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The Purpose of End United Citizens.

This is a committee that came into being in 2015 after the court ruled in favor if citizen united in the case of citizen united Vs Federal Election commission. The Supreme Court rule deregulated limits on spending, independent fundings and spending on, for or against a candidate. Excessive expenditure, by the wealthy during elections, has played a major role in undermining the integrity and purpose of elections. The wealthy use their funding to control what happens after the elections, pushing their individual interests. This brings about the lack of the much needed public service and development in all areas of the government. Follow the organization on Twitter.

End United Citizens committee’s sole purpose, like the name suggests, is to end the Citizen United, by ensuring that everyone is involved in election financing and expenditure. End Citizens United is focused on driving large campaign donations and expenditures out of the US politics and election of “no strings attached” candidates to Congress. The will be done by, the committee, raising, contributing money and running independent expenditures for these candidates. End citizens united operated its first election in 2016 with about 25 million US dollars in funds.

In this cycle, End Citizens United financed the following candidates from the Democratic party, Hillary Clinton, Russ Feingold, Beto O’Rourke, Elizabeth Warren and Zephyr Teachout among others. For Maggie Hassan and Catherine Cortez, End Citizens United was their biggest outside group funding with about 4.4 million dollars in total. By mid-2017, the committee has raised more than 7 million dollars from the grassroots and was aiming for 35 or more million dollars for the 2018 election cycle.

Critics are quick to point out that the End Citizen United endorsed Democrats in the previous election cycle. This committee is not limited to that party, it’s endorsed and will support independent candidates as well as pre-reform Republicans. Its purpose is not to pick a side but to have candidates in Congress that can think and act freely without interference or threat from individuals with vested interests. This makes sure that the public, even the least of the voters, is involved in the development and progress in their states and country at large.

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End Citizens United Coming For Rick Scott

End Citizens United has arrived in Florida to file suit against the governor. The political action committee is accusing Rick Scott of violating campaign finance laws. It all stems with his involvement with a super PAC known as New Republic.

Rick Scott was the head of New Republic right up until he decided to run for Senate in the state of Florida during the 2018 midterms. Political candidates are not allowed to coordinate with super PAC’s in order to win elections. However, PAC’s are allowed to raise and spend as much money as possible due to Citizens United. View the group’s profile on

Citizens United is the name given to an unfortunate Supreme Court decision in 2010. The decision was handed down two years after a political action committee known as Citizens United tried to air a 90-minute propaganda movie. The film was a fake documentary that was supposed to air during a Democratic presidential primary debate in 2008. Citizens United was denied the right to air the movie so they filed a lawsuit.

The FEC said no. A higher federal court said no. Suddenly, the Supreme Court reached down to pluck the case out of the security to render a horrifying decision. The justices handed down a 5-4 decision stating that corporations are people with First Amendment protections. No limits on spending could be set as it would be a violation of the corporation’s First Amendment rights.

End Citizens United was founded in response to the ridiculous Supreme Court decision. The group aims to dismantle the decision piece by piece. First off, End Citizens United selectively backs candidates who promise to fight to the decision in Washington. Secondly, they have dispersed campaign-finance lawyers all over the country to keep a watchful eye over scandalous politicians. Thirdly, the group plans to end Citizens United once and for all with a law or constitutional amendment.

Currently, the group is in Florida making sure that Rick Scott does not win a Senate seat. They point to his shady dealings with certain people involved with the New Republic PAC and how it’s a clear violation of campaign finance law and ethics.

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End Citizens United Is Prepared To Take On The Midterms

The preparations of the End Citizens United organization for the midterms has become a focus of everyone at the political action committee and their supporters. The organization has become one of the lead grassroots donation political action groups that has put their voice out their in opposition to special interest money in government. The upcoming midterms pose the possibility of making real progress with their goals in freeing up the American government from politicians who are owned by special interest money.

The History of End Citizens United
Started in 2015, the End Citizens United organization has sought to put a stop to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. End Citizens United is a grassroots donations based organization located in the nation’s capital. The reason they are a grassroots organization against Citizens United is because this decision permits corporations to pose as if they are Citizens with voices in government may donate as much as they may possibly desire to a candidate. This makes this candidate or politician indebted to the special interests of that corporation. They will vote in favor for the corporation. By raising small money donations without special interest behind it, End Citizens United manages to put money toward candidates who are not owned by special interest money. They can go on to vote appropriately in Congress for the people and not for corporate interests. These free candidates and politicians who truly represent the people could also fight to overturn the Citizens United decision as a whole.


