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Highland Capital Management Forges Ahead To Help Stop Family Violence

On October 7, 2016, at The Family Place Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon, James Dondero, co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, made a spectacular announcement. Dondero announced that Highland Capital Management awarded a $1 million challenge grant to help this organization raise the final $2.8 million for its Legacy Campaign over the next six months.

The philanthropic management team of Highland Capital Management, Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc., has pledged to match 50-percent of donations for this campaign up to $1 million until April 4, 2017.

This announcement has spurred donations of $200,000 toward reaching their goal of $2.8 million. The Legacy Campaign receives a 50% match of $100,000 from Highland’s Grant.

The Family Place CEO, Paige Flink, is elated with the response this beloved organization is receiving. The Family Place provides lifesaving shelter and life-changing services to victims of family violence, a much-needed support service in every community.

James Dondero’s experience in the credit and equity markets expands over 30-years. Dondero’s philanthropic endeavors range from education and public policies to veteran’s affairs. In addition to Highland Capital Management (HCM) Dondero is the Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and Nexbank, while serving as a board member of the American Banknote and MGM Studios. In his tremendously busy schedule, he finds time to ensure the success of challenges like The Family Place fundraising campaign.

Dondero is quoted saying that “The civic community in Dallas gets things done.” Highland Capital Management supports the efforts of The Family Place to bring support and safety to the many families endangered by family violence.

The Family Place Legacy Campaign welcomes the construction and operation of a new Central Dallas Counseling Center for the families who are victims. This new facility honors Ann Moody, a civil rights activist, with the Ann Moody Place. This facility will educate and teach violence prevention against bullying and teen dating to over 6,000 students yearly. Also, this center will also provide on-site child development, skills, and training.

The services of this newly planned facility will specifically serve victims of family violence. This service is not only needed but detrimental to the safety and growth of families already suffering from family violence.

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Kenneth Goodgame Marketing Expert

Kenneth Goodgame is an expert in marketing and merchandising. His expertise and innovative thinking have helped some of the biggest names in the hardware industry. Recognized for his ability to identify where a company is making mistakes and then make adjustments to correct their errors. He accomplishes this using a combination of cost analysis, quality improvements, employee engagement, and motivation, streamlining financial oversight, and displaying merchandise in a way that motivates customers to buy a product.

He is a believer in the importance of the end cap. The end cap is the product display at the end of each isle. Kenneth believes an end cap is most effective when used for seasonal displays. An example would be to feature heaters when the weather turns chilly and customers are thinking about needing a new heater. By featuring a product on an end cap promoted in a newspaper ad or company circular potential customers will find the product quickly and make a purchase.

In 1995 Kenneth Goodgame began his career with Hardlines D28 Product Merchant. He managed the purchasing for the indoor garden category, oversaw new store openings, and trained store managers and associates. Instrumental in opening 220 new outlets a year and increasing YOY sales by 20%. (YOY sales are the method of comparing one year’s sales to the next). Over the next few years, he achieved similar results for several companies, including The Home Depot, Bernzomatic, Rubbermaid, and Ace Hardware to mention only a few.

In 2013 Kenneth Goodgame joined True Value Hardware where he is a senior vice president and company Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO). As CMO he is responsible for all purchasing of inventory over 85,000 SKUs, (SKU is the stock number given to each product). He is also responsible for marketing, merchandising, print advertising, and pricing. Kenneth Goodgame has changed the way they find and hired people and created an entirely new merchandising team. Replacing 40% of the buyers and low energy individuals with personnel who exhibit high energy and have extensive product knowledge. Goodgame has implemented a 5-year plan designed to deliver long-term growth.

Kenneth Goodgame is a graduate of the University of Tennessee where he earned a BS Degree in Science in Marketing. He currently resides in Downers Grove, IL with his wife and children, his successful career continues.

John Goullet Is a Diamond in the Rough

John Goullet is most known for his work as an entrepreneur although he is also an accomplished IT tech staffing professional. Many see him as an innovator and pioneer. His name echoed throughout the industry when Diversant named him the company’s new Principal. The move was sudden, but not that much of a shock since Info Technologies, Goullet’s company, recently merged with Diversant.

Goullet got his start in the IT industry in the early 90’s as an IT consultant. He would later make the move to the staffing side of the industry. He thinks his time spent as a consultant helped him when he transitioned into IT staffing and when he later founded Info Technologies.

