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News About Equities First Holdings Says The Company Is Having Success

News about Equities First Holdings shows that the company is having great success. From giving back to their investors, such as Dr. Drew Nelson, to helping companies and individuals get the loans that they need, Equities First Holdings has been working hard during its first 15 plus years. Dr. Drew Nelson pledged 18 million shares when the company was first getting going. Now, Equities First Holdings was able to give back to him much more than he put in. The company has many clients who rely on it and trust the financial help that it gives, and it has built offices around the world.

How Barbara Stokes Has Helped Many Disaster Victims

In life, it’s what you do for other people that make your name live among them. When some people get to certain executive positions such as being the CEO, they hardly do anything to improve the quality of the lives of others. However, there are those who take the advantage of the leadership position they have to do something memorable for others. Barbara Stokes is one of the CEOs who has done a lot for people, especially for the disaster victims. Stokes is the CEO for the Alabama based Green Structure Homes. Stokes founded this company together with his husband Scott. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

One thing this company is known for is its commitment to building homes for areas where natural disasters strike. The company has constructed many homes in the United States and this is something it is proud of. Green Structure Homes has created job opportunities in places such as Alabama and Cullen among other states. GHS said in October 2017 that it would hire people from Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Florida. If it were not for Stokes, GSH would not be as productive and competitive as it has become in the construction industry. It is amazing to know that the Green Structural Homes has built Mississippi State University modular structures, security bulletproof for the Army and Navy guard sharks that are bulletproof.


Stokes graduated in 2001 from Mercer University with a degree in science. Besides studying Manufacturing and Physics, she has also studied Management and Biomedical Engineering. This kind of extensive education has influenced her to get to the top even though the industry is male-dominated. Barbara Stokes is among the people who know how to face a challenge with aplomb, and this is something she has proved for the period she has been at Green Structure Homes. The company has been able to achieve a lot now that it collaborates with the government on certain projects. In every government project GSH has to do, Stokes has always been able to work within the provided deadlines. All this has been possible because of her leadership skills. Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Stokes is also a mother of three children and an active volunteer in Alabama. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

NGP VAN Helps Campaigns all the Way

Simple hand shakes, baby kissing and passing out of buttons is not enough to make it a recognizable imprint on the digitized and modernized voting public of today. It requires specific tools and skill sets to maximize the need to contact voters through devices and other forms of media. This is, of course, on top of all the speaking points and the platform of the political campaign itself.

The long story short, successful campaigns are not just thrown together, they come to life after being designed by experienced professionals with insights and expertise. And, then there is the issue of picking the right campaign team that aligns with the overall basic values of the client. A good option for Democratic and Progressive candidates running for elections is the NGP VAN group of professionals who are a leading provider of technology in this field.

Of course, NGP VAN does everything it can to produce a successful campaign, but there are tasks every candidate or organization can do to help the process along. The the first thing to do is put together a plan of communication or basic message meant to reach the public. IT can include background information and other pertinent salient talking points.


Another huge step that will help any campaign team is to have a website up and ready before the campaign launch date. This allows for the easy and convenient sharing of information between a candidate and his or her team to the constituency. In this particular field, NGP VAN performs particularly well, because its digital tools are compatible with any and all websites.


The following step of having data collection is a critically crucial to the success of a campaign’s purpose and power. This is where software and technology like Digital 8 is a lifesaver for thousands of campaigns and candidates. It works seamlessly with NGP’s My Campaign database that really get to the art if contact and recording feedback from a grassroots level. With all these previous steps in place, performing tasks such as creating a branded logo and running digital ads fall right in place. Which means all a candidate really has to do with working with NGP VAN is get ready for the inflow of support and awareness.


Southridge Capital’s Team Offers Diverse Expertise in Corporate Financial Planning

Southridge Capital LLC, also known as Southridge Capital Management, is a private equity and corporate financial advisory firm based in in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Southridge offers financial advisory and structured finance planning for public companies, and they have invested a total of 1.8 billion USD into more than 250 public companies over the years. Among the advisory services they provide are Financial Analysis, where they create detailed financial statement projections for client companies, and balance sheet optimization, which helps clients maintain a proper balance between debt and equity.

Southridge also offers restructuring analysis and bankruptcy advisory for businesses that have fallen on lean times, and they even have legal settlement services to help clients handle lawsuits. Finally, Southridge also offers structured financing options such as securitization and credit enhancement. The firm is led by founder and CEO Stephen M. Hicks, and the management team is rounded out by Narine Persaud as CFO, Laurence Ditkoff as the Director of Research, Henry Sargent as COO/general counsel and Linda Carlsen for portfolio management. Check out Newswire to know more.

Southridge Capital was founded by CEO Stephen Hicks in 1996, and the firm now has over 20 years of experience helping clients customize and execute financial plans. Their diverse management team can advise clients on just about any aspect of corporate finance, and the entire team is dedicated to helping every client succeed. Southridge Capital’s team also feels a strong social responsibility that has led them to become involved in numerous charitable efforts. Check out to know more.

