Dance the Night Away with The Chainsmokers and Side Effects

Rolling Stone online contains articles to keep everyone up to date on all things in the music industry. One of their latest articles reveals the video for The Chainsmokers new release called Side Effects. The video shows the short story of a hotel worker who receives the disappointing news that she needs to work on the weekend. Rather than even listen to the entire message, she determines her own definition of work. She rips off her uniform top and dances down the hotel halls, past the pool, in front of a security guard, and by the guest rooms. She even takes a dip in the pool. She does her evening dance to the tune of Side Effects which continues to play in the background.

The video dancer is none other than Camila Mendes, the star of TV’s Riverdale. She is directed in the video by Matthew Dillon Cohen and seems to enjoy the new pop tune. Side Effects, which features vocalist Emily Warren, is the fifth song released by the Chainsmokers in 2018. It will be a cornerstone of their new album entitled “Sick Boy” which should be released sometime soon.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are The Chainsmokers. The two began working together in 2012 and broke into the top twenty in 2014 with the single #Selfie. Since then there has been a top ten hit on Billboard’s Top 100, a Grammy award for the best dance recording Don’t Let Me Down in 2015, and a number one place on the charts with Closer. They have also received multiple awards from IHeart Radio, Billboard Music, and the American Music Awards.

Not all of The Chainsmokers’ success has occurred in the studio. Their first live performance was in 2013 as an opening act and the duo has grown in popularity since. Their current 2018 tour has taken them across the United States and will be completed in Denver and Las Vegas.