The Future of End Citizens United
The future of End Citizens United depends on endorsement of candidates who have vowed to not take special interest money and on raising small money donations from supporters of their political action committee. The future of End Citizens United concerning the midterms looks bright as the PAC president Tiffany Muller has projected that they will raise $35 million to go to candidates they endorse. The majority of this campaign donation money is going to candidates who will face the big money 20 politicians that send Citizens United has decided to target in the 2018 midterms based on how much special interest money is funneled into their campaigns.

Fresh Candidates And Political Reform To End Citizens United

With the 2016 election almost a year behind us there are many lessons to be learned. One of those lessons, according to the committee End Citizens United, is to get special interest money out of politics and particularly our election process. ECU has been fighting for a constitutional amendment since March 2015 that would require donation transparency, thus eliminating the influence of Super PACs (corporations with inexhaustible donation power) and encourage small public donations. This change would give a voice to citizens, allow smaller campaigns a chance to thrive, and ensure a fair election process.

ECU has shown much progress, mainly with endorsing and promoting candidates who support their cause. The article “Randy Bryce Is the Perfect Fit for End Citizens United,” is just one example of their efforts to boost the right politicians in office.

Bryce, running for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District, has already shown his support for ECU by only accepting small donations and refusing Super PAC funding. He also plans to run against Paul Ryan, the current Speaker of the House and a strong advocate and benefactor of Citizens United. Ryan supports the Supreme Court’s decision to define corporations as people, which gives them the right to donate anonymously and without limit. Bryce plans to alter our government’s priorities away from corporate influence and toward a system that listens to the concerns of ordinary citizens.


To succeed, the solution to restoring our elections and our democracy are to overturn Citizens United and replace bought politicians with candidates who refuse corporate handouts for return favors. ECU is doing both with a campaign that plans to raise up to $35 million to support honest contenders to replace bought politicians. They also work state-by-state to pass reform laws and gain local support from officials who can call for an amendment to end Citizens United.

Additionally, ECU brings campaign finance reform and corruption issues to the forefront in order to inform the public. They achieve this through massive polling drives, a large social media presence, sources for the average citizen to participate locally, and educational resources to find out who and what is being funded.

With these efforts in place ECU hopes to flip many seats in the coming local and general elections and eventually get money out of the political process.

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Dick DeVos Backs Marco Rubio

Dick DeVos is a prominent figure in west Michigan, and the billionaire is looking to help the presidential campaign of Marco Rubio. The junior senator from Florida is hoping to pull out a big win in the Sunshine State. Florida is home to 29 electoral college votes. A win in Florida would provide a host of momentum (and a number of primary delegates) the senator could use.

DeVos was a supporter of former Florida governor Jeb Bush, but Bush has long departed the race. DeVos is hoping Marco Rubio will be able to succeed where Bush was not able to. Rubio reflects the more moderate/establishment wing of the GOP. There is hope Rubio can be a bridge to other factions within the party. DeVos points out that Rubio is a family friend, the two have known each other since Rubio was the Speaker of the House in the Florida House of Representatives.

DeVos hopes not only to financially support Rubio, he is hoping to be able to inspire others to get behind Rubio’s campaign. Sometimes, when a prominent person public puts his or her support behind a politician, others are more than willing to follow the lead.

Dick DeVos’ business history is intriguing. He is the former CEO and heir of Grand Rapids-based Amway. His father co-founded the company many years ago. He would venture into the world of professional basketball after purchasing the Orlando Magic NBA team. Being an owner of the Orlando team explains why DeVos has such a strong connection to the state of Florida.

The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is a charitable endeavor that focuses on areas related to community, education, leadership development, and the arts. The foundation has done a lot to help people in the west Michigan region.

To say Dick DeVos leads an active life would be an understatement. Visit Dick’s Netherland Institute page to get more information about his life and successful career or find him on Facebook to see updates like the following one.