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Matthew Fleeger, the Distinguished Business Executive at Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger is a distinguished business professional in the oil and gas industry. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Gulf Coast Western, a Managing Venture of Oil and Gas Partnerships. Fleeger is reputable for his expertise in tanning industries, waste management, and oil and gas. Fleeger is also well-known for his in-depth knowledge in matters concerning team building, strategic planning, negotiation skills, and superb entrepreneurial skills.

Matthew Fleeger is an extensively experienced business executive and entrepreneur. Before joining Gulf Coast Western, he had founded a company by the name MedSolutions. The company dealt in waste disposal and management. Besides being the founder, Matthew Fleeger also served as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Given his signature leadership and sharp business acumen, the company experienced impressive growth and development. After thirteen years, he sold the company to Stericycle, Inc., a major player in medical waste treatment and disposal.

Matthew Fleeger is also a renowned entrepreneur in the tanning industry. In his stint at the tanning business, he assisted in the foundation of Palm Beach Tan, accompany which dealt in indoor tanning. Owing to his excellent skills as an entrepreneur, Matthew Fleeger developed Palm Beach Tan from a small company to a market leader in indoor tanning. Fleeger also founded Mystic Tan, which he grew into one of the largest tanning companies in the country. The two companies had combined revenue of approximately $100 million.

Under the visionary leadership of Matthew Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western has considerably increased its presence in Southwestern Louisiana. The company has achieved its expansion in the region through Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration, one of its major partners. Through Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration’s acquisition of all assets belonging to Orbit Energy Partners in Lafayette, Gulf Coast Western has achieved access to large tracts of land and 3D seismic data. Additionally, Gulf Coast Western has working interests in more than 13 wells and 140 drilling locations.


The Success Story of Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade

Carlos Alberto is the current chairman and founder of CAOA, the largest manufacturing conglomerate and automobile distributor in Latin America. Carlos started venturing into the automotive business in 1979 after he had ordered one Ford Landau from the Ford dealership located at Campina Grande, but the vehicle wasn’t delivered because that dealership company went bankrupt before it was delivered. Dr. Carlos took advantage of this and proposed that the ownership of the company be passed to him to be retribution for the prepayments he had made.

The Ford dealership was transferred to Dr. Carlos, and he changed the name of the company to CAOA. Dr. Carlos became an entrepreneur, and he began to manage the business. In 1992, Brazilian government allowed opened doors for the importation of foreign vehicles. CAOA began importing Renault vehicles, a French franchise and it was considered as the first when it comes to imported cars.

In 1998, CAOA began importing Subaru vehicles, a Japanese brand. Another company was previously selling the Subaru brand in Brazil, but when CAOA took over the sales of Subaru cars tripled within a year. The following year CAOA took over the sale of Hyundai vehicles from two distributors who were unsuccessfully represented in Brazil. As a result of marketing strategies developed by Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, the two brands of Subaru and Hyundai became the leading in the market.

In the year 2006, CAOA was recognized as the biggest dealer when it comes to Ford cars in Latin America. It was also considered as the exclusive distributor and importer of Hyundai and Subaru vehicles in Brazil. During 2007, Dr. Carlos and his team inaugurated the first automaker shop in Brazil. The plant was Dr. Carlos’s dream, and it was exclusively for Hyundai vehicles. The business was built using Dr. Carlos’s resources.

Dr. Carlos managed to win various awards. The first award was the “Good doer Company”, which was as a result of the company’s participation in reforestation. The second award was that of being the best distributor of the year. He also won an award for being the best in terms of sales and after sales.

A Quick Description of the Wen Hair Care System Created by Chaz Dean

I believe as females we all seek a product for our hair that will keep it luxurious and healthy as we get older. There are several hair care products that have been promoted by female starlets but none as much as the Wen hair care system from Chaz Dean.

I believe it is the desire of every woman to master beautiful hair without using too much product. It was with a woman’s wants in mind that Chaz Dean, with many years of experience in the salon behind him, came up with his Wen hair care treatment. In fact, it was about twenty years ago that he put his knowledge into his Wen products.

Wen is all the separate products a woman has tried all mixed into one perfect combination. With Wen, a woman should only need this one product. As many paid advertisements have demonstrated, the WenHairCare by Chaz is your shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner, and detangler. It has been confirmed by stars such as Alyssa Milano to work wonders on all women’s hair types.

Most of us would wonder what ingredients would give us such a great outcome of strength and manageability. Chaz picked out specific ingredients to go into WEN to conquer all the areas of perfect hair that a woman would seek such as Glycerin that provides moisture. Chamomile that helps soothe our hair. Wild Cherry Bark for conditioning. Rosemary, which is another soothing benefit. And last, Panthenol, which builds the strength of our hair.

Finally, and as a little extra information on about the Wen hair care treatment, do not expect lather. Wen shampoo is not meant to use lather to strip your hair like most other QVC available products. It cleanses and nourishes and accompanied with some of Chaz’s after shampoo products, will bring a woman’s hair to the look and feel she desires. Visit the website at