Sussex Healthcare offers holistic care services

Sussex Healthcare is a caregiving facility based in the United Kingdom. This facility is made up of 20 homes, all of which are designed to offer top-notch care giving services to residents. This facility was established in 1985 with just one home but over the years has grown due to its focus on providing quality services and treating patients with great care. The facility is accessible to hundreds of residents either for inpatient or outpatient services. The facility has for the longest time being offering care for elderly people, but in recent times, they have diversified to include people suffering from chronic medical conditions such as neurological disorders and dementia among others.

A diet

Sussex Healthcare is keen on the health of the residents. Every person who is admitted into this facility has access to nutritious diet prepared by professional chefs. To ensure that the residents enjoy the best-tasting foods, these professionals prepare diets made from local produce. Each person in this facility has his or her dietary needs catered for, no matter the condition they suffer from. The services are customized depending on the condition of a resident. Those who need special diets have them prepared every day.

State-of-the-art gym

One of the amenities in this facility is a state-of-the-art gym which is meant for residents to boost their physical health. Sussex Healthcare is focused on providing more than just nutritious diet by focusing on other activities which boost human health. It is for this reason that they introduced this gym where residents can practice to gain physical strength and stability. Some of the amenities available through this gym include hydrotherapy spas, swimming pools, underwater treadmills among others. To make it better, there are personal trainers available on site to help those who are interested in gaining fitness. Personal trainers are trained to help residents lose weight, maintain strength, increase mobility, and build endurance. Each of the 20 facilities owned by Sussex Healthcare allows members and their family members to access their facilities.

Sussex Healthcare has a mission of providing the highest quality of holistic care to residents in the facilities. What this means is that they are interested in more than just the physical well-being of the residents. They take care of other factors such as her spiritual, emotional, and mental needs.

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Wes Edens Works to help Aston Villa F.C. reclaim its Position in the Premier League

Wes Edens is an American billionaire who has surprised many by walking the less passed path of investments. He is popular for co-founding Fortress Investment Group, a leading asset management firm in the world. Last year, he hit headlines of business news by making an entrance into big-soccer business. He partnered with Nassef Sawiris, an Egyptian billionaire, to buy significant stake in Aston Villa F.C., Birmingham. Aston Villa has been competing in the English Premier League until recently when it was relegated to championships.

Mr. Wes Edens has many significant investments in various industries and this move to the soccer business was unexpected. He is also known for co-owning Milwaukee Bucks, a NBA basketball team. He also has investments in the rail transport business with his company called Brightline.

The investors bought shares in Aston Villa through their company known as NSWE. NSWE injected undisclosed amount of money to team to make Wes Edens and Sawiris majority shareholders in the team. It is estimated that they own 55% of the team through NSWE while the other 45% is owned by a businessman called Tony Xia. Tony Xia is a member of Aston Villa’s board of directors and recently, he was appointed a Co-Chairman. Read more about Wes Edens at Industrial Areas Foundation.

Last soccer season, Aston Villa missed a position in the English Premier League slightly by losing to Fulham at Wembley Stadium in the Championship League promotion playoff. The team is now striving under new owners to reclaim its position in the most popular soccer league in the world. The capital injection was confirmed and approved by the English League.

The new owners of the soccer club are now working on strategies to restore the lost glory of the club. Tony Xia said that the club did its best last season and put on a tight fight though it didn’t earn the promotion. Mr. Xia believes that with new owners on board, they are in a better position to help the club to climb up the ladder. In the wake of the transaction, Wes Edens said that they were to prepare the team ahead of the beginning of the following season and make it scale new heights of success.

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Freedom Checks: Recap AffiliateDork Article

Freedom Checks Are An Investment For Everyone

The new tax laws did not only put more money in people’s paychecks and gave businesses some tax breaks, but they also allow people to make even more money through simple investments. One such simple investment opportunity is Freedom Checks. Freedom Checks were introduced to the entire world by Matt Badiali. Badiali quickly explained in his video release that this investment opportunity is for everyone regardless of age.

People tend to compare this program to Medicare or Social Security, but it is nothing like those two programs. First of all, investors tend to make more money from Freedom Checks then from either of those programs. Also, anyone can participate regardless of age, income, or how much equity you already have.

So how does it work? First, companies who participate need to be sure that 90 percent of their revenue comes from producing, processing, storage, and transportation of natural resources. Once the company meets that requirement, they then, need to agree to distribute their revenue to Freedom Checks stakeholders. Anyone can become a stakeholder for a small ten dollar investment.

