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Tony Petrello And His Philanthropic Efforts In Houston

Antony Petrello and his wife Cynthia have for a long time focused their efforts on philanthropy in the community of Houston. This dedicated couple has been keen to enhance education, cultural cohesion and healthcare for the people of Houston. Tony and Cynthia Petrello have been honored by the people of Houston for their service to the community, and as a reward, they were awarded the Woodrow Wilson Award for Public Service. The Petrellos have always had a feeling of satisfaction and happiness when they give back and make the lives of people around them better.

In November 2017, Tony and Cynthia Petrello hosted a reception in their Houston home to honor Tommy Tune. Tommy Tune is a Broadway legend that is based in New York but was born and raised in Texas. Tommy Tune was in Houston to perform at the Miller Outdoor Theater. Tommy Tune is also involved in philanthropic efforts in the Houston community. The Tommy Tunes Awards provides scholarships for children in high school that has shown excellent production in the musical theater arts. The Petrellos and Tommy Tune have been generous towards enhancing the growth of the arts sector for the people of Houston. Cynthia and Tony Petrello hosted the party to pay tribute to Tommy Tune for never forgetting his Texas roots. Cynthia Petrello is an actress and a model who has a passion for philanthropy and fashion. Cynthia Petrello was recognized as a woman that balances her enthusiasm for fashion and philanthropy. Cynthia Petrello was awarded the Stellar Award for her sense of style and relentless pursuit to make a difference in the world with her personal touch.

Tony Petrello is the CEO and president of Nabors Industry a firm that deals with gas and oil. Mr. Petrello is renowned for his unique business insights, his dedication to leadership and the goal of making Houston a better place. Tony Petrello together with his wife Cynthia has participated in the funding of research for neurological diseases that affect children. Tony and Cynthia had the experience of having a child with a neurological condition, and the study had a personal connection to them. The couple spearheaded the fundraising of $500 million for the Texas Children’s Hospital. Also, Anthony and Cynthia Petrello donated $7 million to the hospital to spearhead the research. Anthony Petrello has a love for education and has established an endowment at Yale in memory of Serge Lang a mentor and a friend of Tony.

Paul Mampilly on Cryptocurrency

Paul Mampilly is a Montclair State University graduate, where he was a finance and accounting student about 27 years ago. He later joined Fordham Gabelli School of Business where he attained a Master of Business Administration. Currently, He is a renowned investment and financial guru in America.

He perceives cryptocurrency and its gains in a unique way. According to him, the bubble of the cryptocurrency is on the verge of bursting. Despite his inability to predict exactly when it’s going to happen, he strongly believes that it will be sooner than later and many people will incur losses. Read this article at Seeking Alpha.

In 1999, a similar case happened where every investor was sure of making hefty gains from the stock market rally. Tess, Paul’s friend, had invested heavily in technology stock shares that were up to over 1000% but that same year, the great bubble exploded robbing many investors of their wealth.

The 1999 bubble burst was inclusive of big companies with a good reputation. Most of these companies in the technology industry had their stocks going up to 1000 percent at the very least. Paul Mampilly insists that the stocks did not represent mysterious companies but the very famous and respected ones that had even earned a place in Nasdaq Composite Index.

The inflated stocks in the money market in 1999 was a clear sign of the insanity in the market. Regardless, that enticed new investors into the business without knowing that they were falling into a wealth sinkhole. The Templeton Foundation Investment competition winner, Paul Mampilly, predicts that the same is about to happen in the cryptocurrency business from its current trends. Meet the experts on

Paul Mampilly foresaw the 1999 explosion. As a result, he completely sold out his stock shares before the explosion. He then observed the market’s stock prices as they rose day by day. The rise at first was 20, 30 and 50% that prompted Paul to think selling his shares was a poor plan. Nevertheless, he appreciated his decision in 2000 and 2001 when the stock market hit extreme lows. He was happy as he had withdrawn all his money making zero losses. He had warned Tess, but his warnings fell on a deaf ear. She thus ended up making huge losses.

Cryptocurrency has amassed a lot of wealth for many investors in the recent past over a short period. According to Paul, wealth that easily comes easily goes. He points out that the same trends are in Bitcoin and Ethereum. He warns that they are headed for the same crash as the cryptocurrency.


News About Equities First Holdings Says The Company Is Having Success

News about Equities First Holdings shows that the company is having great success. From giving back to their investors, such as Dr. Drew Nelson, to helping companies and individuals get the loans that they need, Equities First Holdings has been working hard during its first 15 plus years. Dr. Drew Nelson pledged 18 million shares when the company was first getting going. Now, Equities First Holdings was able to give back to him much more than he put in. The company has many clients who rely on it and trust the financial help that it gives, and it has built offices around the world.

How Barbara Stokes Has Helped Many Disaster Victims

In life, it’s what you do for other people that make your name live among them. When some people get to certain executive positions such as being the CEO, they hardly do anything to improve the quality of the lives of others. However, there are those who take the advantage of the leadership position they have to do something memorable for others. Barbara Stokes is one of the CEOs who has done a lot for people, especially for the disaster victims. Stokes is the CEO for the Alabama based Green Structure Homes. Stokes founded this company together with his husband Scott. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

One thing this company is known for is its commitment to building homes for areas where natural disasters strike. The company has constructed many homes in the United States and this is something it is proud of. Green Structure Homes has created job opportunities in places such as Alabama and Cullen among other states. GHS said in October 2017 that it would hire people from Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Florida. If it were not for Stokes, GSH would not be as productive and competitive as it has become in the construction industry. It is amazing to know that the Green Structural Homes has built Mississippi State University modular structures, security bulletproof for the Army and Navy guard sharks that are bulletproof.


