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EOS Sweet Mint For A Refreshing Taste

Many people love the flavors of mint in and around their day. People choose spearmint, peppermint and winter mint chewing gum and for oral care products. The mint flavor is refreshing to the breath and mood, and it smells great. A delicious balm from EOS to try if mint is a favorite flavor is Sweet Mint Lip Balm. Sweet mint is not overwhelmingly pepperminty, but blends the delightful variety of mints together in what is reminiscent of a sweet and mellow mint leaf, ever so subtle and pleasant in it’s flavor and application.

EOS lip balm makes many different flavors of lip balm and there is one sure to delight every preference ranging from sweet summer fruits, to a distinctive melon flavor and into mint and exotic fruit categories. EOS makes all of their balms in house and has the ability to change and blend unique ingredients and flavors together to create new flavor formulations. EOS is always working on and introducing new flavors for their customers who love the product. The formulations are all 100% natural, being free of any parabens, phthalates, petrolatum and the products are gluten free. They contain natural jojoba oils, shea butter, antioxidant vitamin E and extracts of different fruits.

The packaging of the product is just as fun and delightful to the senses as the product itself. A deep orange peach color houses summer fruit, a light blue purple color orbs the blueberry acai flavor, and a delicate light green color encapsulates the sweet mint. Some flavor combinations are marked with a swirly color pattern on the outside, indicating that the flavors are swirled together in the formula. The packaging has contributed to a lot of the product’s success and it is easy to open, apply and store in the bag or on a makeup vanity. EOS lip balm products can be found on select stores like Lucky Vitamin, Walmart and Target. Also check out:


Fabletics: Making Fitness Fun Again For Everyone

Fabletics came about when Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg together with Kate Hudson felt there was a space in the market for high quality and affordable activewear clothing for women. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are the founders of JustFab. The company operates on a subscription model where customers subscribe to be members so that they can buy the clothing. It was founded in mid-2013 and launched officially in October of the same year. Fabletics has opened more than 15 retail stores all over the US in locations such as Hawaii, Illinois, and Cincinnati. The company hopes to open close to 100 stores in the coming years to be able to reach its customers better.


Faletics is present in other locations around the world. It ships to Australia and countries in Europe. Its revenue has expanded by more than 30% each year. This is evidence of the good work that Kate Hudson and her team are doing. The company opened a men’s line called FL2 although it started out by selling women clothes only. The line was developed in conjunction with Kate Hudson’s brother known as Oliver Hudson and was launched in 2015. Fabletics’ success in the fashion e-commerce market has not gone unnoticed. It has been covered by some publications such as ELLE, Racked, and Women’s Wear Daily.


A piece on Forbes showed the innovative approaches to business that the company had taken to grow so fast. Fabletics has grown to become a $250 million business. It is taking on the likes of Amazon. The company has experienced blistering success in the field. It is on course to open more physical stores in the country. The success of brands depended on pricing and quality of products in the past. This has shifted in present time. The service that brands offer to their customers has proved to be essential for success in today’s market. Fabletics has used this to their advantage and has gone above and over to give their customers the best experience.


The company’s approach to physical stores has been unique and has separated it from the brands that do it generically. One of the strategies that they are known for and that has worked well for them is reverse showrooming. Many companies have been hurt by the pop-up store model because people browse for items in their stores but end up buying the same items elsewhere at a cheaper cost. Fabletics owns its stores. They establish a relationship with customers from the moment they walk in the door. The company organizes events where they get to interact with the public and know them better. These events are also good marketing strategies because of the publicity that it gets them.


The item is added to their online shopping cart when customers shop at the store. The site and the physical store complement each other. This has worked out well for them and nearly a quarter of people who walk into their stores become members.

IAP has been awarded a contract by the U.S. Navy worth about $900 million

IAP Worldwide is one of the managing members of IAP-ECC, LLC and was recently awarded an indefinite-delivery contract together with other four companies. The four are expected to work as a team or a joint venture to execute the Global Contingency Support Multiple Award Contract II (GCSMAC II) which is worth about $900 million. The said contract was authorized by the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Pacific, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Doug Kitani who serves IAP Worldwide as the chief executive officer and director says that they are proud to be able to serve their global clients in solving their troubling problems diligently. He added that the fact they were awarded the contract to support the U.S Navy Global Contingency Services is a sign that they have been able to maintain high standards, expertise as well as professional relationship with their customers. They have taken the responsibility of fulfilling their customer’s mission by taking it as theirs.

