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Testing Wen by Chaz

If you care about your hair and are into hair care products, chances are that you have come across WEN. There are no lack of commercials on television and in magazines and there is no denying the fact that Wen has been hands down one of the best selling conditioners for quite some time.

Many women seek out Wen for its fantastic reviews on the Guthy-Renker website of taking thin and frizzled hair and giving it that spark that makes it shiny, although it is very true that different products do not produce the same results for different people. Because of the uncertainty that can come with new products, Emily McClure decided to use WEN for a week and see what happened to her hair and post her results, which were first delivered by Bustle. She ended up using Wen every day for seven days and found that there were quite a few benefits from using the conditioner. The first few days she noticed that her hair felt a lot thicker when she was in the shower using the product, as well as the fact that the thickness seemed to prevent her long hair from falling out in the shower. She received compliments on her hair in terms of its shininess and she stated that it felt pretty good during the day. She did say that she is the kind of person that is slightly lazy and that if she wanted to use it and see great results day in and day out that she would have to not forget to use it, but that overall Wen was a great product.