The most prominent of these is the Daystar Foundation, which was founded by CEO Stephen Hicks and his wife, Mary. Daystar supports a variety of charitable organizations, including the LounsBury House, The Ridgefield Foundation Landmark, the Western Connecticut Health Network Foundation and the Bridgeport Rescue Mission. Daystar has also donated to a number of hospitals, churches and memorial scholarship funds, and the Foundation has become the cause closest to Mr. Hicks’ heart.

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Naara Is The Latest From Jeunesse Global

Anyone who follows Jeunesse Global closely is treated to some of the most interesting and potentially useful products on the market. They can get to see what the latest and greatest in health and beauty are before some of the rest of the world has heard about it. That is exactly what they are getting with Naara. It is a product that the company has put out which is supposed to work on a person’s skin health. It is basically something that you apply to your skin in order to treat some of the issues that crop up related to the loss of collagen in the skin as a natural part of aging.

Your skin loses up to thirty percent of its natural collagen over the years as you age. In order to hold on to as much of it as possible you need to use products such as Naara to lock it in and hopefully prevent any more loss. The users of this product report that in as little as four weeks they see noticeable changes in the way that their skin looks and feels. It is almost a little bit of a health and beauty miracle happening right before their eyes.

Jeunesse Global offers this as part of their Youth Enhancement System. It is a product that they sell through their network of contributors. Those contributors earn a little money for their part in getting the product sold. Meanwhile, the company enjoys the increased sales that come along with getting the world spread out to more and more people all throughout the nation.

It is so critically important that we all have access to skin care products that we really can benefit from. It is all too often the case that we do not ever really have the kind of skin care that we want to have because we don’t know what to use. This is one kind of product that seeks to change that as soon as possible. If you have had problems with your skin or the way that it looks, then you need to try Naara right now.

End Citizens United Is Prepared To Take On The Midterms

The preparations of the End Citizens United organization for the midterms has become a focus of everyone at the political action committee and their supporters. The organization has become one of the lead grassroots donation political action groups that has put their voice out their in opposition to special interest money in government. The upcoming midterms pose the possibility of making real progress with their goals in freeing up the American government from politicians who are owned by special interest money.

The History of End Citizens United
Started in 2015, the End Citizens United organization has sought to put a stop to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. End Citizens United is a grassroots donations based organization located in the nation’s capital. The reason they are a grassroots organization against Citizens United is because this decision permits corporations to pose as if they are Citizens with voices in government may donate as much as they may possibly desire to a candidate. This makes this candidate or politician indebted to the special interests of that corporation. They will vote in favor for the corporation. By raising small money donations without special interest behind it, End Citizens United manages to put money toward candidates who are not owned by special interest money. They can go on to vote appropriately in Congress for the people and not for corporate interests. These free candidates and politicians who truly represent the people could also fight to overturn the Citizens United decision as a whole.


The Future of End Citizens United
The future of End Citizens United depends on endorsement of candidates who have vowed to not take special interest money and on raising small money donations from supporters of their political action committee. The future of End Citizens United concerning the midterms looks bright as the PAC president Tiffany Muller has projected that they will raise $35 million to go to candidates they endorse. The majority of this campaign donation money is going to candidates who will face the big money 20 politicians that send Citizens United has decided to target in the 2018 midterms based on how much special interest money is funneled into their campaigns.

Highland Capital Management’s Endowment To Be Used To Host Event About Winston Churchill

Highland Capital Management of Houston, Texas, was one of the very first supporters of the George W. Bush Presidential Center. Since 2012 they had donated around $5 million. In early 2018 they created an endowment for the center to which they gave $10 million. This money will be used to host the Engage Series which brings in experts to discuss public policy issues and lead discussions. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

One of the upcoming Engage Series event to be held at this presidential center will be on Tuesday, June 26th. It will be held at 6:30 pm and tickets cost $40. It is called “Engage at the Bush Center, Presented by Highland Capital Management – the Art & Leadership of Winston Churchill. This is being held as a companion event to other leadership development work being performed at the Bush Presidential Center.

This Engage Series event will look at what made Winston Churchill such an effective leader. It will then lead the discussion into how the lessons of his leadership can be used in the modern era in order to solve many pressing issues of the day. There will also be an exhibit in the Presidential Center which will feature some of Churchill’s paintings and those of other artists. The night will be kicked off when former President George Bush will deliver some opening remarks. Read this article at PR Newswire.

The executive director of the Bush Center is Holly Kuzmich. She will be the monitor for this Highland Capital Engage event. Joining her on the stage will be some of the world’s leading experts on Winston Churchill. This includes Churchill Archive Centre’s Director Allen Packwood. On stage will also be David Reynolds who is a well-known documentary director and historian very versed in British history. Also, David Woolner will be part of the panel. He is a senior fellow at the Roosevelt Institute and is also a very highly respected historian. He just released a new book named, “The Last 100 Days: FDR at War and at Peace.

