Rodrigo Terpins’ Love and Passion for Rally Sport

Sport is one of the leading things that bring people together around the globe. Different sportsmen and women have inspired many people, brought joy and harmony. Brazil is one of the countries that have a strong sports culture. A significant number of her citizens have had excellent performance with their names hailed all over the world. One of such names is the Terpins.

Rodrigo Terpins was born in a family that treasure sports so much though also took part in businesses. His father, Jack Terpins is a strong proponent of sports. He believes it is not only an opportunity to shine but also the hub for producing future leaders. Jack was a famous basketball player before he resigned to follow up on his investments. Besides that, he is active in the sports community, using his skills to give back to the younger sportsmen. On the other hand, Rodrigo’s brother Michael has a successful career with the rally sport. This family achievement provided an ideal incubator for Rodrigo Terpins to develop his skills. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Though Rodrigo has support from his family, he developed the interest in rallying from his childhood. As a young boy, he used to work in a car garage. His interaction with cars instilled the passion for rally sport, which later became an iconic part of his life. You can visit mundodomarketing

Though Rodrigo Terpins has been in the sport for some years, the Sertoes Rally will remain to be a landmark in his career. This event was one of the biggest of road races that attracted a good number of sponsors. With the help of his partner Fabricio Manchiana, he managed to finish 8th, beating 30 other competitors. The race was long as it covered two states in the distance totaling to 2,600 kilometers.

Despite the success of the sport, Rodrigo Terpins makes a crucial contribution to the corporate world. His education at the University of Sail Hilaire and the 16-year work experience with Loja Marisa gave him the skill to start his own company. Check out Terra to see more.

Ricardo started T5 Participacoes to take care of the interest of those who took part in the racing games. The business has also managed to host several events. Although he is the CEO of the company, Rodrigo still manages to create time and compete in races. For him, all he does in his life is for the love of the sport.