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IAP Worldwide Services Division Develops Afghanistan’s Air Traffic Control System

The company was able to build its reputation by showing their Excellency and ability to handle other important contracts which have DoD entities. Since 1996, IAP Worldwide is the only firm that was selected to carry out the four Air Force programs under the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program (AFCAP), yet there exist other service providers in the government. Rick Nohmer who is the vice president of Global Support Services says that they are carrying out task orders at a global level with the support of NAVFAC. He added that they are happy to be joined by the IAP-ECC team so as to smoothly continue providing crucial infrastructure, carry out support operations as well as maintenance and other unforeseen services.

Among the services that the joint venture will provide to the Navy include humanitarian efforts, facility support services in case of disaster, numerous military actions and other unforeseen services in any working location in the world. The current contract being executed is expected to be complete by the year 2024 September.

About IAP Worldwide Services
IAP Worldwide is among the top government service providers in the United States. Some of the services they offer include facilities management, worldwide-scale logistics as well as advanced professional and technical services. They operate in over 25 countries having over 2,000 employees helping people in private and public sectors to deal with their most challenging problems.

Having been actively operational for more than 60 years, IAP has managed to gain a spectacular reputation as well as a vast experience in planning, coordinating and implementation of complex logistical and technical measures. They apply the latest technology and hire highly qualified personnel so at to ensure that their customers get what they need.

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Bruce Levenson Looks To Bring Danny Ferry Insurance Claim To A Successful Completion

There are many issues that can trigger a workplace based insurance claim in a range of different industrial sectors, but for former NBA franchise owner Bruce Levenson a simple insurance claim made in the Summer of 2015 will now head to court as insurance giant AIG refuse to respond to the claim. The insurance claim made by the Levenson led Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC consortium relates to the mutual termination of former General Manager Danny Ferry’s six year $18 million contract signed in 2012.

Bruce Levenson’s lawyers have revealed few details of the claim being made through the Superior Court of Fulton County in terms of the financial settlement being sought, but they have explained the initial insurance claim was first discussed with AIG two months before Ferry’s contract was terminated in June 2015. The current ownership group of the Atlanta Hawks have already announced they know of the insurance claim and are not playing any part in the court proceedings as the claim relates to a policy held by Levenson’s group. The $730 million sale ( of the Hawks brokered by Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports was completed just days after Ferry’s contract was terminated amid claims the $1 billion valuation of the franchise had a negative effect on the bids submitted after Bruce Levenson announced the sale of the historic Atlanta basketball team in 2015.

Bruce Levenson has a range of interests that have begun to dominate his Time over the last few years, including a recent period of time spent chairing an anti racism event curated by the Kennedy Center for the Arts. The entire Levenson family have played a key role in the development of the U.S. Holocaust Museum that honors Karen Levenson’s mother as a Holocaust survivor in World War II and keep the memory of the issue alive in the minds of the latest generation.


The Kabbalah Centre is a Place to Find Friends

If you are looking for a safe group of friends, than the Kabbalah Centre is a good place to visit. At the Kabbalah Centre, you will meet people like you who need help. You and your Kabbalah Centre teacher will work together on a plan that will help you thrive. Sometimes, we come into our lives with presuppositions that rob us of joy.


Many have heard the term Kabbalah and associate it with evil and magic. That is not what Kabbalah means. Kabbalah is Jewish wisdom made relevant for today. Kabbalah teaches you how to handle the stresses of life without caving. If you have been missing friends because of choices, than the Kabbalah Centre can help you connect with similarly minded people who want to learn how to become better individuals.


Teachers at the Kabbalah Centre are highly trained. They understand that everyone is on a journey. People from every religious tradition and nonreligious backgrounds can have a home at the Kabbalah Centre. The Kabbalah Centre was founded because one rabbi regretted that the secrets of the Jewish Torah and Talmud were inaccessible to the vast majority of humanity.


Understanding the natural and spiritual laws of the Universe can make our life much, much easier. Imagine working in a factory where you did not know the rules. Soon, you would be injured because you were ignorant. That is how many people approach life. They groan when tragedy hits them. They do not consider the possibility that they are ignorantly violating the ancient laws of the Universe. Kabbalah can teach you what the primary laws of the Universe are, and how to act in a way that makes you and your family a healthy and fulfilled individual.


Our organization is 100% nonsectarian. That means that you can join, no matter what background you come from. The Kabbalah Centre likes helping people. Teachers at the Kabbalah Centre will help you develop a plan to improve your life. Usually, the absence of honest feedback is what causes our life to go into a train wreck. We surround ourselves with those we like to be with, but they are afraid to offer the helpful pointers that we need to hear.


