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Shaygan Kheradpir takes over as the CEO of Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Optical Transport Vendor, named Coriant. Shaygan possesses extinguished business and technology leadership qualities which he has gained from the many years he has been working. He has worked in several leading industries such as telecom, technology, and financial industries. He has also worked at Juniper where he held the position of Chief Executive Officer and the member of the board of directors. Shaygan has also served as the Chief Operations and Technology Officer at Barclays PLC. Before moving to Barclays PLC, he worked at Verizon Communications as the Chief Information and Technical Officer. The business guru is determined in providing network customers with ground-breaking silicon systems and software enabling clients to build the best system on the planet.

Shaygan has a vast experience from the various positions he has held in different companies. He has unmatched experience in operations and systems delivery of products to users all over the world. He also has a recommendable working experience in the banking sector having worked at Barclays PLC. Shaygan played a bigger role in transforming Barclays’ retail banking experience by catalyzing cultural changes and implementing operational and innovation programs.

Shaygan Kheradpir took over from Pat DiPietro as the Chief Executive Officer of Coriant after moving from Juniper. Shaygan took over the job at Coriant knowing the task that was waiting for him in his new role. He had been working closely with the senior management team of Coriant even before he was appointed to the Chief Executive Officer position. He used to work to at Coriant’s owner, Marlin Equity Partners as an Operating Partner. His 28 experience of having worked in huge companies such as telecom, technology, and financial institutions would be a major boost to his success at Coriant. DiPietro was quoted praising Shaygan and stating how it is an honor to have a professional of his caliber working at Coriant. He went further to say that Coriant’s unbeatable experience in strategic insight and guidance will be able to take Coriant to the next level.

Shaygan attended the Cornell University from where he graduated with a Bachelor’s in engineering. He later did his Masters and Ph.D. from the same institution. Shaygan has plenty of patents from spanning telecom, payments, and media. He was also part of the advisory board of the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology. Shaygan is also a member of the Council of the Cornell University Engineering Council.

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Wen by Chaz Hair Products That Nourishes the Hair

Even after becoming very successful, Chaz Dean has kept his personal life private. However, there is a little piece of information about him being born in Vermont and being raise by his adopted parents. According to, he has always made his family and parents proud of him and his success. During his career, Mr. Dean has become one of the most popular and successful hair stylists in Hollywood. Chaz is known for being extremely passionate about his work while being unique and stylish which is the main reason most celebs choose him as their main stylist. Chaz is known for experimenting with styles and products which of course succeeds majority of the time.

Over the years of being the “most chosen” stylist, Mr. Chaz Dean developed and successfully marketed his hair product line which has done tremendously well in the Sephora cosmetics market. Chaz Dean’s hair product line, known as Wen by Chaz [see,], includes shampoos, conditioners and products. During a short period of time, his products became notorious and like my millions of consumers. Along with successfully veering in millions of customers, his success has made him a very wealthy man.

Currently, the most popular product from the WEN by Chaz hair care line is the cleansing conditioners. They are all-in-one shampoos, conditions and styling treatments that have been said to clean the hair healthy looking, smelling good, free of frizz and much more. Another amazing factor to these products is that Wen by Chaz is for all hair types so there is no discriminating against any hair texture. As stated by, there are no negative side effects from using the all-in-one shampoo. On the other hand, it’s also been said you have to use a generous amount, depending, on your hair type, to get lasting results. To this day, Wen by Chaz is still one of the top selling hair products line on Amazon.


4th of July Beach Wear by Fabletics

In a recent article, People magazine talks about Kate Hudson’s sultry yet patriotic Instagram post for the fourth of July. Hudson models pieces from her Fabletics line featuring red, white, and blue stars and stripes. The pieces are the Moorea Bra ($34.95) and the Bajan Hipster Bottom ($29.95), both of which are comfy and stretchy. The bottoms are silky-soft swimwear that provide UPF 50+/UV protection and are chlorine resistant. The bra is a supportive racer-back shape. Source:

This isn’t the first time Hudson showed some skin on her Instagram feed. Just days before she posted a throwback photo of herself posing nude, silhouetted against a window with her back to the camera and a sculpture of the word “love” on a table next to her.

Even though Hudson is super fit, everyone has cheat days and what better time to indulge than the fourth of July? Hudson admits to being a sucker for frozen treats and while she often opts for chocolate dipped coconut milk ice cream bars, her all-time favorite summer indulgence is frozen yogurt.

This Fabletics review is a company co-founded by Kate Hudson that specializes in active wear and atheleisure clothing. While the company focuses mostly on products for women, they launched a men’s line in June 2015. In fall 2015, Fabletics opened its first six retail locations in the U.S.

Fabletics provides a personalized shopping experience for each customer. After creating an account, you take a quiz to determine your style, then the site shows you personalized product recommendations. You can then shop whenever you please or choose to become a VIP member. VIPs get 50% off regular pricing and receive points towards free items. VIP members of Fabletics must either shop by the 5th of each month or choose to skip the month to avoid being billed.