It was with Info Technologies that Goullet really got to show off his prowess as an entrepreneur more than capable of building a thriving business from scratch. With Goullet leading the way, the IT staffing company quickly became a force in the industry. The company was worth roughly $30 million in just five years. The company’s quick expansion earned it notoriety as one of the fastest growing privately held firms in the nation.

Goullet loved every minute of working to establish Info Technologies into an industry leader after starting from the bottom up. His work as founder of Info established him as a household name in many entrepreneurial circles.

Goullet graduated from Ursinus College, where he received his Master’s degree in Computer Science.

John Goullet is truly a very talented individual. He consistently makes the toughest of tasks seem simple. He is a visionary and original whose accomplishments can’t be duplicated by just anyone. When you realize how hard he works and the strength of his dedication to his career, you can begin to understand how great he is as a professional.

About Diversant LLC

Diversant is a nationally certified MBE (Minority Owned Business Enterprise) that is among the top in the market. The company is also the largest black owned business in the United States. Diversant is all about diversity. Its commitment to being as diverse as possible is the staple of the business.

Geoff Cone- New Zealand’s Tax Expert and Foreign Trust Defender

When you go to Auckland, one name that stands out in the commercial litigation corridors is that of Geoff Cone. Recently, Cone through a publication in the media outlets gave a candid response about the country’s foreign trusts. Cone acknowledges that New Zealand does not possess the fundamental traits of a tax sanctuary as such applies to ostensible taxes. Nominal taxes are not transparent, and the laws surrounding them impede the free flow of information with partner countries. In this case, his country, New Zealand doesn’t qualify or have a secretive banking industry.


In his view, Cone states that the country has made tremendous efforts in the implementation of tax standards that are acceptable internationally. Due to this, New Zealand has featured on the OECD’s white list. The country continues to lead by example by showing accountable and transparent management through the manner in which it manages foreign trusts alongside the pre-existing trustee requirements and laws.


New Zealand is always ready to provide all the information other states request. Michael Cullen introduces new legislation in 2006 where the country must provide Foreign Trust Disclosure Form from IRD. Likewise, it must maintain all financial and tax records for future reference. Among the critical data to provide include trustee income and expenditure, contact details, distributions, settlement information, and trust deed among others.


Geoff Cone Profile


Geoffrey Cone is one of the two principles at the Marshall Cone law company and a foreign tax professional in New Zealand. Cone graduated from the University of Otago in New Zealand. He is a postgraduate diploma holder in tax laws and LLB honors. His long-standing career began in Auckland, New Zealand back in 1980 and later relocated to Christ Church. While at Christ Church, Geoff Cone served as the Chairman and partner in a legal company where he handled tax and trust advisory work as well as commercial law.


Geoff’s Role at The Cone Marshall Company


After a successful career in the British West Indies, Cone came back to New Zealand in 1997 and in 1919; he founded the Cone Marshall Limited. His company is the only one of its kind in New Zealand whose focus is in tax planning and foreign trusts. The firm offers trust services and trustee management through its associate companies.


  1. Cone is a co-principle at Cone Marshall Limited. He is an expert in tax litigation and represented and served many tax businesses in and outside New Zealand. Cone is a fierce defender of New Zealand’s image with international trusts. In 2012, Geoff published an article in the Herald about his country’s stand on foreign trusts. In the publication, Cone defended New Zealand as a model and transparent state where other nations depend on for succession planning and asset protection.

Former Hawks Owner Bruce Levenson Is Suing His Old Teams Insurance Company

Bruce Levenson may not own the Atlanta Hawks anymore but due to a disagreement from when he was the owner he is suing New Hampshire Insurance Company for a breach of contract and insurance bad faith. Losses believed to be covered were not, and Levenson demands justice. Atlanta Hawks current owners are well aware of the law suit but want it clearly understood they are not involved in any way.

The lawsuit says that the insurance company refuses to acknowledge that a claim was ever made and they are under no obligation to compensate for any losses. Levenson insists that not only was a claim made, it fell well within what was supposed to be covered by the policy and believes time, and the courts, will prove him right. James J. Leonard, attorney with Barnes &Thornburg LLP says the claim speaks for itself and then declined to comment any further or give more detail.

Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson leads a very busy life and has the determination and drive to succeed where others may fail. Since early February in 2015 he has been Director of Tech Target Inc., and has also served on the Board of Directors with Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. Also affiliated with United Communications Group, Inc., BIA Digital Partners II, L.P., and Washington University in St. Louis to name just a few, Levenson still finds time to put his keen edge to work for other worthy causes.

He is a past president of the “I Have a Dream Foundation” and has used his philanthropic skills to the betterment of others before. Based in Atlanta, Georgia this Southerner looks like he’s got a very good grip on life and how to make a success of it. Following the career path of men like Bruce Levenson and others like him can be considered an education on how to make it in the real world.


Are You Addicted to Lip Balm

We’ve all heard about those weird addictions that some people complain about. For example, recently a television reality show discussed a woman that was obsessed with skin lotions and applied them a dozen times per day. This seemed kind of out of the ordinary, but nothing that was really disturbing. Certainly, you’ve probably noticed that there are other cosmetic addictions too. For example, some people are totally addicted to their lip balms. The consumer market is filled with lip balms that are designed to seal the moisture into your lips. They are mandatory for anyone with dry, chapped flaky lips. Here are a few signs that you just might be addicted to your lip balm.

Signs You Are Addicted To Lip Balms

First, it is important to realize that lip balm addictions are not necessarily bad. Certainly, lip balms do not contain dangerous ingredients that cloud the mind and create a creepy dependency. Lip balms are simply soothing and very nourishing to the lips. Some people fall in love with their lip balms and feel a compulsion to apply them several times per day. Here are signs of lip balm addiction:

  • You refuse to leave the house without your lip balm
  • You apply lip balm before, after, and during, every conversation
  • You don’t kiss your significant other because you are wearing your favorite lip balm
  • Several drawers in your bedroom are filled with lip balm products
  • No one is allowed to use your lip balm, except you
  • You own just about every lip balm manufactured today
  • The idea of a world without lip balm makes you crazy

Evolution of Smooth

Evolution of Smooth is a New York based that specializes in making personal care products for the consumer market. All their products are high quality products made with the top ingredients.

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) top products includes a very natural and nourishing lip balm, along with hand and body lotions, and shave creams.Their products are available on Walmart and online via and racked.

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Medicare Advantage Plus – Helping Americans Cover Their Medical Expenses

Medical coverage has remained a hotly debated topic for Americans. Some analysts even suggest that America should copy the European model of health coverage on, which offers many benefits that traditional healthcare plans in the United States do not cover. Luckily, subsequent American governments are regularly keeping healthcare at the top of their agenda as part of major reforms, which has resulted in various positive outcomes.

One of the primary advantages of recent debates on healthcare is the introduction of Medicare Advantage Plus program. To most Americans, who are unaware of the benefits, they only see Medicare Advantage Plus as a liability because they need to pay additional cost. In reality, Medicare Advantage Plus of InnovaCare offers much more benefits than most Americans realize.

Before describing benefits of Medicare Advantage Plus from InnovaCare, it is important to highlight that the traditional Medicare in the United States comprise of Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B plans. Medicare Part A provides in-patient services including nursing care. However, it does not include fees of physicians and surgeons. To cover these cost, Americans must also enroll in Part B, which not only covers physician fee, but also offers out-patient services including X-rays, medical tests and fees associated with certain durable equipment.

As its name implies Medicare Advantage Plus offers additional facilities that are not covered by either Medicare A or Medicare B plans. These may include annual medical exam, dental care, vision checkups, hearing and wellness provisions. Still, the main advantage of Medicare Advantage Plus is the prescribed spending limits for the patient. While there are no spending limits in the original Medicare Plan A and B, the Medicare Advantage Plus covers almost every service in Plan A and Plan B, with out-of-pocket maximum of $6,850 per year. Besides, the Medicare Advantage Plus also offer drug coverage, which is only available through Medicare D.

Since there are hundreds of different options for Medicare Advantage Plus and lots of options to customize plans, it is important to consult a professional. Before deciding to enroll in the program. By doing so, you can save considerably on individual plans of InnovaCare Health. A good source of information is InnovaCare Health, which is the largest and most reputable providers of health services in North America. It is also known for its personalized service.

