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Gareth Henry Provides Insights To Real Estate Repositioning

Gareth Henry is a bigwig financial expert in the Alternative Assets Management sector. He graduated in 2001 at Heriot-Watt University where he obtained a degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics.

He served as a Director of Strategic financial solutions at Schroders after which he joined the global alternative asset management company, Fortress Investment Group. Here, he served as the Head of Global Investor Relations.

In this piece, Gareth Henry provides investors with critical insights on how to maximize real-estate revenue using minor repositioning.


Value Added Real Estate Investing
Years ago, industry jargon such as urban renewal was rampantly used to describe distressed downtown cities like Detroit and Cleveland where residents migrated to the suburbs for security reasons. However, according to Gareth Henry, things have changed, and thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), the phrase is now termed as repositioning.

Repositioning is an emerging trend that enables investors to maximize their returns. Here are critical guidelines for repositioning.

Know Your Limits
Repositioning is all about making tweaks or modifications to change the character or purpose of a real estate. It may be repainting the walls of a room or a building. Also, it may be on a large scale, like the demolition of the Silverdome in Detroit, a property worth over $500, 000. Anyone has the financial power to apply a tinge of paint to a home, but bringing down a stadium; you must be an aristocrat to do that. Gareth Henry emphasizes the need to know your financial limits.

Select Your Target Consumers
There are several factors that influence repositioning. A major influencer is the scarcity of property in technologically-driven areas like San Francisco, New York, Seattle, and Silicon Valley. In such areas, a square foot of property costs $3000. That means every space must be properly utilized.

Additionally, technology has impacted the workforce. Currently, over 40% of Americans work remotely. That creates a positive disruption and opening opportunities for repositioning to thrive. Gareth Henry is also positive that the expanding e-commerce space will offer great prospects for repositioning as people continue to make real estate purchases online.

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Is Shervin Pishevar A Psychic? Perhaps – We’ll Never Know

If people could reliably – even halfway-reliably – predict things, they could quite literally make livings through gambling; technically, it couldn’t even be called gambling. While some people are professional gamblers in somewhat-predictable areas of betting like sports, most people’s abilities for predicting things are horrible.

Let’s look at one of Silicon Valley’s top investor’s predictions and statements about the economy, financial instruments, and business at large. All of them weren’t correct – the man isn’t a psychic – though a fair amount of them was, in fact, on point.

The man’s name is Shervin Pishevar

First-generation Iranian immigrant Shervin Pishevar unleashed a level-headed slew of tweets in the first week of February 2018. As we approach the six-month anniversary of Mr. Pishevar’s memorable tweetstorm, let’s look back at some of the things he asserted as fact – things that can’t reliably be measured, therefore making predictions inherently impossible – and other market events he quantified and got correct – Shervin Pishevar just might be Ms. Cleo in disguise.

Bitcoin fell even further from its December 2018 peak

On February 6, Shervin Pishevar declared that Bitcoin – the world’s first cryptocurrency was trading for roughly $7,900 on February 6, 2018 – would drop to anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000 in terms of USD per bitcoin. Thus far, the cryptocurrency has, in fact, reached a low price of roughly $5,700 this year – to be precise, the digital currency dropped to that low on June 24, 2018.

Though it never reached a true $5,000 US Dollar per bitcoin mark, Shervin Pishevar’s prediction got pretty close.

Gold would get more expensive, he said

The price of gold was between $1,330 and $1,320 per ounce throughout February 6. Although 2018 has yet to close as of July 31, 2018 – there are, in fact, five more months left in the year – the precious metal is currently trading about $100 less today than it was in the first week of February.

You win some, you lose some – then again, Shervin Pishevar didn’t specify a time horizon, making it not possible to make a judgment on his tweet’s accuracy yet.