Browse Month: March 2018

Insight on the Mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis

Mighty Fortress Church fosters a community centered around bringing the people to Christ, honoring and loving all people and being respectful of the diversity of others, just to name a few of their core values. At Mighty Fortress, you can expect to find a congregation full of generous givers and faithful servants. They accept everybody through their doors, whether you are currently a believer or are wanting to learn more about the faith. They deliver modern and relevant messages that everybody can understand and relate to in our ever-changing world. Watch this video on Youtube.

The Senior Pastor, Bishop Thomas Williams, has been active in ministry for over thirty years. His educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree, a Master’s Degree and two Honorary Doctorates at various colleges from Minnesota to Florida. He bases his teachings off of the fact that once we learn what we need hear from God, our world will be changed for the better – guided away from the evil and sin that is plentiful in the world. Once we unite our beliefs with what God asks of us, we can slowly begin to change.


Mighty Fortress Church encourages you to come as you are. They feel that if they create an environment where you are welcome to contribute to the body of Christ openly, you will not feel discouraged to attend every week. Their band, choir and worship team help to bring the presence of God into their congregation for all to take part in. What you can expect to encounter each week at Mighty Fortress Church is to be greeted with open arms, given practical biblical principles to live by, honest answers to life’s toughest challenges, inspiration, and spiritual refreshment. They meet every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. and offer online streaming of their services as well. There are many services they offer to their community such as bible study groups for children, women, men, singles, music ministry and worship arts. Hear the weekly messages on Riverview Baptist.

The Year Anthony Petrello Almost Became the Highest Paid Boss

Bright youngsters can take encouragement from the story of Mr. Anthony Petrello, 62-year-old CEO of Nabors Industries. From his days as a freshman at Yale University Anthony Petrello is remembered as a gregarious and brilliant young man. While at Yale he studied mathematics. He completed both a B.S. and an M.S. degree. During his years at Yale, he became a protégé of renowned mathematician Professor Serge Lang, and many thought that he might go on to become a brilliant academic. However, Mr. Petrello had other plans. The next stop after Yale was Harvard Law, where Anthony Petrello completed his JD. Shortly after that, he went to work for the highly reputed law firm Baker & McKenzie in 1979. Six years later Mr. Petrello was promoted to Managing Partner of the New York Office of the firm.

Anthony Petrello served in that capacity until he left Baker & McKenzie to become the COO at Nabors Industries in Houston, Texas. The year was 1991. That was when his career took off as did his compensation.Nabors Industries is the most prominent land-based oil and gas drilling contractor on Earth. The NYSE traded company has over 15,000 employees and does 2.2 billion Dollars worth of business every year. In 2011 Mr. Anthony Petrello became the CEO of Nabors Industries, and a year later he was named the chairman of the board. As chairman, it has been his responsibility to provide strategic planning initiatives that would ensure the companies continued success. Mr. Petrello has done so brilliantly. His performance has yielded monetary rewards.In 2015 Anthony Petrello would have been the highest paid boss in America. His compensation package came to $27,522,939. It consisted of the following:

  • Salary $1,580,077
  • Bonus $7,772,700
  • Stocks $16,342,206
  • Other $1,827,956

During that year specific changes were made to the executive compensation program with the intention of returning some of the money to the company’s shareholders. So, he would have made even more money and been at the top of the list. As chairman, the decision was his to cut his compensation. It was a generous gesture on Mr. Petrello’s part and an acknowledgment that the shareholders are the real boss. Learn More.