The Kabbalah Centre gives you a council of wisdom that can make sure you are continuing on the right path in your life. Make sure that you do not become proud and selfish. This are roadblocks to growth. If you want to learn more, contact the Kabbalah Centre at

Handy Went Down But Then Came Back Up

Handy is a company that is run by Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan. These two individuals are very bright when it comes to running companies. They both have gone to great institutions, and they have both engaged in important internships before engaging in this business. Actually, they had other businesses together, too, but their focus was strictly on opening up a cleaning service. That is when Handy was created. They did not want an average service where they only have a few clients. They wanted to stretch their business all over the world.

Dua and Hanrahan sought investors, and they were able to get enough money to get their dream business up and running. They believed they hired the right people and chose the perfect locations. However, they did not plan for the economy to fail, which it did. For months Dua and Hanrahan had to display to their investors the facts of Handy not bringing in much profits.

After reviewing the business inside and out, Dua and Hanrahan were convinced that the workers they hired did not have enough experience in the world of cleaning; they believe this was why the business failed. The owners of Handy created a new way for people to fill out the application, and this time they asked for more details and more references. See,

After hiring all new people, the managers of Handy believed it was time to let the business shine. To their amazement, they were able to almost triple the profits they expected to receive. This helped these young owners realize that investment money does not matter and neither does the right business location. What matters is the type of employees that are doing the work of the company. The owners believe this will make or break a company in the end.


Brian Bonar Is Helping Small Businesses Succeed Everyday

The Small Business Struggle

While most small business owners will tell you that running their business is challenging enough – these same entrepreneurial spirits will also tell you that just getting the business up, running efficiently and competing in the marketplace often presents an even more formidable task. To be able to properly grow, a business must be able to quickly adapt to an ever increasing list of more difficult administrative tasks. A failure by management to compensate expediently and effectively can result in no growth at all or even a failure to compete and thrive in the market altogether. A certain death knell for any business and a quick way to find your self out of business completely.

Help Is On The Way

However, there is a viable and cost efficient solution to those business owners and management staffs to help them cope with an ever growing detail of administrative duties. These PEO’s (Professional Employer Organization take on these small businesses as clients to assume the various responsibilities in areas such as human resources, accounting and payroll, workers compensation and the many aspects of financial law compliance.

Brian Bonar And Trucept, Inc.

Brian Bonar is the founder and CEO of Trucept, Inc. and as CEO has helped more than 900 small businesses to succeed and grow by helping them manage their day to day operations and financial resources, allowing them to focus on the challenge of competing in the marketplace.He also serves as Chairman, President, CFO and Secretary at Trucept, Inc.

Brian also serves as President and CEO at Smart-tech Automated Services, Inc., Co-President at Allegiant Professional Business Services, Inc., Chairman and CEO at the Amanda Co., and Chairman and CEO at Dalrada Financial Corporation.

According to Whitepages, Brian Bonar received an undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde and an MBA from Staffordshire University. He also received a doctorate degree from Staffordshire University.

He has also served on the board at Alliance National Insurance Agency and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego.

Important To Know

In essence, Brian know that small businesses are the back bone of the economy and his tireless and dedicated efforts have helped so many entrepreneurs to realize their dreams.

Reliable and Quality Services and Products

Securus Technologies is an information corporation located at in Dallas, Texas. What is primarily responsible for offering communication solutions to a large number of different individuals, primarily those that are either working in or living within the United States penal system. This includes inmates, incarcerated individuals who are currently serving time within the prison system. He’s an interesting choice for a focal point for a corporation, especially since most times corporations you these individuals not as consumers and barely on the radar. In order to try and increase their customer base and notoriety for their corporation, Securus Technologies has been working alongside the Better Business Bureau in an attempt to reach it highest rating for quality, which is done for the following of a rubric for the Better Business Bureau has devised. Has recently been revealed that Securus has reached all of the high points on the rubric and that they have recently been accredited as an A+ rated company on the Better Business bureau’s records. This is an extremely high honor for the corporation, and will definitely help it reach new levels of prestige.


Securus Technologies is most notable for providing communication solutions to inmates within the prison system, with many of these being in the form of software programs that inmates can place on mobile devices. One particular software program with no is one that is compatible on both Android and Apple operating systems, and features the ability to seamlessly stream video chat over Wi-Fi signals. This technology is important to remain who normally do not have access to different forms of digital communication, making it more possible for them to keep in contact with your loved ones and family members on the outside.


