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Freedom Checks Are An Investment For Everyone

The new tax laws did not only put more money in people’s paychecks and gave businesses some tax breaks, but they also allow people to make even more money through simple investments. One such simple investment opportunity is Freedom Checks. Freedom Checks were introduced to the entire world by Matt Badiali. Badiali quickly explained in his video release that this investment opportunity is for everyone regardless of age.

People tend to compare this program to Medicare or Social Security, but it is nothing like those two programs. First of all, investors tend to make more money from Freedom Checks then from either of those programs. Also, anyone can participate regardless of age, income, or how much equity you already have.

So how does it work? First, companies who participate need to be sure that 90 percent of their revenue comes from producing, processing, storage, and transportation of natural resources. Once the company meets that requirement, they then, need to agree to distribute their revenue to Freedom Checks stakeholders. Anyone can become a stakeholder for a small ten dollar investment.

Badiali explains that this opportunity is called a Master Limited Partnership (MLP). MLPs are actual business partnerships, however, they are publicly traded limited partnerships. This is important because companies are given the same tax advantages as partnerships. This means that profits are not taxed until all investors receive their money. This also provides companies with a much needed cash flow.

This is an easy investment opportunity. All that is needed is to purchase shares in a qualifying MLP. There is over 500 companies that meet all of the requirements. It is not any different investing in these companies than investing in big name companies like Apple or Google. Checks are then either mailed directly to you or they can be directly deposited into any brokerage account. Opportunities will be available to purchase more shares. If, at any time, you want to sell, you will do so at the capital gains rate, which is a lower rate than the income tax rate.

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