Badiali explains that this opportunity is called a Master Limited Partnership (MLP). MLPs are actual business partnerships, however, they are publicly traded limited partnerships. This is important because companies are given the same tax advantages as partnerships. This means that profits are not taxed until all investors receive their money. This also provides companies with a much needed cash flow.

This is an easy investment opportunity. All that is needed is to purchase shares in a qualifying MLP. There is over 500 companies that meet all of the requirements. It is not any different investing in these companies than investing in big name companies like Apple or Google. Checks are then either mailed directly to you or they can be directly deposited into any brokerage account. Opportunities will be available to purchase more shares. If, at any time, you want to sell, you will do so at the capital gains rate, which is a lower rate than the income tax rate.

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Sunday Riley – Immortality in Beauty

Beauty has never and will never be edged out. No one wants to age and especially ladies. They always want to look like roses blooming in the majesty of the sun. But this just doesn’t come out of a magic wand.

Sunday Riley – a renowned beauty brand has arguable one if not the best beauty products. The brand named after its founder – who previously worked in a cosmetic lab, has spread its tentacles in the beauty scene with 13 individual products that all boast of instant results and perfection. With it’s praises spreading like wild fire, the brand is sure an exemption. All with specific skin care abilities to leave you with more tender, brighter and flawless skin to your liking.

It is known to treat all skin ailments from skin discoloration, acne, oiliness, aging, dryness, dehydration and dark spots. The brand boasts of a passionate loyal following for their expertly artistry as well as an extensive range of luxury products that leave a rich and nourishing feel to the skin. All of the products are based on her firm beliefs that the only way to attain pure agelessness is a simple well defined formula.

Tested by thorough scientific and botanic research, time and again the brand’s products provide safe both long-term and short-term results and a variety for every skin ailment. It will always feel different when a lower grade is used. Being and international brand, Sunday Riley can be purchased from leading beauty stores and shipped anywhere on the globe.

To always produce up to par units, the skin care products undergo constant reformulation to fit their client based needs. This gives chance to improve and incorporate more medicinal value and beauty upgrades.

This is all possible because the brand is very interactive on its social media platforms and actively engages its customers for feedback and testimonials since it has their best interests at heart. Well persuaded you may be, but definitely you must try out one if not all their products’ lineup for you skin if you want to be forever young.

JD.Com Saves offline Brick and Mortar Bookstores from Their advanced Competitors is honoured as the e-commerce industry’s pacesetter. The e-commerce has established a reputation for quick logistics, professional customer service, as well as the provision of quality goods. In 2017, the company stepped out to help the traditional brick and mortar stores that were almost closing down due to the stiff competition from their online competitors. The conventional stores’ sales had consistently declined since the advent of the internet retailing. This is not the first time that the company has opened its high-technology online platform to other business. Through its Retail as a Strategy program, has allowed numerous retailers, who would wish to promote their products in the Chinese market, access to the platform. The booksellers are the latest beneficiaries.

How did Jingdong’s technology save the bookstores from shutting down? The prominent e-commerce store served the bookstores with advanced technological solutions that helped them increase their sales and proceeds, by streamlining book procurement and logistics. Into the bargain,’s technological support helped the bookstores to provide customers with virtually any book. Today, customers scan the QR code of the book they want, and delivers it within 24 hours. Jingdong offered the ‘Retail as a Service’ technology to over 49 offline bookstores operating in various Chinese cities. Some of the stores that benefitted from the support were Yitiao, Tagning Books, and AIO SPACE.

By the end of 2017, Tagning Books, a Guangzhou based bookstore disclosed that Jingdong’s technological advancements had helped them cut down their labor costs, as well as increase their delivery speeds. The offline bookstore’s sales grew by 30%, their profits shot up by 17%, and their turnover reduced from one year to 220 days. Into the bargain, Tagning Books announced that Jingdong’s data analysis ability helped them gather critical insights about their clients buying behavior. The business insights helped the bookstore to stock their shelves according to their customer’s unique needs. “Jingdong’s technological experts helped us compete with our online competitors. Now, we see a bright future for the brick and mortar bookstores,” said Ningxin Lu, Tagning Bookstore’s founder. Jingdong will share the proceeds of such sales with the stores.

