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ClassDojo Expands

Few programs have had the impact on the classroom that Classdojo has had. This amazing application is helping teachers to create community within their classroom while also providing a communication platform for teachers, students and parents. The success of the application is nothing short of amazing. Ninety five percent of elementary or middle schools have at least one teacher using the program. Amazingly during it’s seven year run, Classdojo has not asked for money from one teacher.

After seven years of keeping its promise to never charge teachers and schools, Classdojo is looking to expand its efforts. The company is finally set to release a monthly subscription service to parents and students. Labeled ClassDojo Beyond School, the new application will contain a host of new features. The vision of the new app is to help parents connect with their children through reflection and mindfulness. CEO Sam Chaudhary their are many opportunities at home for kids to continue learning and use these reflective techniques.

The new parent feature of Classdojo will have several parts. The popular behavior incentivization system currently used by Classdojo has now been tweaked to be used at home. In the Beyond School app parents will be able to award point based on their own criteria. The new app will also feature a number of videos to walk parents through the meditation exercises with their kids. A new self-reflection tool allows students to record their own responses to questions regarding their family. Finally, don’t forget about the avatars. Kids can now create their own ClassDojo avatar that they can decorate and customize.

The Beyond School app for Classdojo is currently being piloted in select school. The application will be available to everyone in February 2019. The official price is still not know but it should be available for a monthly subscription rate of less than ten dollars.