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What Is Lovaganza Going To Teach The World About Culture?

A lot of people think of culture just as the things that they go to see at symphony halls or museums on They think that they can get some culture in just one visit to a place that they have never been to before, and then they will be a better person for it. The problem with that is that they are not going to know what other cultures are like because they are basically learning about their own culture. There are thousands of cultures and customs around the world that people never see because they are buried in their own world, and Lovaganza is going to show them all off.

It was first scheduled for 2015, but Lovaganza has decided to move to 2020 so that they can help the people get a chance to participate. Not enough people knew about it for it to be held in 2015, and they want to be able to do broadcasts that will show off a lot more of the culture they have found all over the world.

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The cultures that are showcased are not just going to be from the main continents in one shot. There is room in Lovaganza to have every culture on a continent give a performance or do a show that shows what they are all about. Just in one small area there could be a lot of ethnic groups that all have their own customers, and history books do not teach about these things. People would have to have degrees in anthropology just to know about all these ethnic groups, but now they will be able to see them all at Lovaganza 2020.

The date in 2020 of Lovaganza is the perfect time for them to use all the entertainment technology that they have been waiting for. People will be able to watch Lovaganza on their phones, watch it at home or turn up to one of the live performances. They want to have one on every continent, and they want to show the people of Oceania, too. Lovaganza will be the best way for people to learn about culture in a festival that lasts for a couple months.

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.