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Jose Auriemo Dazzles Other Brazilian Investors

Jose Auriemo is one of the most successful people in Brazil featured even in the Business of Fashion magazine as one of the most influential personnel known. Besides his career life, Jose Auriemo is a family man who likes spending his free time with his wife Mariana Auriemo and his two kids or playing golf at the golf club. At a young age, his friends and family used to refer to him by the name Zeco instead of Jose. He also started showing signs of greatness at a very young age when he started scoring opportunities in countries outside Brazil. An example is a chance he scored to receive tutoring in horse riding from Nelson Pessoa.

After completion of his high school, he was fortunate enough to be accepted to the Faculty of Engineering in Sao Paulo. Just like any other university student he had a job at JHSF at the parking administration section. After two years of pursuing his engineering course, he knew that his calling was not there. He admired and wanted to work in the fashion business, to be precise at JHSF. After years of working at the company, he was appointed chief executive officer. He was now the chairperson of his dream company, and he knew he had to bring change to it. He started by introducing the company to the incorporation market.

With this idea came the idea of starting the first multi-functional mall in Brazil that would have in it commercial buildings, shopping malls, and residential building. After serious negotiations and discussions, they decided that the multi-functional mall, Parque Cidade Jardim as the name was agreed, would rest on 38,000m2 of the Marginal Pinheiros Area. In the beginning, other investors in Brazil saw this as not a brilliant idea. A few months from the launch of the business, JHSF was making more profits than the company had ever made to the extent that it started selling its shares in the stock exchange market. The mall was the source of a lot of brands like Gucci, Puma, new balance among others that could not be found in other outlets in Brazil.

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Gareth Henry Provides Insights To Real Estate Repositioning

Gareth Henry is a bigwig financial expert in the Alternative Assets Management sector. He graduated in 2001 at Heriot-Watt University where he obtained a degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics.

He served as a Director of Strategic financial solutions at Schroders after which he joined the global alternative asset management company, Fortress Investment Group. Here, he served as the Head of Global Investor Relations.

In this piece, Gareth Henry provides investors with critical insights on how to maximize real-estate revenue using minor repositioning.


Value Added Real Estate Investing
Years ago, industry jargon such as urban renewal was rampantly used to describe distressed downtown cities like Detroit and Cleveland where residents migrated to the suburbs for security reasons. However, according to Gareth Henry, things have changed, and thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), the phrase is now termed as repositioning.

Repositioning is an emerging trend that enables investors to maximize their returns. Here are critical guidelines for repositioning.

Know Your Limits
Repositioning is all about making tweaks or modifications to change the character or purpose of a real estate. It may be repainting the walls of a room or a building. Also, it may be on a large scale, like the demolition of the Silverdome in Detroit, a property worth over $500, 000. Anyone has the financial power to apply a tinge of paint to a home, but bringing down a stadium; you must be an aristocrat to do that. Gareth Henry emphasizes the need to know your financial limits.

Select Your Target Consumers
There are several factors that influence repositioning. A major influencer is the scarcity of property in technologically-driven areas like San Francisco, New York, Seattle, and Silicon Valley. In such areas, a square foot of property costs $3000. That means every space must be properly utilized.

Additionally, technology has impacted the workforce. Currently, over 40% of Americans work remotely. That creates a positive disruption and opening opportunities for repositioning to thrive. Gareth Henry is also positive that the expanding e-commerce space will offer great prospects for repositioning as people continue to make real estate purchases online.

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Marc Beer: Overseeing the Series B Funding for Treating Pelvic Floor Disorders in Women

Renovia was established to provide a broad range of products to diagnose and treat pelvic floor disorders in millions of women. The company was also formed to potentially better the lives of people through modern, innovative sensor technologies to create a digital health platform. The platform also allows precise and cost-effective treatment of weakened pelvic floor muscles. Renovia was founded to offer paramount solutions to these complications. The management is combining the growth of innovative FDA approved medical services coupled with the state-of-the-art patient based in order to gain control of their pelvic floor muscles. Renovia is also using patented technology, sensors as well as modern value-based care to reinforce compliance and adherence to treatment.


Headed by Marc Beer, the company recently received a Series B Funding after two years of its foundation. Mr. Beer closed on a $42 million funding. The round of financing will improve the company’s ability to expand its pipeline of drugs and biotechnology devices made for treating as well as diagnosing urinary incontinence in more than 100 million women. Mr. Beer has since joined his contributors from medtech firms to improve the existing products while developing the new ones. In the two years of its operation, Renovia has changed the manner in which common pelvic floor disorders are not only diagnosed but treated through therapies. The success of the firm rests in Marc Beer’s hands since he has tremendously transitioned the landscape by combining a series of experience as well as expertise and education. Renovia first completed Series A funding to lay a significant groundwork for the development of products that it needed to pursue. With his team, Beer became interested in the new technology that was developed to assist women to perform exercises in order to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.


