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Medicare Advantage Plus – Helping Americans Cover Their Medical Expenses

Medical coverage has remained a hotly debated topic for Americans. Some analysts even suggest that America should copy the European model of health coverage on, which offers many benefits that traditional healthcare plans in the United States do not cover. Luckily, subsequent American governments are regularly keeping healthcare at the top of their agenda as part of major reforms, which has resulted in various positive outcomes.

One of the primary advantages of recent debates on healthcare is the introduction of Medicare Advantage Plus program. To most Americans, who are unaware of the benefits, they only see Medicare Advantage Plus as a liability because they need to pay additional cost. In reality, Medicare Advantage Plus of InnovaCare offers much more benefits than most Americans realize.

Before describing benefits of Medicare Advantage Plus from InnovaCare, it is important to highlight that the traditional Medicare in the United States comprise of Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B plans. Medicare Part A provides in-patient services including nursing care. However, it does not include fees of physicians and surgeons. To cover these cost, Americans must also enroll in Part B, which not only covers physician fee, but also offers out-patient services including X-rays, medical tests and fees associated with certain durable equipment.

As its name implies Medicare Advantage Plus offers additional facilities that are not covered by either Medicare A or Medicare B plans. These may include annual medical exam, dental care, vision checkups, hearing and wellness provisions. Still, the main advantage of Medicare Advantage Plus is the prescribed spending limits for the patient. While there are no spending limits in the original Medicare Plan A and B, the Medicare Advantage Plus covers almost every service in Plan A and Plan B, with out-of-pocket maximum of $6,850 per year. Besides, the Medicare Advantage Plus also offer drug coverage, which is only available through Medicare D.

Since there are hundreds of different options for Medicare Advantage Plus and lots of options to customize plans, it is important to consult a professional. Before deciding to enroll in the program. By doing so, you can save considerably on individual plans of InnovaCare Health. A good source of information is InnovaCare Health, which is the largest and most reputable providers of health services in North America. It is also known for its personalized service.

The highly-rated customer service and personal attention are due to the efforts of its CEO, Rick Shinto. The Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Penelope Kokkinides, who worked tirelessly to design a highly customer-oriented service solution for Americans. The final model is sustainable, cost-effective and fully integrated with the healthcare system. If you have never given it a try, it is time to pick up the phone and review your benefits.

Managing Your Online Reputation The Successful Way

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” Warren Buffett


Exactly, and such excellent advice from a smart man and proven winner in maintaining integrity and a well-respected online presence.


So, let’s imagine you have a growing online business, and a nasty batch of public relations is suddenly hurled your way. Now, there are unkind things all over the internet, and your golden reputation has taken a major blow. Where do you go from here?


Welcome to the challenges of negative online search results. If you believe it is simple to bury bad articles yourself, then think again. We wish it could be so easy to notify someone by email and kindly ask them to take the offending item down, but the owner of the website doesn’t have to.


On the other hand, let’s say you were successful in having the current bad article removed online, what about the archives?


Odds are that the undesirable information will have been archived and keep showing up when your name is searched.


Your best approach is to hire the pros to bury negative press and restore your good image. At, these online reputation management experts understand how high the stakes are for your business, your integrity, career and personal life. As you continue to create positive and favorable content that is search engine friendly, these highly trained people will do all the rest and wipe the slate clean.


Contact them today for a free assessment and estimate of their cost to bury bad search results the proper way. Their services are 100% guaranteed.

Lip Balm Is A Great Help For People Who Talk All Day

People who have to spend all day on the phone or all day talking might not realize how much their lips will suffer because of their talking. Their lips are constantly in contact with dry air, and their lips will dry out pretty fast. The initial problem there is that lips get unhealthy really quickly, and they will become an issue as the day drags on. Dry lips will just get worse and worse until the person with the dry lips is sitting there wondering how their lips got that bad in the fist place.
Their lips need to be cared for with a lip balm like Evolution of Smooth (, and they need to use it every chance they get. The person who talks all the day on the phone will be worn out and have a very parched mouth at the end of the day, and their lips will be in even worse shape. The person who is teaching or talking or talking in a retail setting will not look their best, and that is why they need to have their hands on a lip balm that will make their lives easier.

