Kamil Idris Opens Up The Modern Laws Governing Intellectual Property

He is known to fight for the rights of the innovators and upcoming creative people and shielding them from ravenous sharks who steal other people’s ideas and own them. Professor Kamil Idris has served as the 3rd Director of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) from 1997 to 2008 and consequently as the 3rd Secretary-General of UPOV in the same period.

He is a Sudanese citizen where he was born in August 1954 and happily married to Azza Mohyeldin Ahmed and blessed with 5 children. He studied Bachelor of Law and Bachelor Degree in Political Science, Philosophy and Economic Theories at the University of Cairo, Khartoum Branch. He later joined Ohio University for International Law Masters. He can speak English, French, and Arabic.

Professor Kamil Idris has been a part-time journalist of El-Ayam and El-Sahafa newspapers. He has been a lecturer at Cairo University, Khartoum Branch and has been in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sudan. He has served as the legal advisor to the Sudanese delegation. He later moved to UN offices at Geneva where he was a member of the Sudanese mission. This landed him at WIPO.

At WIPO Professor Kamil Idris has dispensed valuable information on intellectual property (IP) especially during their annual celebration day on 26th April. He and others understood that without property rights some great inventions and technological advances can never see the light. That’s why in this day they celebrate both the human creativity of various artists, innovators, and IP rights while reminding people of the need to protect their creativity.

Recently Professor Kamil Idris shed some light on some of the modern laws that govern the four types of IP which are copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets. Of course, there are laws that give the inventor of something a right to own their product. These rights promote economic growth while encouraging entrepreneurs and various businesses to continue being more innovative.

It is the IP that has caused some trade wars between China and USA, that’s why IP laws will continue to be intensified. In EU, EPO has the largest obstacle of translating patent into various languages thus a company elsewhere can own the same innovation making registering of patent very difficult in EU. That’s why European Union Trade Secrets Directive (EUTSD) was formed to resolve the issues.