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Talos Energy Zama-1 Project.

Since last year’s Talos’ Zama project discovery of the 2 billion barrels of oil in the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Premex and Talos Energy started the process of joining forces for a number of things. For Talos, there was the need for speed in production while for Premex its a number of things. First, the deposit is likely to have extended to the adjustment block that the company will drill to confirm and secondly, the company has hit a fourteen-year production slump which the new president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador wants to catch up with. The partnership will also strengthen both Talos and Premex in terms of resources and effort, once solidified. The consortium, which also includes Mexico’s Sierra oil and gas and Premier oil and gas will communicate their data with Premex to speed up negotiations and closing the deal by the end of 2019, next year. With the continued commitment on both sides, drilling is set to resume by the end of November. Deals like these are not uncommon in the energy industry and they anticipate a production of approximately 200000 barrels in 2023.

Talos Energy.

It was founded in 2012 by Timothy Duncan, who had previously stated and sold Phoenix and Gryphon exploration companies. Talos is led by a team with tonnes of experience in deep and shallow waters explorations and production. It was established in 600 million dollars equity raised by Apollo global management and Riverstone Holdings. As an experienced team, Talos work with current technologies and innovative techniques to explore the deep waters and optimize on assets squires from them. This independent oil and gas company operates in the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf coast, looking for and developing oil and gas products. As a public company, Talos is headed by Timothy Duncan as the CEO and the president, Micheal Harding II as the CFO and senior vice president and Stephen E. Heitzman as the COO and the executive vice president among others, with its headquarters in Houston, Texas. With the new discovery and partnership with Pemex, the company is expecting to drill about 425 million barrels or more from the Zama deposits.

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The Passionate Progress of Cotemar Mexico

Cotemar is a service company based in Mexico dealing with offshore oil and gas. It was founded in 1979 with an aim of revolutionizing the oil and gas sector in Mexico. Over the years, it has grown in leaps and bounds to touch many lives and change the oil and gas sector tremendously. For more than 37 years, the company has been building momentum and ability to offer efficient solutions. The company believes in periodic evolution in order to align the services with the needs of the clients. It has also continued to diversify the services and dominating different market segments. They include construction, modernization engineering, accommodation, catering, maintenance, vessel support and maritime support.



The focus of the company is to continue integrating technology into the different services it offers. It has a mission of making the employees to be success driven people. Efficient processes are also being developed by the team of experts in order to make the solutions reliable and long-term answers to different needs. It aims at participating in different market segments and increasing the production process. Cotemar focuses on innovation in order to bring a better way of doing things in the gas and oil industry.



Caring for Employees



Today, Cotemar, which is headquartered in Ciudad del Carmen in Mexico has between 5000-10,000 employees. The company also continues to offer offshore maintenance, sea vessels with satellite connection to ensure every vessel they are servicing stays in an exact predetermined position. The company also services vessels, which are used in oil exploitation, bulk materials, sand, and mud. Over the years, the company has been focusing on the safety of their operations. They also care about their team of dedicated professionals. They have thus introduced fire-fighting facilities. The firm has also taken care of the need to reduce pollution when hydrocarbon spills.



Deluxe Services



People around the world desire to spend a night in an awesome place, take nice delicious food and enjoy a good rest. Cotemar has been on the forefront to offer the best accommodation to guests. It also deals with cleaning services in gymnasiums, cinemas and TV rooms. It also deals with laundry services. The company also offers transport to personnel who need to travel to different job locations. With the safety the company has been keeping in mind, there is an assurance quality of every service is just luxurious. Cotemar also carries out all projects while basing them on how sustainable they can be. It has also received different certifications because of being environmentally conscious.