James River Capitals Guide to the 3 Leadership Traits to Develop

Leaders are essential to a company’s growth and success. They are also the makers or breakers of a team. According to James River Capital Corp., an investment advisor, there are three changes a person should make to improve their leadership style. The three changes are quite simple yet not as easy to execute.


James River Capital Corp. began as KP Futures Management Corp. in 1986. It became an investment firm in 1995 when one of the senior officers, Paul Saunders, had acquired the business and eventually the corporation finally registered with the SEC as an investment advisor and from here the corporation has gone to make over $570 million. James River Capital Corp. has also gained various awards and recognitions over the past years as an investment advisor.


James River Capital notes that leadership is understood as a science and as an art. Leaders are individuals who are capable of effectively managing and handling people with the proper discipline and knowledge. The first leadership trait to develop is being the supportive leader. Building a good support system for a team instead of demanding work from a team. Leaders at one of the largest social media networks, Facebook, shifted their mentality by making the critical change in “supporting” their team instead of “leading” them and it has made their business one of the more successful ones to date. Learn more: https://investor.com/rias/james-river-capital-corp-133297


Encouraging honest and critical feedback is the second change in a person’s leadership traits that will enable a team to provide honest and critical feedback to upper management. Take for example, Google. They encourage employees to approach their leaders with feedback and problems and they maintain a policy where everyone in the team is encouraged to speak. This creates a safe and healthy environment where the individuals in a team feel that their concerns, feedback and voice matters.


Lastly, the third trait of leadership is to value everyone’s opinion. Leaders are there to support their team. One of the largest obstacles a team may face is its employees holding back their opinion due to fear of being reprimanded for honest observations. During meetings, make a list of the people attending and allow each person to provide their input on a certain topic or discussion point of the meeting. Remember to engage those who are often more introverted but not pushing or forcing them to give input if they are not full open to the idea. Making sure everyone has a chance to voice their sentiments along with their appreciation is a highly recommended trait that will turn your team around and allow for a successful team to grow.