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Finding the Right Church in Mighty Fortress Church

When people go to church, they often think about what the church offers them. They think about how people treat them. They also think about how the worship sounds and the equipment is. When it comes to the message, they want to hear something uplifting. Many people seem to approach church as if it is some kind of tool for pleasure. When people are not totally satisfied with the church, then they are going to go somewhere else. This is all too common, and even the best church is going to be faced with that kind of mentality. Read more on

There is one good church that is going to help people grow in ways that may change the way they think about church. This church is known as Mighty Fortress Church. For one thing, they tell the truth. They don’t avoid topics of the bible out of fear of offending people that just come to get their ears tickled. The pastor of the church recognizes sin, and makes sure that he does not avoid topics that the Bible speaks on. One thing that he strives to do is make sure that people have a bit of an understanding on the scriptural passages that are used in the church. Hear the weekly messages on Riverview Baptist.

The pastor, Bishop Thomas Williams, is someone who is very passionate about God and following the teachings in the Bible. He has excelled at making the word of God real in his life. One of the ways that he has done this is by reading, meditating on the scriptures, and even following them in his actions. He has grown closer to God in ways that make it easier for him to talk about spiritual matters in ways that people will be able to understand. He does not try to bog everyone down with jargon. He makes the walk with Christ accessible.