Keeping EOS lip balm around will solve a lot of problems, and it will help people who are sure that they will have their lip dry out before the end of the day. The lip balm goes on in seconds, and it can be used by anyone to feel much better about their appearance.

There are plenty of people who have to have nice lips just to talk to customers, and it can be hard to get to the end of the day on the phone. One application of lip balm will go a long way, and it will help anyone. The user just needs to remember that lip balm is their best option. EOS lip balm products can be found on your local Walmart stores and online stores like eBay.


Take Back Your Reputation By Burying Bad Reviews


Are you having issues with bad online reviews? If so this article is for you. While you won’t be able to completely delete negative reviews, you can bury them and prevent them from showing up in the top of the search results.

Bury Negative Reviews With Owned Property

The key to burying negative articles is to set up and optimize various properties owned by you. Owned properties would include a blog, social media profiles and a YouTube channel just to name a few. The one thing all of these properties have in common is they are considered high authority domains.

The search engines have a special love for high authority domains. And if you properly optimize each profile, you will be able to bury the negative reviews and replace them with content you have created yourself.

Please know this won’t happen overnight. It takes time to optimize each property. But when done correctly, you can literally dominate the entire first page of search results.

Deciding With Properties To Rank

When deciding which properties you want to rank in the search engines, there are three main things you want to look for:

#1 – Domain Authority
#2 – The ability to link directly to your website
#3 – The ability to use your brand name as the URL or title

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Yelp and Vimeo meet all three of these criteria. Once you have several properties set up you will need to build links to each one of them. This will set up a web of links and tell the search engines each property is directly related to your company or brand.

Over time, as you continue to build links, your owned properties will start to rank in the search engines and bury the negative press.

Bury Bad Articles Can Help

As you can imagine, setting up dozens of properties and optimizing them to rank in the search engines is not easy. And if you don’t know what you are doing, you can actually end up making matters worse.

That’s why it is advised you seek guidance from a team of professionals. Bury Bad Articles is a company that knows what it takes to get rid of bad press. They have helped countless clients regain control of their reputation by using very tactics designed to eliminate negative reviews from the first page of search results.

If you need help burying bad articles, visit and request a free quote today.


Dick DeVos: Part Of A Family That’s Given Over $1.2 Billion In Their Lifetime

There may not be a greater group of philanthropists in Michigan than the DeVos family. They are one of Michigan’s wealthiest families and have spent much of their lives running a business, but also starting up foundations and donating to non-profit groups and charities. The most notable member of the DeVos family is Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy. Dick and Betsy have donated a lot of money to conservative groups and family-based organizations. In a recent report by Forbes, it’s estimated that the DeVos’s have given out over $1.2 billion in their lifetimes, and $94 million in the year 2014 alone.


 Dick DeVos spent many years of his life working for and running the family business, Amway Corporation. It was co-founded by his father Rich DeVos, and became one of America’s leading direct selling enterprises. Dick started off in the company in 1974, and in 10 years he became a vice president. He began expanding Amway not only to states all across the US, but began opening branches overseas as well. He started aggressively opening business in the foreign markets when he took over as CEO in 1993, and by the time he stepped down in 2002, he had greatly increased profits in the billions. Today, he is the leader of the Windquest Group, a job that allows him more time to focus on his philanthropies.


 Dick and Betsy have spent much of the foundation money on local arts, sciences, and education ventures. They’ve given to local museums and art centers, including the art institute branch of the Kennedy Center in Washington. That institute was actually renamed the Dick and Betsy DeVos Institute of Arts. But they’ve also funded and supported many scholarships and voucher programs for school of choice, believing that every young child should have the chance to get the best education they can. They’ve even helped open up an aviation charter school just outside of Grand Rapids.


