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How Barbara Stokes Has Helped Many Disaster Victims

In life, it’s what you do for other people that make your name live among them. When some people get to certain executive positions such as being the CEO, they hardly do anything to improve the quality of the lives of others. However, there are those who take the advantage of the leadership position they have to do something memorable for others. Barbara Stokes is one of the CEOs who has done a lot for people, especially for the disaster victims. Stokes is the CEO for the Alabama based Green Structure Homes. Stokes founded this company together with his husband Scott. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

One thing this company is known for is its commitment to building homes for areas where natural disasters strike. The company has constructed many homes in the United States and this is something it is proud of. Green Structure Homes has created job opportunities in places such as Alabama and Cullen among other states. GHS said in October 2017 that it would hire people from Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Florida. If it were not for Stokes, GSH would not be as productive and competitive as it has become in the construction industry. It is amazing to know that the Green Structural Homes has built Mississippi State University modular structures, security bulletproof for the Army and Navy guard sharks that are bulletproof.


Stokes graduated in 2001 from Mercer University with a degree in science. Besides studying Manufacturing and Physics, she has also studied Management and Biomedical Engineering. This kind of extensive education has influenced her to get to the top even though the industry is male-dominated. Barbara Stokes is among the people who know how to face a challenge with aplomb, and this is something she has proved for the period she has been at Green Structure Homes. The company has been able to achieve a lot now that it collaborates with the government on certain projects. In every government project GSH has to do, Stokes has always been able to work within the provided deadlines. All this has been possible because of her leadership skills. Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Stokes is also a mother of three children and an active volunteer in Alabama. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.