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End Citizens United Is Prepared To Take On The Midterms

The preparations of the End Citizens United organization for the midterms has become a focus of everyone at the political action committee and their supporters. The organization has become one of the lead grassroots donation political action groups that has put their voice out their in opposition to special interest money in government. The upcoming midterms pose the possibility of making real progress with their goals in freeing up the American government from politicians who are owned by special interest money.

The History of End Citizens United
Started in 2015, the End Citizens United organization has sought to put a stop to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. End Citizens United is a grassroots donations based organization located in the nation’s capital. The reason they are a grassroots organization against Citizens United is because this decision permits corporations to pose as if they are Citizens with voices in government may donate as much as they may possibly desire to a candidate. This makes this candidate or politician indebted to the special interests of that corporation. They will vote in favor for the corporation. By raising small money donations without special interest behind it, End Citizens United manages to put money toward candidates who are not owned by special interest money. They can go on to vote appropriately in Congress for the people and not for corporate interests. These free candidates and politicians who truly represent the people could also fight to overturn the Citizens United decision as a whole.


The Future of End Citizens United
The future of End Citizens United depends on endorsement of candidates who have vowed to not take special interest money and on raising small money donations from supporters of their political action committee. The future of End Citizens United concerning the midterms looks bright as the PAC president Tiffany Muller has projected that they will raise $35 million to go to candidates they endorse. The majority of this campaign donation money is going to candidates who will face the big money 20 politicians that send Citizens United has decided to target in the 2018 midterms based on how much special interest money is funneled into their campaigns.

Highland Capital Management’s Endowment To Be Used To Host Event About Winston Churchill

Highland Capital Management of Houston, Texas, was one of the very first supporters of the George W. Bush Presidential Center. Since 2012 they had donated around $5 million. In early 2018 they created an endowment for the center to which they gave $10 million. This money will be used to host the Engage Series which brings in experts to discuss public policy issues and lead discussions. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

One of the upcoming Engage Series event to be held at this presidential center will be on Tuesday, June 26th. It will be held at 6:30 pm and tickets cost $40. It is called “Engage at the Bush Center, Presented by Highland Capital Management – the Art & Leadership of Winston Churchill. This is being held as a companion event to other leadership development work being performed at the Bush Presidential Center.

This Engage Series event will look at what made Winston Churchill such an effective leader. It will then lead the discussion into how the lessons of his leadership can be used in the modern era in order to solve many pressing issues of the day. There will also be an exhibit in the Presidential Center which will feature some of Churchill’s paintings and those of other artists. The night will be kicked off when former President George Bush will deliver some opening remarks. Read this article at PR Newswire.

The executive director of the Bush Center is Holly Kuzmich. She will be the monitor for this Highland Capital Engage event. Joining her on the stage will be some of the world’s leading experts on Winston Churchill. This includes Churchill Archive Centre’s Director Allen Packwood. On stage will also be David Reynolds who is a well-known documentary director and historian very versed in British history. Also, David Woolner will be part of the panel. He is a senior fellow at the Roosevelt Institute and is also a very highly respected historian. He just released a new book named, “The Last 100 Days: FDR at War and at Peace.

Before events start Director Lee Pollock of the Churchill Centre will do a question and answer session for the people attending this event.


Clayton Hutson Connecting Fans and Artist thru Audio Engineering

Clayton Hutson has been connecting fans with their favorite artist thru his audio engineering expertise. Hutson works with a passion and everything he does has one goal” “to make the audience experience something beautiful and unique.” Of course, that takes a lot of passion, planning execution to make that happen for the fans. Clayton Hutson is not shy about rising at sunset and staying way beyond sunset in a regular work day. The idea for his live entertainment production company came to him after years of helping others. One day he realized he had enough skills to break out on his own. He hasn’t turned back since. In fact, Clayton Hutson has worked with some of the biggest names in music. Guns N’ Roses, Kid Rock, Jennifer Nettles, Prince, Pink and Kayne West have been some of his clients. Learn more:

Every day is different but it always has to do with planning with the artist what are his/her expectations. Then there is the minute to the minute planning of pre-show activities, the main event, and post-show follow-up. Each one of these events is made up of hundreds of major and minor details that need to be delegated to the hundreds of people Clayton works with on each show. He is in constant talks with the artist and his crew before, during and after the show is over.

Each artist may have a certain need for specific audio or video equipment and all these different things have to be set up so that the artist and the fans can get the best experience of their lives. It is a challenge to keep up with the exciting new technology coming out every year. More artists are going big with video and sound walls so an audio engineer has to be able to fit that into his schedule. Some artists, like Lady Gaga and Pink, integrate acrobatics in their shows and Hutson enjoys seeing an artist push the envelope on technology. The engineers and his team have to be familiar with the latest technology to make it work its best. That means constantly being on top of all the details and not being left behind when the show goes live.

All this takes lots of honesty, knowing your limits and strengths; lastly, keeping family close is a big plus when you need support. Read more about Clayton Hutson here.