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Robert Ivy’s success as an architect and his view on professional associations

Robert Ivy rose the ranks to become the vice president and CEO of the American Institute of Architecture (AIA). AIA is an organization which has its base in Washington, D.C. and that seeks to bring together professional architects all around the U.S. The organization aims at connecting the architectural industry with other sectors to help develop the construction world.

With a vision of improving the architectural world, Robert Ivy obtained a masters in architecture. He also holds several other higher education documents, e.g., a Bachelor of Arts degree (English). In his career, Ivy has worked in many organizations such as Dean/Dale, McGraw-Hill Construction Media, Dean & Ivy Architectural Record, and others where he has given a significant amount of contribution for their success. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website.

The world has recognized the impact of Robert Ivy’s efforts through the awards that several institutions have accredited him. While Robert Ivy was a head editor, Architectural Record (an architectural publication), received many awards from various renowned national magazines. He was the awardee of the 2009 Crain Award given by the American Business Media. He has also won other numerous awards for demonstrating quality leadership abilities.

Since AIA is a professional society, Robert Ivy states the importance of workers (not only architectures but also any other professional) to be a part of an organization dedicated to representing the workers’ interests in their line of specialization. As a leader in the architectural world, Ivy says that though architects may seem few comparing to other ventures that are related to building, they strongly influence significant decisions made in that area. It is because they speak as one man through the representation of their professional organizations.


Many organizations dedicate their time to making sure that they have well structured codes of ethics and that their members follow them to the letter. It gives the clients confidence of trusting in their service providers and looking forward to the workers delivering the desired results. Robert Ivy speaks of AIA’s values stressing that it is essential for any architect to embrace them. The approach on the part of career persons is primary, not only for the success of architecture but also of any other profession. Visit Archinect to know more about Robert Ivy.

Randal Nardone Is A Major Financial Player

Randal Nardone is a businessman who co-founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998. He holds a number of executive positions with investment groups including serving as the CEO of Fortress Investment Group since 2013, the Principal of Fortress Credit Corporation, the Vice President and Secretary of Newcastle Investment Holding, and President and Chairman of Springleaf Financial Holdings. Randal Nardone is listed as number 557 on Forbes Billionaire List with him having an estimated wealth at 1.8 billion dollars.Randal Nardone studied at the University of Connecticut where he achieved a degree in Arts and Biology. He then went to Boston University where he earned a law degree.

Randal Nardone went onto work as a lawyer for a number of years where he worked for a number of prominent people. This experience gave him he connections and seed money he needed to move into the financial world.His move into the financial world began with the founding of Fortress Investment Group. He did this with a number of co-founders that allowed the investment group to become a major institution. He served on the management board since the founding of Fortress Investment Group in 1998. He was then appointed to the board of directors in 2006. He became CEO of the investment group in 2013.

This move was in response to the investment group being purchased by Softbank.He has served as director during this major purchase, and he had been able to keep the investment group profitable during this major change. Softbank purchased the group for 3.3 billion dollars. They paid $8.08 per share for this purchase.Randal Nardone hold major positions on a number of financial institutions along with media, marketing, and real estate companies. He serves as the director of Brookdale Senior Living. He also holds major positions with Gagfah and New Residential Investment Group. These organizations make longterm investments in apartments and homes.


Freedom Checks Are Legit and Worth The Investment

Freedom Checks are the investment opportunity that sounds just to good to be true. Mostly, this is because an investment market rife with scams makes operator too skeptical. It also does not help that no one knows what a freedom check is. Matt Badiali calls them a cash grab, provide names of investors with fat freedom checks on the way, and even holds one up for proof. But what exactly are freedom checks? This is the question dogging the minds of the many who view Badiali’s commercials. Well, here is the answer they are looking for. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

Freedom Checks are a legitimate investment in the natural resource market. They constitute an investment in a little know perk called an MLP. MLP is the short term for master limited partnership and according a tax statute companies operating as MLPs get some good breaks. First off they get to gather the working capital of a publicly traded entity, secondly they get the tax breaks of a publicly traded entity. This is because the stakes they sell are the distant cousins of stocks. They are very much alike, even have the same trade value, but stakes do not require the company to be a public partnership. Freedom Checks are the payouts such companies provide to their investors to qualify for a huge tax break.


The tax statue requires participating businesses to deploy 90% of their revenue to stakeholders. This leaves a mere 10% for taxation. Great deal. MLPs come in two types, and the ones released to the public bear no controlling interest. Investors in MLPs are simply purchasing a small percentage of the company. The more stakes purchased the higher that percentage is. As said companies have to dispense their money before taxation, an MLP investment yields a quarterly to monthly payout. This payout, what Badiali coined a freedom checks, is actually a return of capital payment. Stakes are as cheap as $10 depending on the company, and will yield a profit relegated to that specific companies performance. As Badiali projects a surge in U.S. oil on the horizon, even small companies can provide investors double their return. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

Bumble Has Become a Household Name in the Dating App Scene under the Guidance of Whitney Wolfe

With just a simple swipe, some users of Bumble, a leading dating app by Whitney Wolfe Herd, are lucky enough to establish a relationship that ends up in marriage, make a new friend, or find a lucrative job opportunity. However, Wolfe may be the most fortunate of all – the $1 billion-valued app has earned its 29-year old creator a $230 million fortune. Although Whitney Wolfe didn’t appear in 2018’s Forbes list of Richest Self Made Women in America, Forbes expects her to join the rank with a short duration, provided Bumble will continue enjoying its rapid growth.

