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New Lows for Venezuela

2016 has been a very difficult year for the people of Venezuela. The Venezuelans are dealing with rapidly declining oil prices, health issues, violent crimes, supply shortages, and gunmen unrest. This week things reached an all-time low: smog, prolonged drought, forest fires, and a loss of reliable power now plagues the once envied city according to an article published on Bloomberg,
Some of the problems in Venezuela are hard to believe, relief trucks carrying water are being robbed two or three times each week by gang members according to a news from In Caracas, water is coming out yellow. The lack of clean water has resulted in an increase in other illnesses, like diarrhea and skin problems.  Respiratory illness has been reported at over 3,700 cases since March and medicine, along with other basic goods, is becoming harder to find.

The popular leader is trying to do what he can to improve the situation, but a perfect storm of natural disasters, economic downturn and lack of basis needs fulfillment shows that this year has been and will continue to be a difficult year for the Venezuelan people.