Stokes graduated in 2001 from Mercer University with a degree in science. Besides studying Manufacturing and Physics, she has also studied Management and Biomedical Engineering. This kind of extensive education has influenced her to get to the top even though the industry is male-dominated. Barbara Stokes is among the people who know how to face a challenge with aplomb, and this is something she has proved for the period she has been at Green Structure Homes. The company has been able to achieve a lot now that it collaborates with the government on certain projects. In every government project GSH has to do, Stokes has always been able to work within the provided deadlines. All this has been possible because of her leadership skills. Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Stokes is also a mother of three children and an active volunteer in Alabama. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

NGP VAN Helps Campaigns all the Way

Simple hand shakes, baby kissing and passing out of buttons is not enough to make it a recognizable imprint on the digitized and modernized voting public of today. It requires specific tools and skill sets to maximize the need to contact voters through devices and other forms of media. This is, of course, on top of all the speaking points and the platform of the political campaign itself.

The long story short, successful campaigns are not just thrown together, they come to life after being designed by experienced professionals with insights and expertise. And, then there is the issue of picking the right campaign team that aligns with the overall basic values of the client. A good option for Democratic and Progressive candidates running for elections is the NGP VAN group of professionals who are a leading provider of technology in this field.

Of course, NGP VAN does everything it can to produce a successful campaign, but there are tasks every candidate or organization can do to help the process along. The the first thing to do is put together a plan of communication or basic message meant to reach the public. IT can include background information and other pertinent salient talking points.


Another huge step that will help any campaign team is to have a website up and ready before the campaign launch date. This allows for the easy and convenient sharing of information between a candidate and his or her team to the constituency. In this particular field, NGP VAN performs particularly well, because its digital tools are compatible with any and all websites.


The following step of having data collection is a critically crucial to the success of a campaign’s purpose and power. This is where software and technology like Digital 8 is a lifesaver for thousands of campaigns and candidates. It works seamlessly with NGP’s My Campaign database that really get to the art if contact and recording feedback from a grassroots level. With all these previous steps in place, performing tasks such as creating a branded logo and running digital ads fall right in place. Which means all a candidate really has to do with working with NGP VAN is get ready for the inflow of support and awareness.


Southridge Capital’s Team Offers Diverse Expertise in Corporate Financial Planning

Southridge Capital LLC, also known as Southridge Capital Management, is a private equity and corporate financial advisory firm based in in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Southridge offers financial advisory and structured finance planning for public companies, and they have invested a total of 1.8 billion USD into more than 250 public companies over the years. Among the advisory services they provide are Financial Analysis, where they create detailed financial statement projections for client companies, and balance sheet optimization, which helps clients maintain a proper balance between debt and equity.

Southridge also offers restructuring analysis and bankruptcy advisory for businesses that have fallen on lean times, and they even have legal settlement services to help clients handle lawsuits. Finally, Southridge also offers structured financing options such as securitization and credit enhancement. The firm is led by founder and CEO Stephen M. Hicks, and the management team is rounded out by Narine Persaud as CFO, Laurence Ditkoff as the Director of Research, Henry Sargent as COO/general counsel and Linda Carlsen for portfolio management. Check out Newswire to know more.

Southridge Capital was founded by CEO Stephen Hicks in 1996, and the firm now has over 20 years of experience helping clients customize and execute financial plans. Their diverse management team can advise clients on just about any aspect of corporate finance, and the entire team is dedicated to helping every client succeed. Southridge Capital’s team also feels a strong social responsibility that has led them to become involved in numerous charitable efforts. Check out to know more.

The most prominent of these is the Daystar Foundation, which was founded by CEO Stephen Hicks and his wife, Mary. Daystar supports a variety of charitable organizations, including the LounsBury House, The Ridgefield Foundation Landmark, the Western Connecticut Health Network Foundation and the Bridgeport Rescue Mission. Daystar has also donated to a number of hospitals, churches and memorial scholarship funds, and the Foundation has become the cause closest to Mr. Hicks’ heart.

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Naara Is The Latest From Jeunesse Global

Anyone who follows Jeunesse Global closely is treated to some of the most interesting and potentially useful products on the market. They can get to see what the latest and greatest in health and beauty are before some of the rest of the world has heard about it. That is exactly what they are getting with Naara. It is a product that the company has put out which is supposed to work on a person’s skin health. It is basically something that you apply to your skin in order to treat some of the issues that crop up related to the loss of collagen in the skin as a natural part of aging.

Your skin loses up to thirty percent of its natural collagen over the years as you age. In order to hold on to as much of it as possible you need to use products such as Naara to lock it in and hopefully prevent any more loss. The users of this product report that in as little as four weeks they see noticeable changes in the way that their skin looks and feels. It is almost a little bit of a health and beauty miracle happening right before their eyes.

Jeunesse Global offers this as part of their Youth Enhancement System. It is a product that they sell through their network of contributors. Those contributors earn a little money for their part in getting the product sold. Meanwhile, the company enjoys the increased sales that come along with getting the world spread out to more and more people all throughout the nation.

It is so critically important that we all have access to skin care products that we really can benefit from. It is all too often the case that we do not ever really have the kind of skin care that we want to have because we don’t know what to use. This is one kind of product that seeks to change that as soon as possible. If you have had problems with your skin or the way that it looks, then you need to try Naara right now.