Waiākea Water: The Taste Of Hawaii

Waiākea is one of the most popular brands of volcanic water to hit the markets in recent years. This water company was founded in 2012 and, as the name suggests, Waiākea takes all of its water from the state of Hawaii. This brand of water is officially considered premium grade.

The main source of Waiākea’s water comes from both snowmelt and fresh rainwater found by the Mauna Lao volcano. Mauna Lao is an active Hawaiian volcano located near the city of Hilo. The water taken from this source has many organic minerals, electrolytes, and healthy supply of alkaline.

BabyBoomster reported that Waiākea’water near Mauna Lao is free of industrial toxins. The closest industrialized city to Waiākea’s water source is actually 2,400 miles away, so there is no need to fear any pollution in this pristine volcanic water.

The Waiākea water staff is very concerned with promoting charitable causes through their business model. That’s why they’ve created a “triple bottom line” business structure that helps them focus on conservation efforts and charitable causes.

Since it was founded in 2012, Waiākea water has earned great respect from the premium water community. Waiākea has the distinction of being the most decorated water brand in North America in the year 2015. Just a few of the awards Waiākea has won include the Food & Beverage 2015 Award for “Food and Beverage Innovation,” the “Most Elite Bottled Water on the Market” distinction fromDuJour, and the BevStar award for “Best in Show.”

According to Organic Authority. Waiākea water has also been featured in many news articles. Just a few media outlets that have produced stories on Waiākea includeBusiness Insider,Forbes, andPeoplemagazines.

Waiākea spring is proud to be the first company in the premium water industry to use 100 percent recycled polyethylene terephthalate bottles. These bottles are considered to be some of the most environmentally conscious bottles used on the bottled water market right now.

It is estimated that manufacturing these bottles uses 85 percent less energy and 90 percent less water than making a normal plastic bottle. Waiākea believes in this bottle technology so strongly that they have not made any plans to put their water in glass bottles.

Waiākea is currently sold in many natural foods stores around the nation. If a customer can’t find Waiākea in their local stores, they can always order Waiākea’s water online. Waiākea is happy to deliver their bottled water to customers all across the USA.

Steven Murray; A life of dedication to private equity and philanthropy

The immediate former President and Chief Executive Officer of a New York-headquartered private equity company CCMP Capital is fondly remembered as a dedicated worker, philanthropist and family man. Steven Murray worked at CCMP Capital for a cumulative sixteen years prior to tendering his sudden resignation in early 2015. A month later following his resignation, he was pronounced dead with health-related reasons cited as the cause of his death. He died at the age of fifty-two.

Murray attended Sleepy Hollow High School and later went to Boston College. In 1984, he earned a degree in economics and would later enroll at Columbia Business School and complete his Master’s in Business Administration on LinkedIn. Murray began his illustrious working career with CCMP Capital in 1999. At the time, the company was known as Chase Capital Partners. It was later renamed to JPMorgan Partners after being bought by JP Morgan. What followed was tremendous success enjoyed by JP Morgan Partners, as it became a renowned private equity company in the domestic and international scene.

In 2006, CCMP branched out independently as a result of a spin-off from the predecessor group. In 2007, Murray succeeded group founder Jeff Walker as the CEO of CCMP Capital. Murray was a board member in several organizations in different segments of the economy; from insurance to hospitality and health. The corporations included Jetro JMDH Holdings, LHP Hospital Group, Crestcom International, Infogroup Inc., Octagon Credit Investors, Strongwood Insurance Holdings and Ollie’s Bargain Outlet.

Upon learning the demise of his friend and business associate, Greg Brenneman, the current CCMP chairman and CEO, was saddened by the news. Both Murray and Greg Brenneman had been the only two CCMP directors listed down in SEC filings due to their starring role in the successful fundraising initiative that raised about $3.6 billion for CCMP’s latest fund on Mr. Greg sent his heartfelt condolences to Murray’s family, noting that Murray was a good man, the pride, and delight of his family.

Murray spent a large chunk of his career working in private equity, and as a result, he developed some outstanding deal making and investment skills. He further added that CCMP and its precursors were grateful for the tremendous contributions that Steven made towards their overall success.

Apart from Steve’s dedication to his career, philanthropy was something that was really close to his heart. He made contributions to several humanitarian groups and foundations, including Make-A-Wish Foundation and Stamford Museum among others at