The biggest competitor of Bumble is Tinder, created back in 2002 as a “swiping” dating app that leverages the location of a customer to identify matches. Whitney Wolfe actually played an instrumental role in developing what is now her rival. Whitley Wolfe also cofounded Tinder and walked out of the company in 2014 citing sexual harassment by Justin Mateen, her co-founder and ex-boyfriend. Visit on her twitter for more latest updates.

She initially did not intend to go back to the online dating scene. Instead, she wanted to create an online social space that focused on the needs of women. She discussed the concept with Andrev Andreev, an established Russian billionaire and brains behind dating app Badoo, who didn’t seem impressed by the idea but did love the passion and energy that Wolfe exuded. Andreev encouraged Wolfe to stick to dating apps since she had already become an expert in the area. The two entrepreneurs met in London several times before Wolfe Herd unveiled the idea for Bumble.

Andreev decided to invest an initial $10 million for about 79 percent of the firm and allow Whitney Wolfe oversee software and systems unit of Badoo. Wolfe, who got approximately 20 percent of the company, brought her unparalleled marketing experience and women-first idea. Bumble was officially launched in December 2014, and it had 100,000 downloads in its first month.

Bumble unveiled an app called BFF in 2016. BFF helps women make new friends rather than dates. The next year, it launched yet another innovative app known as Bizz that helps women meet other women for career networking purposes. Just four years since its inception and with over 35 million users, Bumble is indisputably the fastest rising dating app in America.


End Citizens United Coming For Rick Scott

End Citizens United has arrived in Florida to file suit against the governor. The political action committee is accusing Rick Scott of violating campaign finance laws. It all stems with his involvement with a super PAC known as New Republic.

Rick Scott was the head of New Republic right up until he decided to run for Senate in the state of Florida during the 2018 midterms. Political candidates are not allowed to coordinate with super PAC’s in order to win elections. However, PAC’s are allowed to raise and spend as much money as possible due to Citizens United. View the group’s profile on

Citizens United is the name given to an unfortunate Supreme Court decision in 2010. The decision was handed down two years after a political action committee known as Citizens United tried to air a 90-minute propaganda movie. The film was a fake documentary that was supposed to air during a Democratic presidential primary debate in 2008. Citizens United was denied the right to air the movie so they filed a lawsuit.

The FEC said no. A higher federal court said no. Suddenly, the Supreme Court reached down to pluck the case out of the security to render a horrifying decision. The justices handed down a 5-4 decision stating that corporations are people with First Amendment protections. No limits on spending could be set as it would be a violation of the corporation’s First Amendment rights.

End Citizens United was founded in response to the ridiculous Supreme Court decision. The group aims to dismantle the decision piece by piece. First off, End Citizens United selectively backs candidates who promise to fight to the decision in Washington. Secondly, they have dispersed campaign-finance lawyers all over the country to keep a watchful eye over scandalous politicians. Thirdly, the group plans to end Citizens United once and for all with a law or constitutional amendment.

Currently, the group is in Florida making sure that Rick Scott does not win a Senate seat. They point to his shady dealings with certain people involved with the New Republic PAC and how it’s a clear violation of campaign finance law and ethics.

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Upwork: Moving Fast Through Your To-Do-List

Upwork is a successful global platform that allows freelancers to connect with independent professionals and businesses to collaborate remotely. As of today, Upwork has nearly 12 million freelancers registered with their business. They are consistently working with a person or company across the country providing them with a list of tasks to do. When freelancers decide to create a to-do list they must make sure it’s well organized. Nothing is more worse when you either lose a task or can’t find it. That’s why you should create a system that helps you effectively speed through your to-do list and finish your tasks on time. Consider these helpful tips that can keep you on track with your to-do list and never miss a task.


Your best bet is to go through your list of tasks and find out which is the most important that you need to finish first. There’s no doubt we can experience an unexpected issue that can take us away from our deadlines and prevent us from completing our work. Your goal is to always remember when you create a task assign a specific priority to it. That way when you know you have immediate priorities you will start to arrange your time better based on the urgency of those particular tasks that need to get done. If you know you have a crucial job that must be completed within the next week it’s best to get started on that as soon as possible, if not now.


When it comes to work probably everyone has experienced procrastination. You may have gotten into the habit of putting off particular task by pushing them further back on your list. Though procrastination may seem to be a negative it can actually be a good thing. It’s been said that 80 percent of the value you can generate comes from 20 percent of your activities. You should always be asking yourself what kind of value will you create when you do a task. If you don’t find any thing then it’s probably best to delete it.