Before events start Director Lee Pollock of the Churchill Centre will do a question and answer session for the people attending this event.


Clayton Hutson Connecting Fans and Artist thru Audio Engineering

Clayton Hutson has been connecting fans with their favorite artist thru his audio engineering expertise. Hutson works with a passion and everything he does has one goal” “to make the audience experience something beautiful and unique.” Of course, that takes a lot of passion, planning execution to make that happen for the fans. Clayton Hutson is not shy about rising at sunset and staying way beyond sunset in a regular work day. The idea for his live entertainment production company came to him after years of helping others. One day he realized he had enough skills to break out on his own. He hasn’t turned back since. In fact, Clayton Hutson has worked with some of the biggest names in music. Guns N’ Roses, Kid Rock, Jennifer Nettles, Prince, Pink and Kayne West have been some of his clients. Learn more:

Every day is different but it always has to do with planning with the artist what are his/her expectations. Then there is the minute to the minute planning of pre-show activities, the main event, and post-show follow-up. Each one of these events is made up of hundreds of major and minor details that need to be delegated to the hundreds of people Clayton works with on each show. He is in constant talks with the artist and his crew before, during and after the show is over.

Each artist may have a certain need for specific audio or video equipment and all these different things have to be set up so that the artist and the fans can get the best experience of their lives. It is a challenge to keep up with the exciting new technology coming out every year. More artists are going big with video and sound walls so an audio engineer has to be able to fit that into his schedule. Some artists, like Lady Gaga and Pink, integrate acrobatics in their shows and Hutson enjoys seeing an artist push the envelope on technology. The engineers and his team have to be familiar with the latest technology to make it work its best. That means constantly being on top of all the details and not being left behind when the show goes live.

All this takes lots of honesty, knowing your limits and strengths; lastly, keeping family close is a big plus when you need support. Read more about Clayton Hutson here.


How Individuals And Couples Can Use TalkSpace

Pets can be a source of great joy in people’s lives. They can comfort people, be fun to play with, and many, especially dogs, are always ready to be companions. It was 14 centuries ago that dogs first became domesticated. Cats are trickier. It appears there have been multiple occasions when they were domesticated. Some do wonder, though, whether it was humans that domesticated cats or if it was cats that domesticated humans. Either way, many people love their cats.

The sad part of owning a pet is that they will in all likelihood die before their owner wants them to. Instead of coming home to your dog’s wet nose they are instead ashes in an urn on the mantle. People can have a hard time during the mourning period, especially as some people don’t understand grieving over a pet. This can be isolating for those mourning their longtime animal companion.

If a person in New York City wants help getting through the mourning process of losing a pet, or any other situation they want professional help with, TalkSpace is a great way to “see” a therapist without the inconvenience of going to a physical office once a week. It is an app that connects a person to a therapist who will hear them out and provide advice on ways to manage their troubles. Because it’s a virtual messaging platform it can be used at any time of the day to send a message and then wait for the reply.

When you first sign up for TalkSpace you talk in real-time with one of their consultants. They ask a series of questions and from that determine which of their therapists will work best given the situation. TalkSpace can be used by both individuals and it also has therapists trained in couples therapy.

Patience and Hard Work in Business with Clay Siegall

The pain that our friends and relatives go through when they are suffering from chronic diseases can be very disturbing and may hurt us a lot. Clay Siegall says that he witnessed how one of his loved ones struggled with the side effects of chemotherapy and felt he had to find a better solution. His dream of producing therapy drugs to the patients living with such diseases has come true and is now working as the Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics. The firm has made major steps like having their drugs approved by FDA. He says that it’s a huge achievement because out of ten candidates, only one candidate’s drug is approved.

It took them ten years after IPO to become profitable. He says that they were times that things got tough and he felt like things were not quite working out for them. This was in 1999 and 2000 when the capital of the company was not sufficient. Being a workaholic, he says that all he did was get back to work and put more effort. The young investors should keep on pushing during tough moments to go the next step.

Clay Siegall says that the only thing that differentiates people is hard work. He learned this from a letter Charles Darwin sent his cousin Francis Galton. Frank must have followed the advice because he later founded psychometrics. Charles Darwin says that where one schooled, the degrees and the level of IQ are all secondary, the main trait attributed to success is hard work.

Clay Siegall says that in the 2000s, they brought in a very effective sales team in the company. Through them, they crossed very many valuable deals. Siegall believes that the salesperson is the face of the company to the outside world. Siegall says that their staff is also professional and understands all the dimensions in which, the business operates.

Clay Siegall describes his business as very interesting. He says that apart from the referrals, he gets more clients by dining and wining with individuals to acquire clients. All the deals that the company makes are seven and eight figures.