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How Individuals And Couples Can Use TalkSpace

Pets can be a source of great joy in people’s lives. They can comfort people, be fun to play with, and many, especially dogs, are always ready to be companions. It was 14 centuries ago that dogs first became domesticated. Cats are trickier. It appears there have been multiple occasions when they were domesticated. Some do wonder, though, whether it was humans that domesticated cats or if it was cats that domesticated humans. Either way, many people love their cats.

The sad part of owning a pet is that they will in all likelihood die before their owner wants them to. Instead of coming home to your dog’s wet nose they are instead ashes in an urn on the mantle. People can have a hard time during the mourning period, especially as some people don’t understand grieving over a pet. This can be isolating for those mourning their longtime animal companion.

If a person in New York City wants help getting through the mourning process of losing a pet, or any other situation they want professional help with, TalkSpace is a great way to “see” a therapist without the inconvenience of going to a physical office once a week. It is an app that connects a person to a therapist who will hear them out and provide advice on ways to manage their troubles. Because it’s a virtual messaging platform it can be used at any time of the day to send a message and then wait for the reply.

When you first sign up for TalkSpace you talk in real-time with one of their consultants. They ask a series of questions and from that determine which of their therapists will work best given the situation. TalkSpace can be used by both individuals and it also has therapists trained in couples therapy.