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Former Hawks Owner Bruce Levenson Is Suing His Old Teams Insurance Company

Bruce Levenson may not own the Atlanta Hawks anymore but due to a disagreement from when he was the owner he is suing New Hampshire Insurance Company for a breach of contract and insurance bad faith. Losses believed to be covered were not, and Levenson demands justice. Atlanta Hawks current owners are well aware of the law suit but want it clearly understood they are not involved in any way.

The lawsuit says that the insurance company refuses to acknowledge that a claim was ever made and they are under no obligation to compensate for any losses. Levenson insists that not only was a claim made, it fell well within what was supposed to be covered by the policy and believes time, and the courts, will prove him right. James J. Leonard, attorney with Barnes &Thornburg LLP says the claim speaks for itself and then declined to comment any further or give more detail.

Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson leads a very busy life and has the determination and drive to succeed where others may fail. Since early February in 2015 he has been Director of Tech Target Inc., and has also served on the Board of Directors with Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. Also affiliated with United Communications Group, Inc., BIA Digital Partners II, L.P., and Washington University in St. Louis to name just a few, Levenson still finds time to put his keen edge to work for other worthy causes.

He is a past president of the “I Have a Dream Foundation” and has used his philanthropic skills to the betterment of others before. Based in Atlanta, Georgia this Southerner looks like he’s got a very good grip on life and how to make a success of it. Following the career path of men like Bruce Levenson and others like him can be considered an education on how to make it in the real world.


Are You Addicted to Lip Balm

We’ve all heard about those weird addictions that some people complain about. For example, recently a television reality show discussed a woman that was obsessed with skin lotions and applied them a dozen times per day. This seemed kind of out of the ordinary, but nothing that was really disturbing. Certainly, you’ve probably noticed that there are other cosmetic addictions too. For example, some people are totally addicted to their lip balms. The consumer market is filled with lip balms that are designed to seal the moisture into your lips. They are mandatory for anyone with dry, chapped flaky lips. Here are a few signs that you just might be addicted to your lip balm.

Signs You Are Addicted To Lip Balms

First, it is important to realize that lip balm addictions are not necessarily bad. Certainly, lip balms do not contain dangerous ingredients that cloud the mind and create a creepy dependency. Lip balms are simply soothing and very nourishing to the lips. Some people fall in love with their lip balms and feel a compulsion to apply them several times per day. Here are signs of lip balm addiction:

  • You refuse to leave the house without your lip balm
  • You apply lip balm before, after, and during, every conversation
  • You don’t kiss your significant other because you are wearing your favorite lip balm
  • Several drawers in your bedroom are filled with lip balm products
  • No one is allowed to use your lip balm, except you
  • You own just about every lip balm manufactured today
  • The idea of a world without lip balm makes you crazy

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