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Sanjay Shah’s Investment Isn’t Just in Financial Markets

When you think about what someone in the investment world can do, there is not just a significant amount of shock and awe, there is a great appreciation in general for those who can bring companies together for the sake of making money and generating wealth. Sanjay Shah should absolutely be included in that category due to his experience and expertise in the investments world, however, his recent focus has shifted from more just investments to something more.

When you get to know Sanjay Shah then you not only know his capabilities, but you also learn his passions rather quickly. As a certain article states he has started to give back in the areas of autism and general entrepreneurship. The key to much of Sanjay Shah’s success has simply been his desire to continue to get better all of the time. He not only has been able to leverage this desire in the world of investments and with finding success in the financial sector, but he has also been able to use it in the entrepreneurial world when it comes to investing and developing both people and projects. That is exactly why he is giving back in the areas that he thinks will be able to contribute to society in the best possible way.

Solo Capital is not just moving forward slowly or incrementally, but it is doing it in leaps and bounds thanks to the efforts and intelligence of Sanjay Shah. Not only has his effort and leadership helped to grow the wealth and investment capital of countless individuals and organizations alike, but now there are so many more who are depending upon Sanjay Shah for help. With his recent gift and all of his efforts to help towards the autism society, it is only a matter of time before autism research and development starts to see as much progress as Solo Capital has.

At the end of the day whether you are working towards a goal of top quality investment performance, or something much more like autism research, it only makes sense to partner with those that have the same passion and the same vision as you do. Sanjay Shah has showed where his dedication is.


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Autism Rocks Founder Sanjay Shah

Ever wondered who founded Autism Rocks and why? Sanjay Shah founded Autism Rocks in the year 2011 after his son was found to be suffering autism. His youngest suffered a condition whereby he could not hold up his food. After taking the boy to a hospital is when Shah and his wife found out that their son was suffering from autism. Shah, therefore, thought of coming up with an organization that would work to create awareness of autism and at the same time raising funds to support those kids who would not be as economically privileged as his son Nikhil.
Shah is a renowned entrepreneur in the UK’s economy. He owns Solo Capital and other range of financial brokerage companies within London. He has been working as an employee for many financial investment companies before starting his company in the year 2009. Solo Capital was the first ever of his companies. It was the economic slump of 2009 that made Shah redundant and had less motivation to look for another job, considered starting his company.
Shah’s parent immigrated into the United Kingdom in the 1960s to settle in London. Sanjay Shah was born in London and went to one of the best medical colleges in the city. He deserted the medical profession to work in the financial investment industry. His first employer was a bank by name Meryl Lynch. He worked another range of companies and banks until 2009.
Autism Rocks works by staging shows in different cities with the purpose of raising awareness and collecting money for use in autism research activities. The money collected is also used in helping the autism patients who might t have the financial ability to acquire the necessary medical services.
Sanjay Shah aims at increasing the organization’s funds by welcoming other billionaires to take part in the donation. He is also geared towards tripling the money collected through the shows.