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Sick daughter prompts Anthony Petrello to be an active philanthropist.

Anthony Petrello is a family man, he is married to Cynthia and they have a daughter. The life of Anthony Petrello and his family has inspired him to get involved in philanthropic work in a big way. Their daughter was born with an illness that rendered her handicapped for the first 7 years. Their daughter could not eat solid food until he was 7. At birth, she weighed just one and a quarter pounds. Her state of health motivated the duo to engage in philanthropic activities that would see them sponsor research towards neurological diseases treatment that affects children.

The condition from which their daughters suffers has made Petrello appreciate the small things in life, that children do by themselves. The fact that their daughter can accomplish small achievements by herself make her parents very proud. The challenge that he has faced with her daughter has made him develop a positive attitude towards helping children from poor backgrounds who cannot afford to have a proper medication for children. The hardships she has been through with her daughter has been a miracle to thousands of children living with neurological diseases in the United States.

Anthony Petrello is the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries, a firm that deals with the drilling of oil and natural gas. It has its headquarters in Texas, U.S. The mining sector is a wealthy industry and many people who work in the sector get to enjoy huge wages. Anthony Petrello being a holder of a prime position in the mining industry, therefore, gets to enjoy a huge income. In fact, in 2014, he was the best-paid CEO in the United States. A considerably huge chunk of his income, however, goes into philanthropic works.

Anthony Petrello and his wife Cynthia had achieved almost anything a human being would wish for in this world. This was the case until they got their daughter. Life was never the same again. He struggled to find treatment for his sick daughter. Not even the wealth he owned could help him get her daughter the treatment she needed. As the case was then, there was inadequate research which had been done in the field of neurology.

Anthony Petrello decided from then that he would lead a campaign geared towards having more research in this field of medical treatment. He decided to convert the challenge he had faced with his daughter into an opportunity that would help thousands of other children facing the same health disorder.

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The Brown Modeling Agency is Taking Over Texas

In 2015, two exclusive talent agencies, Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South, merged to form one high-powered company, The Brown Agency. The business is the only full-service agency in Austin, Texas, and one of the biggest in the state. The previous leader of Wilhelmina Austin, Justin Brown, is the CEO and President of Brown Agency. Michael B. Bonnée, formerly of Heyman Talent-South, lends his expertise to the company’s theatrical division. The merger between these two great companies has led to a substantial growth of their business. The agency has locations in Austin, Dallas, and Los Angelas presently.

Modeling, both runway and print, and acting jobs are what The Brown Agency recruits talent for. The company prides themselves in providing top-of-the-line talent to meet all of their client’s needs. Brown’s talent is more than just names on a roster, The Brown Agency also works to develop each individual to perfect their skills and, ultimately, work in larger markets. The agency coaches their talent to be the very best in the industry by encouraging and training them to be well-spoken, elegant, beautiful, and always professional.

The Brown Agency has a significant social media presence as part of a plan to stay current in an ever-fickle industry. Fans can follow their brand on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Their posts show behind-the-scenes photo shoots, models in their element, and current agency news. The company website is also a great marketing tool. All of the talent is featured on their site making it easy for potential clients to view.

Models and actors in Texas long to be selected as talent for The Brown Agency, they have an excellent reputation and are in high demand in their industry. Previously two independent agencies, the merged company is thriving. CEO and President Justin Brown has taken his many years of experience and the combined knowledge of two companies to create an ideal growth model for his company. His plan of attack has clearly been successful as the majority of their talent regularly book jobs. The Brown Agency will continue on their positive path of providing high-end talent for their clients, leaving them satisfied and coming back for more. Check out their Instagram page


Learn From the Success Story of Logan Stout

Logan Stout is known in many spheres of life. First, he is a successful businessman who has started many businesses. Logan Stout is also an author, and he is also passionate about training others to succeed in business and other areas of life. Starting a business and succeeding is not easy, but Logan Stout has proved that hard work is essential. He has started many ventures which have all been successful with many generating a lot of revenue the economy of United States.

Stout has also dedicated his life to helping those who are starting a business or even those who have already begun to, but they are not doing well. He also decided to venture into a new company called IDLife which started in 2014. The market is further but has already acquired massive successive in various parts of the country and the world. Logan was concerned with the health of people, and that is why he started IDLife so that they can sell organic products to people around the globe. These products are meant to ensure that people can manage their weight by utilizing nutrition.

Logan Stout tends to help others to live better lives. That is why he is keen on taking part in humanitarian affairs. He also wants others to start businesses so that they can bring change to the community. Working as a team is another critical factor that has enabled Stout to excel in many areas of life. He looks for people with high ideas to work with them for development. For example, he has partnered with John Maxwell so they can together inspire and motivate others.

Logan believes that John is in a good position of educating others on different projects. These two gentlemen have inspired many people, and they are now flying high with success. That is what Stout believes should happen in society whereby people should help each other so that they can succeed.

Logan Stout also loves giving back to the community and interacting with others. He is participating in charitable organizations. For example, he is a board member of Heart Association, an organization that helps children to stay in safe places after school.

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