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Upwork: Moving Fast Through Your To-Do-List

Upwork is a successful global platform that allows freelancers to connect with independent professionals and businesses to collaborate remotely. As of today, Upwork has nearly 12 million freelancers registered with their business. They are consistently working with a person or company across the country providing them with a list of tasks to do. When freelancers decide to create a to-do list they must make sure it’s well organized. Nothing is more worse when you either lose a task or can’t find it. That’s why you should create a system that helps you effectively speed through your to-do list and finish your tasks on time. Consider these helpful tips that can keep you on track with your to-do list and never miss a task.


Your best bet is to go through your list of tasks and find out which is the most important that you need to finish first. There’s no doubt we can experience an unexpected issue that can take us away from our deadlines and prevent us from completing our work. Your goal is to always remember when you create a task assign a specific priority to it. That way when you know you have immediate priorities you will start to arrange your time better based on the urgency of those particular tasks that need to get done. If you know you have a crucial job that must be completed within the next week it’s best to get started on that as soon as possible, if not now.


When it comes to work probably everyone has experienced procrastination. You may have gotten into the habit of putting off particular task by pushing them further back on your list. Though procrastination may seem to be a negative it can actually be a good thing. It’s been said that 80 percent of the value you can generate comes from 20 percent of your activities. You should always be asking yourself what kind of value will you create when you do a task. If you don’t find any thing then it’s probably best to delete it.