Kim Dao Wears a Kimono in Kyoto

Kim Dao met up with her friends,Sophie and Luke, in Kyoto for a fun outing. Kim Dao and friends rented kimonos. Not only can one rent a kimono and the shoes, the rental place has beauticians, who also style the hair and put on a flower clip. Kim Dao chose a white one with large blue, orange, and pink flowers. After choosing the kimono she wanted, Kim Dao chose a complementary sash in red and white print.


After renting the kimomos, Kim Dao and friends went out on the town to sight see. One of the places they saw was the Kiyo-mizu-dera Temple. Hungry, Kim Dao and friends kept their eyes out for some street food. Kim Dao purchased a potato puff with butter. Kim Dao also bought a steamed meat bun. After purchasing the street food, Kim Dao and her friends went up a ramp towards the Temple. It cost 400 Yen, about four American dollars for adults to tour the Temple. Children can go through the Temple for half price. This past February was Kim Dam’s fourth time at the Temple. People can view the countryside from the Temple. Sophie had her fortune read by shaking a porcelain canister with a small hole in the bottom. Once the canister was thoroughly shaken, Sophie pulled out a thin stick with a number on it and handed it to a clerk. The clerk handed her a piece of paper printed in Japanese. Sophie was disappointed her fortune was bad.