Helane Morrison Builds Solid Resume

Helane Morrison has become the business executive that other aspiring corporate female executives follow. She has become someone that has made a career in an area that many women have failed to consider. She has become one of the best corporate investigators in the San Francisco area, and I believe that many females are now following her a path because she has been so successful and this area.

I have considered the leadership role of a lot of other compliance officers and female executives in general. This is a unique role for females primarily because it is a field that is dominated by males. I thought it was very interesting that Morrison wouldn’t make the decision to take on this type of career after building a lucrative career as a lawyer. Many may say that Morrison had already achieved more than most women because she was working with the law firm where she became a partner.

What Morrison has managed to do over the years is build up a resume that no one could deny. She continued to work hard even though she had already made partner. That is why she has been recognized as an inspiring leader for many other females (WSJ article). The way that she motivates others is through her dedication to her craft. She clearly loves to investigate companies, and this has become something that she grew familiar with during her time with the law firm. 

I have seen how she has grown through her the years, and I believe that this work that she has done a lot of prep work to get to where she is today.

There are a lot of women that are determined to succeed in the corporate world, and Helane Morrison has set quite the blueprint for many others that are trying to reach beyond that glass ceiling that has been placed before them. 

Morrison represents the women that have picked interesting careers and buckled down hard to learn as much as they can. Helane was actually born on the east coast in New York, but she saw where she could benefit from an education in California. I believe that she also saw how such could rise in ranks as a compliance officer with the SEC.

Learn more about Helane by following her on Crunchbase or connect with her here >> https://www.linkedin.com/in/helane-morrison-739aa1110

Dick DeVos Backs Marco Rubio

Dick DeVos is a prominent figure in west Michigan, and the billionaire is looking to help the presidential campaign of Marco Rubio. The junior senator from Florida is hoping to pull out a big win in the Sunshine State. Florida is home to 29 electoral college votes. A win in Florida would provide a host of momentum (and a number of primary delegates) the senator could use.

DeVos was a supporter of former Florida governor Jeb Bush, but Bush has long departed the race. DeVos is hoping Marco Rubio will be able to succeed where Bush was not able to. Rubio reflects the more moderate/establishment wing of the GOP. There is hope Rubio can be a bridge to other factions within the party. DeVos points out that Rubio is a family friend, the two have known each other since Rubio was the Speaker of the House in the Florida House of Representatives.

DeVos hopes not only to financially support Rubio, he is hoping to be able to inspire others to get behind Rubio’s campaign. Sometimes, when a prominent person public puts his or her support behind a politician, others are more than willing to follow the lead.

Dick DeVos’ business history is intriguing. He is the former CEO and heir of Grand Rapids-based Amway. His father co-founded the company many years ago. He would venture into the world of professional basketball after purchasing the Orlando Magic NBA team. Being an owner of the Orlando team explains why DeVos has such a strong connection to the state of Florida.

The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is a charitable endeavor that focuses on areas related to community, education, leadership development, and the arts. The foundation has done a lot to help people in the west Michigan region.

To say Dick DeVos leads an active life would be an understatement. Visit Dick’s Netherland Institute page to get more information about his life and successful career or find him on Facebook to see updates like the following one.

The Soapy Reign of the “Queens of Drama”

Daytime dramas are an art form that have gradually dwindled over the past decade. With the jobs for actors and actresses of the genre disappearing, a scripted reality series entitled the “Queens of Drama” makes an attempt for a bit of revitalizing to the “soap opera.”

The setting puts together actresses that are familiar to most fans of the daytime drama. The concept of the show; a sextet of daytime actresses (i.e. the “Queens of Drama”) converge together with the overall idea of crafting and pitching a daytime show to the major networks. The “Queens of Drama”: Vanessa Marcil, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo, Donna Mills, Lindsey Hartley and Crystal Hunt are all known for daytime and prime time roles respectively.

The show’s six actresses all of play variations of soap opera characters. There’s Vanessa Marcil, known for her role on “General Hospital”, who takes the role of spearheading the project. Donna Mills from “Knots Landing” and from “General Hospital”, enters the picture with the support that Vanessa needs to get the ball rolling. Hunter Tylo, an alumni of “Bold and the Beautiful”, enters the picture as well and fully on board with the project. Before anyone knows it, Hunter Tylo is pitching the idea and taking meetings with networks drawing the ire of everyone involved. Joan Collins, widely known for her role on “Dynasty”, is seen in a guest capacity injecting soap nostalgia into the show.

Lindsey Hartley and Crystal Hunt bring the scripted “catty” situation into the show. Lindsey Hartley, last seen on “Days of Our Lives”, is currently finding herself auditioning for mother roles for acting jobs, and Crystal Hunt from “One Life to Live” has no problem in reminding Lindsey Hartley that although she is in her late thirties, she is now that old of an actress. It’s a manufactured situation between the two actresses akin to an actual soap opera, even with Chrystee Pharris, last seen on the defunct soap opera “Passions”, trying to assume the role of mediator between the two women.

All of the actresses involved in the “Queens of Drama” possess more to their repertoire than just roles on popular daytime dramas. For example, starting off as Lizzie Spaulding on “Guiding Light” and “Gigi Morasco” on “One Life to Live,” Metacritic would indicate that Crystal Hunt has been seen in the role as “Dinky” in the 2007 movie “Sydney White”, and Crystal has also been seen as “Lauren” in the 2015 movie “Magic Mike XXL.” Not only being one of the “Queens of Drama,” Straight from her Instagram you can see Crystal Hunt also owns a high-end pet boutique in her hometown of Clearwater, Florida, and recently produced a movie entitled “Talbot County.”  Be sure to look up Crystal’s Facebook page if you’re a fan!

A casting call for season 2 of “Queens of Drama” has recently been released with a six to ten episode quota. Season 1 can currently be seen on the POP Network, Fridays at 8 pm.