Jose Auriemo Dazzles Other Brazilian Investors

Jose Auriemo is one of the most successful people in Brazil featured even in the Business of Fashion magazine as one of the most influential personnel known. Besides his career life, Jose Auriemo is a family man who likes spending his free time with his wife Mariana Auriemo and his two kids or playing golf at the golf club. At a young age, his friends and family used to refer to him by the name Zeco instead of Jose. He also started showing signs of greatness at a very young age when he started scoring opportunities in countries outside Brazil. An example is a chance he scored to receive tutoring in horse riding from Nelson Pessoa.

After completion of his high school, he was fortunate enough to be accepted to the Faculty of Engineering in Sao Paulo. Just like any other university student he had a job at JHSF at the parking administration section. After two years of pursuing his engineering course, he knew that his calling was not there. He admired and wanted to work in the fashion business, to be precise at JHSF. After years of working at the company, he was appointed chief executive officer. He was now the chairperson of his dream company, and he knew he had to bring change to it. He started by introducing the company to the incorporation market.

With this idea came the idea of starting the first multi-functional mall in Brazil that would have in it commercial buildings, shopping malls, and residential building. After serious negotiations and discussions, they decided that the multi-functional mall, Parque Cidade Jardim as the name was agreed, would rest on 38,000m2 of the Marginal Pinheiros Area. In the beginning, other investors in Brazil saw this as not a brilliant idea. A few months from the launch of the business, JHSF was making more profits than the company had ever made to the extent that it started selling its shares in the stock exchange market. The mall was the source of a lot of brands like Gucci, Puma, new balance among others that could not be found in other outlets in Brazil.

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