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Securus Technologies is an information corporation located at in Dallas, Texas. What is primarily responsible for offering communication solutions to a large number of different individuals, primarily those that are either working in or living within the United States penal system. This includes inmates, incarcerated individuals who are currently serving time within the prison system. He’s an interesting choice for a focal point for a corporation, especially since most times corporations you these individuals not as consumers and barely on the radar. In order to try and increase their customer base and notoriety for their corporation, Securus Technologies has been working alongside the Better Business Bureau in an attempt to reach it highest rating for quality, which is done for the following of a rubric for the Better Business Bureau has devised. Has recently been revealed that Securus has reached all of the high points on the rubric and that they have recently been accredited as an A+ rated company on the Better Business bureau’s records. This is an extremely high honor for the corporation, and will definitely help it reach new levels of prestige.


Securus Technologies is most notable for providing communication solutions to inmates within the prison system, with many of these being in the form of software programs that inmates can place on mobile devices. One particular software program with no is one that is compatible on both Android and Apple operating systems, and features the ability to seamlessly stream video chat over Wi-Fi signals. This technology is important to remain who normally do not have access to different forms of digital communication, making it more possible for them to keep in contact with your loved ones and family members on the outside.