OSI Group Industries’ Success Story In The Global Food Industry

OSI Group is a cherished name in the meat and food processing industry. It started as a small family-owned business, but, it has advanced to be the world’s leading meat products merchant.

It is renowned for its state of the art technical improvements, excellent client associations, and hasty recognition of expansion opportunities in the food industry. But, how did it secure its present locus? We have surveyed its history to help you understand.

OSI Group as a small family owned the butcher shop
Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, residing in Oak Park, Chicago, Illinois founded the small family-owned butcher shop in 1909. Most of the shop’s customers were German immigrants who lived in the city.

After ten years, the business opened its first wholesale branch in Maywood, Chicago. Besides opening the new wholesale branch, McDonald’s appointed Otto’s meat shop to supply its Chicago-based food outlet with fresh meat.

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OSI Group as an international meat processing company
In early 1975, Mr. Otto’s family owned meat shop transitioned to OSI Group, a meat processing company with a mission of exploring the global food and meat processing industry.

Mr. Otto and his sons appointed Sheldon Lavin as a partner. As a senior executive, Mr. Lavin collaborated with the owners to formulate and implement strategies that could help them venture into the new markets.

After two years, OSI opened a new facility in Utah. It was the company’s first facility operating outside Chicago. In the early 1980’s OSI opened additional subsidiaries outside the United States. It became one of the leading multinational meat processing corporations.

The present-day OSI
The present-day OSI Group is a multinational company serving more than 16 countries around the world. It operates under the management of Mr. Lavin, its president, and chief executive officer.

Some of the countries served by this meat processing giant are Mexico, Brazil, the Philippines, Australia, and Spain.

Besides serving many countries, OSI boasts as McDonald’s, and Starbucks’ major supplier of beef, poultry, fish, and other quality meat products. In 2016, Forbes honored OSI as one of the most successful companies in the United States.

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