The highly-rated customer service and personal attention are due to the efforts of its CEO, Rick Shinto. The Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Penelope Kokkinides, who worked tirelessly to design a highly customer-oriented service solution for Americans. The final model is sustainable, cost-effective and fully integrated with the healthcare system. If you have never given it a try, it is time to pick up the phone and review your benefits.

Managing Your Online Reputation The Successful Way

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” Warren Buffett


Exactly, and such excellent advice from a smart man and proven winner in maintaining integrity and a well-respected online presence.


So, let’s imagine you have a growing online business, and a nasty batch of public relations is suddenly hurled your way. Now, there are unkind things all over the internet, and your golden reputation has taken a major blow. Where do you go from here?


Welcome to the challenges of negative online search results. If you believe it is simple to bury bad articles yourself, then think again. We wish it could be so easy to notify someone by email and kindly ask them to take the offending item down, but the owner of the website doesn’t have to.


On the other hand, let’s say you were successful in having the current bad article removed online, what about the archives?


Odds are that the undesirable information will have been archived and keep showing up when your name is searched.


Your best approach is to hire the pros to bury negative press and restore your good image. At, these online reputation management experts understand how high the stakes are for your business, your integrity, career and personal life. As you continue to create positive and favorable content that is search engine friendly, these highly trained people will do all the rest and wipe the slate clean.


Contact them today for a free assessment and estimate of their cost to bury bad search results the proper way. Their services are 100% guaranteed.

Lip Balm Is A Great Help For People Who Talk All Day

People who have to spend all day on the phone or all day talking might not realize how much their lips will suffer because of their talking. Their lips are constantly in contact with dry air, and their lips will dry out pretty fast. The initial problem there is that lips get unhealthy really quickly, and they will become an issue as the day drags on. Dry lips will just get worse and worse until the person with the dry lips is sitting there wondering how their lips got that bad in the fist place.
Their lips need to be cared for with a lip balm like Evolution of Smooth (, and they need to use it every chance they get. The person who talks all the day on the phone will be worn out and have a very parched mouth at the end of the day, and their lips will be in even worse shape. The person who is teaching or talking or talking in a retail setting will not look their best, and that is why they need to have their hands on a lip balm that will make their lives easier.

Keeping EOS lip balm around will solve a lot of problems, and it will help people who are sure that they will have their lip dry out before the end of the day. The lip balm goes on in seconds, and it can be used by anyone to feel much better about their appearance.

There are plenty of people who have to have nice lips just to talk to customers, and it can be hard to get to the end of the day on the phone. One application of lip balm will go a long way, and it will help anyone. The user just needs to remember that lip balm is their best option. EOS lip balm products can be found on your local Walmart stores and online stores like eBay.


Take Back Your Reputation By Burying Bad Reviews


Are you having issues with bad online reviews? If so this article is for you. While you won’t be able to completely delete negative reviews, you can bury them and prevent them from showing up in the top of the search results.

Bury Negative Reviews With Owned Property

The key to burying negative articles is to set up and optimize various properties owned by you. Owned properties would include a blog, social media profiles and a YouTube channel just to name a few. The one thing all of these properties have in common is they are considered high authority domains.

The search engines have a special love for high authority domains. And if you properly optimize each profile, you will be able to bury the negative reviews and replace them with content you have created yourself.

Please know this won’t happen overnight. It takes time to optimize each property. But when done correctly, you can literally dominate the entire first page of search results.

Deciding With Properties To Rank

When deciding which properties you want to rank in the search engines, there are three main things you want to look for:

#1 – Domain Authority
#2 – The ability to link directly to your website
#3 – The ability to use your brand name as the URL or title

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Yelp and Vimeo meet all three of these criteria. Once you have several properties set up you will need to build links to each one of them. This will set up a web of links and tell the search engines each property is directly related to your company or brand.

Over time, as you continue to build links, your owned properties will start to rank in the search engines and bury the negative press.

Bury Bad Articles Can Help

As you can imagine, setting up dozens of properties and optimizing them to rank in the search engines is not easy. And if you don’t know what you are doing, you can actually end up making matters worse.

That’s why it is advised you seek guidance from a team of professionals. Bury Bad Articles is a company that knows what it takes to get rid of bad press. They have helped countless clients regain control of their reputation by using very tactics designed to eliminate negative reviews from the first page of search results.

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