End Citizens United Is Prepared To Take On The Midterms

The preparations of the End Citizens United organization for the midterms has become a focus of everyone at the political action committee and their supporters. The organization has become one of the lead grassroots donation political action groups that has put their voice out their in opposition to special interest money in government. The upcoming midterms pose the possibility of making real progress with their goals in freeing up the American government from politicians who are owned by special interest money.

The History of End Citizens United
Started in 2015, the End Citizens United organization has sought to put a stop to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. End Citizens United is a grassroots donations based organization located in the nation’s capital. The reason they are a grassroots organization against Citizens United is because this decision permits corporations to pose as if they are Citizens with voices in government may donate as much as they may possibly desire to a candidate. This makes this candidate or politician indebted to the special interests of that corporation. They will vote in favor for the corporation. By raising small money donations without special interest behind it, End Citizens United manages to put money toward candidates who are not owned by special interest money. They can go on to vote appropriately in Congress for the people and not for corporate interests. These free candidates and politicians who truly represent the people could also fight to overturn the Citizens United decision as a whole.

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The Future of End Citizens United
The future of End Citizens United depends on endorsement of candidates who have vowed to not take special interest money and on raising small money donations from supporters of their political action committee. The future of End Citizens United concerning the midterms looks bright as the PAC president Tiffany Muller has projected that they will raise $35 million to go to candidates they endorse. The majority of this campaign donation money is going to candidates who will face the big money 20 politicians that send Citizens United has decided to target in the 2018 midterms based on how much special interest money is funneled into their campaigns.