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Waiakea Hawaiaan Volcanic bottled water uses creativity to sell product

Americans as a whole are good at marketing. No one else would think of charging premium prices for the most abundant resource on the planet, but that is typical of the country’s genius. There is a reason the country produced P.T. Barnum. The United States as a whole could literally sell sand to people in the Sahara if they so chose. The idea of bottled water may seem laughable, especially in developed countries with ready access to tap water, but it has blossomed into a $100 billion industry. Today, there are even specialized brands such as Waiakea Hawaiian volcanic bottled water.

Marketing materials from the company mention the special filtering process and how it uses volcanic rocks. However, this process is not something engineers came up with. The water comes from a spring on a Hawaiian island. These islands were naturally formed through volcanic processes. It is the same processes that created the spring. Waiakea’s marketers just decided to use a little creativity to help sell their product.

How has their creativity helped? Affiliate Dork, a blog that features various marketing opportunities, recently featured the company in an article. The site recommended it to people looking for interesting business opportunities that expand their bottom line.

Affiliate marketing is not for everyone, and most people do not make more than a few dollars off of it. For those who do know how to work the system, and how to manipulate Google and other search engines, it can be profitable. Someone who is looking for new ways to make money from his or her site should consider partnering with Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic bottled water. The marketer can even order a case for himself if he so chooses. Pick up a case to find out if it is worthy of a link or two.

All About Jacob Gottlieb of Altium Capital

All About Jacob Gottlieb of Altium Capital

Jacob Gottlieb has not in the business scene for several years, but now he is in the driver’s seat of his new investment firm known as Altium Capital. Jacob has a big desire for healthcare investing, and over the years, he has become a specialist in the venture because he has been the best top fund manager and Chief Executive Officer for many years. His dream for Altium is lined up with his experience, and the venture is going to be very successful. Note that healthcare investors and the financial industry will see some opportunities and changes soon.

Visium Asset Management was started by Gottlieb in 2005, and he has been focusing on closing it. The company was very successful, and it had well-known pension fund investors. Jacob’s reputation helped him to mobilize a team of twenty investment partners and millions of dollars in cash. He also had successful careers in numerous companies that earned him a good reputation as a businessman associated with huge gains.

Note that the company expanded under Jacob Gottlieb’s stewardship and the investors pocketed huge profits. In the year 2018, the company had one hundred and seventy workers with branches in San Francisco, London and New York. It grew very fast and had a lot of property in 2013 and 2016. Things started going wrong when some bad workers started doing shady deals.

Visium’s era of success came to an end when three of the company’s top fund managers were suspected of conspiracy, deception among others. Of late, there have been some allegations against the company, but they are going to pay ten million dollars in fines. Note that Jacob has never been charged and he has been cleared of any legal offense. Gottlieb has been doing everything he can to ensure that he gives the investors their money back since 2016. He has spent a lot, but Visium’s investors are very important to him

It is crucial to keep in mind that Jacob Gottlieb finished winding down Visium and he is now working on his new company known as Altium capital. It will focus on healthcare fund, and this proves Gottlieb’s status and strengths as an investor.

Lifeline Screening is The Top Screening Medical Screening Company in The US

Lifeline Screening provides medical testing and screening to individuals in a convenient and cost-effective manner. Tests are conducted in many public venues and at places of employment. These tests are normally accomplished in hospitals or medical testing facilities and are much more expensive and inconvenient in these places.

Ultrasound is a very popular form of screening for potential medical issues. It sends sound waves towards the part of the body where specific organs are located so that real-time activity of that organ can be observed. It is possible to observe the blood flowing through various arteries to determine if there is a potential blockage. The observation of the Carotid arteries, the main blood vessels in the neck is critical. These arteries are the main vessels that bring blood to the brain. The bone density levels can also be measured which indicate possible osteoporosis, the abdominal aneurysm can be discovered, and peripheral artery disease can be observed.

A limited level electrocardiograph can be performed to indicate whether an individual has an irregular heartbeat or not. If the heart beats irregularly it can throw off blood clots which can result in a stroke, a very serious condition. Many times this can occur and a person may not even be aware of it. An irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation, or A-Fib and is more common than many people think. It is easily treated once discovered.

With just a drop of blood complete blood-lipid panel can be created. This measures the amounts of cholesterol that is present in the blood. Both HDL and LDL levels are measured along with triglyceride levels. Glucose screening, or blood-sugar levels indicate if a person is pre-diabetic or if full-blown diabetes is present. A protein in the blood called the C-reactive protein shows if the possible cardiovascular disease is present. Liver function can be assessed by the measurement of various liver enzymes found in the blood.

All tests are forwarded to the doctor of an individual who chooses to utilize the services of Lifeline screening. All tests performed by Lifeline Screening are non-invasive and do not require the removal of any clothing.