 Dick and Betsy have also been very politically active in their careers, and the family has had close ties to former president Gerald R Ford. Betsy has formerly served as chair of the Michigan Republican Party and Dick at one point jumped into the governor’s race of 2006. He narrowly lost to incumbent Jennifer Granholm, but he continued working behind the scenes to push legislation through in Lansing. Eventually, he helped lawmakers get a right-to-work law passed, a big victory for the economy he claimed.

Great Hair With Wen by Chaz

I have a really good life, but one aspect of my beauty routine has always been frustrating, and that’s my hair. While some women have lovely, lustrous hair that styles easily, that’s something I’ve never been able to experience. My hair is very oily, and it’s hard to clean too. At times I’ve just felt stuck.
I heard about a new product called Wen hair by Chaz that had given some really good results for some people. It was developed by stylist Chaz Dean when he heard a lot of his salon clients asking for natural products that really cleansed the hair.

I got the Sweet Almond Mint scent from Guthy Renker, which smells fantastic. I used it for a week, using a whole palmful of product daily. My hair very quickly saw results with Wen by Chaz. I got compliments as my hair became lighter and more easy to style. Wow, I got hooked! I wrote about my hair adventure on, as I’m very happy with these new way of caring for my hair.

I’m going to try some of the other Wen by Chaz scents, too. Thank you for saving my hair, Wen by Chaz!

Follow Wen hair on Twitter.

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FreedomPop Wireless Service Review

On the 24th day of March during the year of 2016, the writers at Saving Freak decided to test out FreedomPop and write a FreedomPop review about the service company. FreedomPop is a very cheap wireless network that is said to beat the prices of a regular cell phone company. Many people like to sign their kids up for this cell phone contract whenever it is their first one simply because it is so much cheaper than Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and many other cell phone companies. The people at Saving Freak decided that they would test out how this particular company compares with the other cell phone companies to see if it is truly worth the cheaper price.

The writers of this FreedomPop review go on to talk about the different plans that the company offers. This cell phone company offers many of the same talk and data plans as many of the other cell phone companies, which is a major perk. The plan that is usually advertised at FreedomPop is the free service plan. This plan offer a certain amount of calls, messages, and data. It is the very basic plan. The idea behind this plan is that people will use it, find that they really enjoy FreedomPop services, and that they will upgrade to another plan that is still very affordable. One of the other plans is the five dollar wifi service. For just five dollars each month, the phone will run off of wifi instead of cell phone towers. This is very ideal for many people because they can connect to local wifi anywhere that they go, meaning that their phone will always be usable. This is amazing considering the fact that it is only five dollars per month for this service, especially compared to the fact that my own cell phone bill with Verizon is sixty dollars for all of this. There is also an unlimited plan available, which offers FreedomPop customers endless amount of calls, messages, and data. This, again, is a major perk.

As with any product, there is always going to be a down side. The same concept goes for the FreedomPop service. Luckily, this cell phone service does not have but one not so serious downfall. Since the plan starts off free for many of their users, the company is constantly hounding people to upgrade to something simply because they want to get paid. However, this is something to be expected because of the fact that this is a business and money keeps the business running.

Regardless of the not so serious downfall, the writers at Saving Freak rated the cell phone company to be pretty good overall. It is ridiculously cheap and it is definitely worth the money. It is amazing the amount of money that can be saved just by switching to a cheaper cell phone company.

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What Is Lovaganza Going To Teach The World About Culture?

A lot of people think of culture just as the things that they go to see at symphony halls or museums on They think that they can get some culture in just one visit to a place that they have never been to before, and then they will be a better person for it. The problem with that is that they are not going to know what other cultures are like because they are basically learning about their own culture. There are thousands of cultures and customs around the world that people never see because they are buried in their own world, and Lovaganza is going to show them all off.

It was first scheduled for 2015, but Lovaganza has decided to move to 2020 so that they can help the people get a chance to participate. Not enough people knew about it for it to be held in 2015, and they want to be able to do broadcasts that will show off a lot more of the culture they have found all over the world.

