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Infinity Group Australia Nominated for More Awards

Infinity Group Australia has been nominated for three more awards, which adds to an increasingly long list of achievements that it has received in the past year.


The company is a financial institution that seeks to help people in Australia to reduce their debts while creating a secure financial base for the future. They pride themselves on building strong relationships with their clients and working with passion and integrity to help them.


This new honor comes from the Australian Mortgage Awards, which are scheduled to take place sometime next month. Infinity Group Australia has received nominations in three different categories, including Young Gun of the Year–Independent, New Brokerage of the Year and Brokerage of the Year (1-5 Staff).


As with any award, being nominated is a great honor by itself, even if the company does not win; either way, this is yet another impressive achievement that Infinity Group Australia has managed in 2018. It also won a prize for the category of IQPC Customer Experience Management, showing its great dedication to its clients and services. In addition, it ranked 58th on the AFR list of the 1,000 most innovative companies in Australia and New Zealand, putting it in the top 5.8 percent of them all.


The director and co-founder of Infinity Group Australia, Graeme Holm, expressed his pride when the latter achievement was announced. He also congratulated the company for the creativity that was necessary for it to merit such a high rank.


Aside from their many awards, 2018 has proven to be a good year for this company. In the last twelve month it has recorded earning its clients $6.3 million in reductions to their mortgages, along with a combined 3,376 years of time. It is now averaging $41,000 in debt elimination for each client who uses their services. With all that in mind, it is not hard to see why they have been receiving so many accolades recently.


The company is spread throughout Australia, with smaller subsidiaries in Brisbane, Cronulla and Bella Vista, allowing it to give clients more individual care. It is also partnering with several large institutions as of late.


Infinity Group Australia got its origin in 2012, when Graeme Holm, then involved in banking, became frustrated with the kind of service that lower-income Australians got from most financial institutions. He started the company with his wife, Rebecca Walker, who co-directs it with him today.


He describes Infinity Group Australia’s role as a sort of “personal trainer” assigned to help their customers manage their finances. The main flaw of other institutions, he discovered, is that they do not work long-term to make sure that their clients are keeping on track with their money. To combat that problem, his firm focuses on helping the average Australian to first figure out how to use their money, and then provides ongoing assistance.


Infinity Group Australia’s growing list of awards seems to indicate that this strategy is working so far. Hopefully 2019 will be just as lucky for them. Learn more:


Michael Burwell-The Golden Days Return

Michael Burwell is one of the most fascinating CFOs you will ever meet in life. Burwell’s career in the corporate world spans over three decades, a time Michael Burwell has used well to perfect his act. Michael, who is currently the Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson, began his career in PwC.


PwC, as you are aware, is one of the best auditing firms in the world, a place where Michael called home for thirty-one good years. Burwell, in his time at Pricewaterhouse Coopers, was able to rise through the ranks and left the company after serving as its vice-chairman.


The alumnus of the Michigan State University owes his successes to his background knowledge in business administration. Burwell, from the get-go, has been a hard worker who loves accomplishing things. It is for that reason that Michael dedicates an hour or two every morning to bicycle rides, the time he uses to brainstorm and create a program for the day.


Mr. Burwell owes his current successes to the surrounding people. Michael, being a good listener, welcomes every idea that comes his way and ensures that he capitalizes on the same. The Michigan State University Alumnus of the Year has made a career out of listening to people no matter how junior they are, for every individual has something important to say.


Mike also loves technology and innovation. Michael Burwell, being a lover of ideas, ensures that he learns about a new app every day, an application that can help solve life’s problems. Mr. Michael has always embraced the power of positivity and that is why is he going places no one has ever reached.


Unknown to many is that Michael Burwell, too, has made his fair share of mistakes. Did these erroneous mistakes break him? Mike, despite the challenges, has always picked up the pieces and forged forwards. Therefore, there is no mistake you cannot correct. Indeed, the leader of the Willis Towers Watson has enjoyed a lot of success over the years because of being an excellent listener. Read This Article for additional information.


Hence, you too can learn the ropes that will make you successful in the end. Burwell apart from his proficiency in business administration is also skilled in financial analysis, internal controls, accounting, portfolio management, auditing, taxation, and mergers and accusations. In truth, Willis Towers Watson is moving in the right direction because of Michael Burwell, a man who brings value wherever he goes.



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