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The Purpose of End United Citizens.

This is a committee that came into being in 2015 after the court ruled in favor if citizen united in the case of citizen united Vs Federal Election commission. The Supreme Court rule deregulated limits on spending, independent fundings and spending on, for or against a candidate. Excessive expenditure, by the wealthy during elections, has played a major role in undermining the integrity and purpose of elections. The wealthy use their funding to control what happens after the elections, pushing their individual interests. This brings about the lack of the much needed public service and development in all areas of the government. Follow the organization on Twitter.

End United Citizens committee’s sole purpose, like the name suggests, is to end the Citizen United, by ensuring that everyone is involved in election financing and expenditure. End Citizens United is focused on driving large campaign donations and expenditures out of the US politics and election of “no strings attached” candidates to Congress. The will be done by, the committee, raising, contributing money and running independent expenditures for these candidates. End citizens united operated its first election in 2016 with about 25 million US dollars in funds.

In this cycle, End Citizens United financed the following candidates from the Democratic party, Hillary Clinton, Russ Feingold, Beto O’Rourke, Elizabeth Warren and Zephyr Teachout among others. For Maggie Hassan and Catherine Cortez, End Citizens United was their biggest outside group funding with about 4.4 million dollars in total. By mid-2017, the committee has raised more than 7 million dollars from the grassroots and was aiming for 35 or more million dollars for the 2018 election cycle.

Critics are quick to point out that the End Citizen United endorsed Democrats in the previous election cycle. This committee is not limited to that party, it’s endorsed and will support independent candidates as well as pre-reform Republicans. Its purpose is not to pick a side but to have candidates in Congress that can think and act freely without interference or threat from individuals with vested interests. This makes sure that the public, even the least of the voters, is involved in the development and progress in their states and country at large.

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End Citizens United Coming For Rick Scott

End Citizens United has arrived in Florida to file suit against the governor. The political action committee is accusing Rick Scott of violating campaign finance laws. It all stems with his involvement with a super PAC known as New Republic.

Rick Scott was the head of New Republic right up until he decided to run for Senate in the state of Florida during the 2018 midterms. Political candidates are not allowed to coordinate with super PAC’s in order to win elections. However, PAC’s are allowed to raise and spend as much money as possible due to Citizens United. View the group’s profile on

Citizens United is the name given to an unfortunate Supreme Court decision in 2010. The decision was handed down two years after a political action committee known as Citizens United tried to air a 90-minute propaganda movie. The film was a fake documentary that was supposed to air during a Democratic presidential primary debate in 2008. Citizens United was denied the right to air the movie so they filed a lawsuit.

The FEC said no. A higher federal court said no. Suddenly, the Supreme Court reached down to pluck the case out of the security to render a horrifying decision. The justices handed down a 5-4 decision stating that corporations are people with First Amendment protections. No limits on spending could be set as it would be a violation of the corporation’s First Amendment rights.

End Citizens United was founded in response to the ridiculous Supreme Court decision. The group aims to dismantle the decision piece by piece. First off, End Citizens United selectively backs candidates who promise to fight to the decision in Washington. Secondly, they have dispersed campaign-finance lawyers all over the country to keep a watchful eye over scandalous politicians. Thirdly, the group plans to end Citizens United once and for all with a law or constitutional amendment.

Currently, the group is in Florida making sure that Rick Scott does not win a Senate seat. They point to his shady dealings with certain people involved with the New Republic PAC and how it’s a clear violation of campaign finance law and ethics.

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What Is The Deal With Betsy DeVos?

Her name has faded from the news headlines to some extent, but it was once true that you could not go anywhere without hearing people talking about Betsy DeVos. They wanted to know if she was going to be approved by the Senate, what she was going to do once she was in the role of Secretary of Education, and so much more. While her name is not necessarily as much in the headlines as it once was, this is not to say that you should forget about her.


The reality is that Betsy DeVos remains just as powerful of a character as she ever was. In fact, if you choose to ignore her real powers, you might end up making the mistake of underestimating her. That is just about the worst mistake that you can make as Betsy DeVos tends to work best when there is not a lot of the spotlight on her.


There was plenty of attention being paid to her when she was first nominated and then confirmed by the Senate. She won her confirmation battle by having the Vice President step in and cast a tie-breaking vote in an otherwise split Senate. It was something that led to days of drama and a lot of questions about who exactly Betsy DeVos was and what we should know about her. She and the White House seemingly wanted these questions knocked out of the way as much as possible, but it also seemed hard to do until she was able to get through confirmation.


We are now in a place where we have Betsy Devos as our Secretary of Education. As the news media has faded away from her, it seems that she has only gotten more powerful. She has found ways to accomplish a lot of things under the shadow of news media not paying attention to her. Therefore, we ought to all be concerned that DeVos may be able to get away with doing some things related to charter schools that we did not otherwise think was possible. It is definitely an interesting time to be paying attention to something like education policy.


The future of the educational system in the United States as something that exists largely without the influence of charter schools may be coming to an end. DeVos now has the ability more so than ever to change things up and bring charter schools more and more into the mainstream. Thinking about it like this may be the fear of God into some people, but others are applauding it all the way. It really just depends on which side of the political fence you tend to lean. She is a complicated character that nearly everyone has some kind of opinion on.


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