The recent Series B funding included $32.3 million and $10 million from venture debt dockets. The total is $42.3 million, and the leaders from Renovia intend for the funds to be used for the development as well as the testing of four additional therapeutic as well as diagnostic products such as Leva, a digital health system. The funding will additionally be channeled toward corporate development and future commercial launches. Learn more:

Regarding the raising of funds through a Series B round, Marc Beer noted that some of the funds would be spent in developing the next market generation of the Leva device. Information concerning the upgrades as well as the transformations that will be made to this device hasn’t been released, but they will undoubtedly apply to its improvement. Leva can be installed in the user’s mobile device. Marc Beer is a graduate of the Miami University situated in Ohio. He has a bachelor’s degree in science and has more than 20 years of experience in pharmaceuticals, devices as well as biotechnology.


Betsy Devos – the new US Education Secretary

Mrs. DeVos was appointed by Mr. Trump to be the leader of the Education Department. Then again, in contrast to her sibling who happens to be a widely known founder of a sizable professional military services organization, Mrs. DeVos did not at all times wish to help out Mr. Trump. However, Mrs. DeVos has ended up being the most effective champion of the conservatives in the Midwest.


The DeVos family has turned out to be among the GOP’s most essential operatives in the Midwest, funding a large number of candidates and in many cases marketing their educational ideologies. She could be probably considered to be among the most reformist participants of Mr. Trump’s department. Due to these facts, you will discover there is a discrepancy between Mrs. DeVos as well as the liberals who have been perceived as hesitant to assist in making improvements to one of the least useful didactic structures presently found in developed societies across the globe.


Mrs. Betsy DeVos at the same time brought into existence the American Federation for Children during the year 2010. I should also declare that Mrs. Devos may well be the most reformist-oriented of the group leaders chosen by the United States’ president. Her spouse has also been a potential candidate for governor in 2006.


She supports private academies as one of many ways for learners to stay away from educational facilities which might be at the moment denigrated by conservative people. The reason why conservatives have a dim view of public schools is as a consequence of the irregularities arising from the control over the teachers’ unions along with the trouble of dismissing teachers who have shown themselves to be incapable. At an appointment for Christian believers also referred to as “The Gathering,” Mrs. DeVos stated she was determined to affect the Christian environment in a fashion that hopefully will improve the secure funding of Christian groups.


It is also important to understand that Mr. Prince, the parent of Mrs. DeVos, established a group called the Family Research Council as a faith-based association during the year 1983. Also, Mrs. DeVos has found herself involved in a debate over whether or not firearms should be permitted within the different academies which are controlled by the Education Department. Her controversial opinion on the matter relates to a national conversation which has already been heated dating back to the time when the murders at Sandy Hook occurred in 2012.


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ClassDojo Expands

Few programs have had the impact on the classroom that Classdojo has had. This amazing application is helping teachers to create community within their classroom while also providing a communication platform for teachers, students and parents. The success of the application is nothing short of amazing. Ninety five percent of elementary or middle schools have at least one teacher using the program. Amazingly during it’s seven year run, Classdojo has not asked for money from one teacher.

After seven years of keeping its promise to never charge teachers and schools, Classdojo is looking to expand its efforts. The company is finally set to release a monthly subscription service to parents and students. Labeled ClassDojo Beyond School, the new application will contain a host of new features. The vision of the new app is to help parents connect with their children through reflection and mindfulness. CEO Sam Chaudhary their are many opportunities at home for kids to continue learning and use these reflective techniques.

The new parent feature of Classdojo will have several parts. The popular behavior incentivization system currently used by Classdojo has now been tweaked to be used at home. In the Beyond School app parents will be able to award point based on their own criteria. The new app will also feature a number of videos to walk parents through the meditation exercises with their kids. A new self-reflection tool allows students to record their own responses to questions regarding their family. Finally, don’t forget about the avatars. Kids can now create their own ClassDojo avatar that they can decorate and customize.

The Beyond School app for Classdojo is currently being piloted in select school. The application will be available to everyone in February 2019. The official price is still not know but it should be available for a monthly subscription rate of less than ten dollars.