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Freedom Checks gives more information about Freedom Checks

Freedom Checks is a new concept that has been introduced by Matt Badiali, a financial and mining expert. This is a program that will create huge wealth for Americans who will take advantage of the program. According to Matt Badiali, there is $34.6 billion which will be made by people who will understand the program and make the best of it. The tax relief that has been created by the recent tax plan by the government has created all the opportunities that we see today. This is one program that Americans have not seen in the recent past. It is going to be one of the biggest plans ever in the financial investment sector. Never again has $34.6 billion has been available for the investors through such an easy plan.

Freedom Checks has raised concerns in the country in the past few months after an ad came out claiming how people would get huge payouts from the program. Some people treated as too good to be true deal while others treated it as an opportunity to explore. Those who explored further and realized what the program is all about are now benefitting from the program. What some people did not understand is that it was an investment strategy and not some free giveaways plan. Some people even thought about Freedom Checks being some free money from the government.

Freedom Checks are to be made by companies known as MLPs. These are companies which enjoy tax obligations that are different from other companies. They are also run under different laws, unlike other companies. An MLP is required by law to get 90 percent of the revenue from the United States. They must also be dealing with natural resources in the United States. An MLP must be involved in transportation, storage, production or processing of natural resources found in the country.

According to Matt Badiali. There are 568 companies right now which fit into this description. These are the companies which will be giving out the Freedom Checks. The companies are expected to make $34.6 billion after the new tax plan, and this money will be divided among the investors.

Let’s Learn Some Business Lessons with Ara Chackerian.

Ara Chackerian is a successful businessman and philanthropist. He has made many contributions in the community. Most of his investments are in the health industry. He is always looking at the latest technology to use in improving the patients’ experience. The entrepreneur is a board member in various organizations. Mr. Chackerian has been involved in efforts to conserve the environment. He is passionate about empowering the youths to attain their full potential. According to him, the young people have many talents but most of them lack the opportunity to perfect them. He is a co-founder of TMS Health Solutions. The medical facility takes care of people with mental conditions by use of the latest technology. Mr. Ara Chackerian realized that the number of people diagnosed with mental illnesses per year is high but the number of facilities that can offer treatment is limited.

Ara Chackerian’s objective for setting up TMS Health Solutions was to increase the access to quality health and at affordable rates. The business has grown over a few years and has established several new facilities in San Francisco and Sacramento. The facilities are constructed in the same design. Each of them has two main areas, the consultation and treatment rooms. The structures cover about 3, 000 square ft. The rooms are designed to ensure that the patients can relax and recover within a short period. According to Ara Chackerian, his business ideas come from his life experiences. He is grateful to his parents for being supportive since his childhood. His parents encouraged him to seek solutions to challenges in the society. You can visit


Many people are not aware of what a Mental Health Month is all about. The purpose of the period is to recognize individuals with mental conditions. The initiative was launched in 1949 by the Mental Health America Organization. Many firms create forums meant to increase awareness on mental illnesses and how to take care of the people with a mental health condition. According to a research, patients who spend more time with their loved ones tend to recover faster than those that do not. The treatment of the condition depends on its severity.


The Success of GoBuyside

GoBuyside is a unique organization that mainly offers crucial services to their clients. Since its inception a few years ago, the company works closely with private equity firms, advisory platforms, hedge funds, other investment managers and Fortune 500 companies. One of the main strong points that have made the company to have a competitive edge is the leveraging of technology to reach clients beyond their geographical location. GoBuyside was founded by Arjun Kapur back in 2011. Read this article at Yahoo Finance. Despite being positioned in the United States, the company has its offices in New York City and the surrounding areas. Arjun Kapur is the brain behind the formation and the operation of the GoBuyside. He is one of the talented individuals who has identified a niche within the economy and utilized the opportunity to make money. Arjun is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University with a major in Economy. After his undergraduate, he enrolled for a master’s in Business Administration at Stanford’s Graduate School. Arjun holds a wealth of experience from his past career engagement where he worked and interacted with individuals with diverse cultural affiliations in more than 40 cities.


Recently the CEO Arjun Kapur took part in an interview in New York and from that interaction, he revealed a lot of information regarding his goal and what to expect in future from the GoBuyside. In the interview, Arjun shares in details what GoBuyside is all about and he says that it is a closed-end network for professionals in financial careers. The main objective of the GoBuyside is providing a platform where professionals interact and they can get recent information about their career. Notably, the organization provides confidential career opportunities and other crucial notifications. GoBuyside works with over 500 well-recognized investment organizations across the globe ensuring that the best financial professionals get the best opportunities for their career growth. On the other hand, the organization works with the potential employers to make sure they get the best qualified and talented workforce. To come up with the best talents to suit the need of the market, and also ensure competency and professionalism are cultivated in the profession. Read more about GoBuyside at

William Saito The Technology Guru

William Hiroyuki Saito’s name did not escape the eyes of Nikkei as they named him on top 100 lists of the most influential people in Japan. Born on March 23, 1971, William Saito is an eminent Japanese American businessman who has specialized in cybersecurity.

He is a very skillful programmer who began coding in elementary school. By the time his secondary education was over, William Hiroyuki was able to launch a software startup. After joining the University of California to pursue the biomedical science career, William Saito upgraded his startup to I/O Software Company. I/O Software was popularly known after it produced figure print recognition software for Sonny Company, which he sold it to Microsoft.

William Saito’s skills in technology continued to improve and get recognition in the whole world. In 1998, William Saito was crowned the title of Entrepreneur of the year by both NASDAQ and USA Today. He was one of the most skilled people in biometric technology, cybersecurity, and encryption.

His venture capitalist journey started when he relocated from the USA to Japan. He created many start-ups with the most notable being InTecur consultancy firm, which specialized in identifying and nurturing innovative technologies, developing global talents and helping entrepreneurs to become more successful. His effort made him get named a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Program.

In 2011, the national diet committee appointed William Saito as technology officer when they were investigating Fukushima Daiichi nuclear calamity. In this role, William Saito’s main work was to offer IT and technical support. His support to the nation was appreciated a lot.

William Saito becomes an advisor on cybersecurity for different Japanese sectors. The most notable is when he advised Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, cabinet officials, and ministry of economy, trade, and industry. He was also appointed to accompany Shinzo Abe on his tour to Silicon Valley.

William Saito is currently CEO of InTecur Company. He has used the philosophy of understanding failure as a fundamental requirement for one to be innovative then employ persistence in what you are doing until you perfect. He has emphasized that information security and cybersecurity out to be embraced by any company which to remain competitive in the market.