Read more: Lovaganza Officially Announces Dates for its Highly Anticipated Global Celebration

The cultures that are showcased are not just going to be from the main continents in one shot. There is room in Lovaganza to have every culture on a continent give a performance or do a show that shows what they are all about. Just in one small area there could be a lot of ethnic groups that all have their own customers, and history books do not teach about these things. People would have to have degrees in anthropology just to know about all these ethnic groups, but now they will be able to see them all at Lovaganza 2020.

The date in 2020 of Lovaganza is the perfect time for them to use all the entertainment technology that they have been waiting for. People will be able to watch Lovaganza on their phones, watch it at home or turn up to one of the live performances. They want to have one on every continent, and they want to show the people of Oceania, too. Lovaganza will be the best way for people to learn about culture in a festival that lasts for a couple months.

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Shaygan Kheradpir takes over as the CEO of Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Optical Transport Vendor, named Coriant. Shaygan possesses extinguished business and technology leadership qualities which he has gained from the many years he has been working. He has worked in several leading industries such as telecom, technology, and financial industries. He has also worked at Juniper where he held the position of Chief Executive Officer and the member of the board of directors. Shaygan has also served as the Chief Operations and Technology Officer at Barclays PLC. Before moving to Barclays PLC, he worked at Verizon Communications as the Chief Information and Technical Officer. The business guru is determined in providing network customers with ground-breaking silicon systems and software enabling clients to build the best system on the planet.

Shaygan has a vast experience from the various positions he has held in different companies. He has unmatched experience in operations and systems delivery of products to users all over the world. He also has a recommendable working experience in the banking sector having worked at Barclays PLC. Shaygan played a bigger role in transforming Barclays’ retail banking experience by catalyzing cultural changes and implementing operational and innovation programs.

Shaygan Kheradpir took over from Pat DiPietro as the Chief Executive Officer of Coriant after moving from Juniper. Shaygan took over the job at Coriant knowing the task that was waiting for him in his new role. He had been working closely with the senior management team of Coriant even before he was appointed to the Chief Executive Officer position. He used to work to at Coriant’s owner, Marlin Equity Partners as an Operating Partner. His 28 experience of having worked in huge companies such as telecom, technology, and financial institutions would be a major boost to his success at Coriant. DiPietro was quoted praising Shaygan and stating how it is an honor to have a professional of his caliber working at Coriant. He went further to say that Coriant’s unbeatable experience in strategic insight and guidance will be able to take Coriant to the next level.

Shaygan attended the Cornell University from where he graduated with a Bachelor’s in engineering. He later did his Masters and Ph.D. from the same institution. Shaygan has plenty of patents from spanning telecom, payments, and media. He was also part of the advisory board of the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology. Shaygan is also a member of the Council of the Cornell University Engineering Council.

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Wen by Chaz Hair Products That Nourishes the Hair

Even after becoming very successful, Chaz Dean has kept his personal life private. However, there is a little piece of information about him being born in Vermont and being raise by his adopted parents. According to, he has always made his family and parents proud of him and his success. During his career, Mr. Dean has become one of the most popular and successful hair stylists in Hollywood. Chaz is known for being extremely passionate about his work while being unique and stylish which is the main reason most celebs choose him as their main stylist. Chaz is known for experimenting with styles and products which of course succeeds majority of the time.

Over the years of being the “most chosen” stylist, Mr. Chaz Dean developed and successfully marketed his hair product line which has done tremendously well in the Sephora cosmetics market. Chaz Dean’s hair product line, known as Wen by Chaz [see,], includes shampoos, conditioners and products. During a short period of time, his products became notorious and like my millions of consumers. Along with successfully veering in millions of customers, his success has made him a very wealthy man.

Currently, the most popular product from the WEN by Chaz hair care line is the cleansing conditioners. They are all-in-one shampoos, conditions and styling treatments that have been said to clean the hair healthy looking, smelling good, free of frizz and much more. Another amazing factor to these products is that Wen by Chaz is for all hair types so there is no discriminating against any hair texture. As stated by, there are no negative side effects from using the all-in-one shampoo. On the other hand, it’s also been said you have to use a generous amount, depending, on your hair type, to get lasting results. To this day, Wen by Chaz is still one of the top selling hair products line on Amazon.