maintains a website too. You can learn more about Dondero and his company by visiting his website.


OSI Industries, Food Processing Company

OSI Industries, a food processing company that produces products such as sausage and bacon recently acquired Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe supplies products to the UK service markets such as frozen poultry and pies among other products. This is a great opportunity for Flagship Europe to expand its client base and receive additional resources from OSI Industries. This is also great for OSI Industries as well. OSI Industries will not only be gaining Flagship Europe, but also Calder Foods which was acquired earlier by Flagship Europe. Calder Foods produces items such as sauces, mayonnaise and dips. OSI Industries will be gaining a number of complimentary products and brands as well as increasing foothold in Europe. These benefits are certainly worth the acquisition.

Another amazing purchase by OSI Industries is a new plant. OSI Industries recently acquired the plant from Tyson Foods. It is located in the South Side of Chicago, Illinois and is said to have cost nearly seven million four hundred thousand dollars according to Cook County records. When Tyson Foods wanted to close the plant, they said that the four hundred and eighty jobs were to be lost. Then OSI Industries stepped in. Many of the workers that were employed there were retained. Although there is no way of knowing how many as OSI Industries does not give out information on its products or customers. Even so many of the workers are very happy that the stepped in. The new plant is expected to improve OSI Industries capabilities and manufacturing network.

There is also more good news for OSI Industries. They have won the Globe of Honour Award. This is presented by the British Safety Council for superior management of environmental risks. This is a hard fought and won award. First they had to receive a five star rating from the British Safety Council. Then had to pass and independent team of environmental expert inspectors. There approach in placing the environment on equal footing with health and safety is what makes there business unique and sustainable. For OSI Industries this was totally worth while. With an eye for the future, it is very likely that OSI Industries will have a profound and long lasting one.

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