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Patience and Hard Work in Business with Clay Siegall

The pain that our friends and relatives go through when they are suffering from chronic diseases can be very disturbing and may hurt us a lot. Clay Siegall says that he witnessed how one of his loved ones struggled with the side effects of chemotherapy and felt he had to find a better solution. His dream of producing therapy drugs to the patients living with such diseases has come true and is now working as the Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics. The firm has made major steps like having their drugs approved by FDA. He says that it’s a huge achievement because out of ten candidates, only one candidate’s drug is approved.

It took them ten years after IPO to become profitable. He says that they were times that things got tough and he felt like things were not quite working out for them. This was in 1999 and 2000 when the capital of the company was not sufficient. Being a workaholic, he says that all he did was get back to work and put more effort. The young investors should keep on pushing during tough moments to go the next step.

Clay Siegall says that the only thing that differentiates people is hard work. He learned this from a letter Charles Darwin sent his cousin Francis Galton. Frank must have followed the advice because he later founded psychometrics. Charles Darwin says that where one schooled, the degrees and the level of IQ are all secondary, the main trait attributed to success is hard work.

Clay Siegall says that in the 2000s, they brought in a very effective sales team in the company. Through them, they crossed very many valuable deals. Siegall believes that the salesperson is the face of the company to the outside world. Siegall says that their staff is also professional and understands all the dimensions in which, the business operates.

Clay Siegall describes his business as very interesting. He says that apart from the referrals, he gets more clients by dining and wining with individuals to acquire clients. All the deals that the company makes are seven and eight figures.